IELTS WRITING TASK 1 Graph # Leisure activities by males and females in the USA

IELTS WRITING TASK 1 Graph # Leisure activities by males and females in the USA

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The bar chart below provides information about the time spent in leisure activities by males and females in the USA in 2014.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

leisure activities by males and females in the USA

leisure activities by males and females in the USA

Sample Answer:

The bar graph compares the amount of time men and women expended every day in different leisure and sports activities in America in 2014.
One striking feature of the chart is that watching TV was the favorite free time activity for both the genders. On average, males spent 3 hours daily in front of their TV sets while women spent 2.6 hours. Socializing and interacting with family and friends was the next most preferred form of recreation. Both men and women spent 0.7 hours per day on this activity.
Leisure activities, sports, exercise and using electronic devices like computers were more popular among males. On the other hand, the opposite was true for reading as females expended 0.4 hours daily on this activity whereas men spent merely 0.3 hours. Interestingly, thinking or relaxing were equally popular among both sexes. This form of entertainment accounted for 0.3 hours daily for both men and women.
Overall, there were minor differences in the amounts of times males and females spent in different leisure and sport activities but watching TV was the activity which occupied the most time. (184 Words.)


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WRITING TASK 1 #Global and regional adult literacy rates

WRITING TASK 1 #Global and regional adult literacy rates

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The table shows the estimated global and regional adult literacy rates in 2016.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

Total Male Female
World 86 90 83
Europe and North America 99 99 99
Eastern and South-Eastern Asia 96 97 94
Latin America and the Caribbean 94 94 93
North Africa and Western Asia 81 86 74
Southern Asia 72 80 63
Sub-Sahara Africa 65 72 57

Data source: Unesco Institute for Statistics


Sample Answer

The table compares literacy rates for men and women in Europe and different regions of America, Asia and Africa in the year 2106. The world’s average literacy figures for both the genders are also included.

Overall, what stands out from the table is that there were clear regional differences in the number of literate people. Europe and North America observed the highest literacy rates while the figures were considerably lower in both Southern Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Looking at the details, 86% of the world’s population was able to read and write in 2016, but males outnumbered females (90% versus 83%). Regionally, Europe and North America topped the list with 99% literacy for both men and women. Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean were at the second and third positions respectively. Their literacy rates were 96% and 94%. Notably, the figures for both men and women were almost the same in these regions.

In the other listed regions, there were significant differences in literacy rates for both the genders. In Sub-Sahara Africa only 57% females were able to read and write, whereas the figure for Western Asian women was 17% higher. Gender disparity was prevalent in Southern Asia as well. (203 Words.)

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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Ideal House

Home is the most important part of our lives. People who have good homes tend to have calmer lives, as stated by some psychologist. Having a good home does not simply means, better infrastructure, but in terms of cleanliness and satisfaction of the individual. This time we are looking at the recent questions asked in the IELTS speaking section about the ideal house.

Describe an ideal house that you would like to live in. You should say –

  • where would it be?
  • what type of house would it be?
  • how will you decorate it with?
  • who will you like to live with?

also, explain, why would you like to live in this home?


I currently live in an apartment with two rooms and a kitchen and although I like my house, I would love to move into a cottage in the near time. The idea of living in a cottage in the countryside, truly makes me feel excited about life. The cool breeze, the no traffic, the less stress and the beauty around to savor.

Being brought up in different parts of the country and having lived in Dehradun for around 6 years, it is in the hills that I find my solace. So, my cottage will definitely be in either Almora or the hills of Mussoorie. It will be a cottage with two floors. On the ground floor will be three rooms, where I will be living with my family and on the first floor, I would love to have two rooms. One of them will be a study room and the other will be a library.

I would love to decorate it with all the things that I have collected over a period of time traveling across the country. There are some paintings and then some of them are the collages of different pictures collected, some are memories of people I met. I want my cottage to have all of the memories of people I have met in my life. I want to share my life with my husband and my parents. It would be great fun for all of our families to live together in a beautiful house and make our own living.

House is the most important part of our lives and having the house of my dreams along with the people I love the most, that will definitely be life for me.

What kind of home do most people in your country live in?

Our country has a diverse section of people living across, from different geographical backgrounds, people all over the country live in different kinds of home. People living in urban areas tend to live in apartments, while those living in rural areas, can either live in cottages or semi-detached house or a terraced house.

Do you think moving to a new home can bring problems to people?

Shifting is always a problem and involves a lot of things that need to be taken care of. But, if they are not taken care of properly, they tend to cause issues like management and adjustments. Some people face issues because they are not able to adjust to their new house. Or the new people around them!

Do you think people in your country like to live with their parents?

Most people in my country love to live with their parents, but then with the new generation and the concept of modernization and westernization creeping in, there are some people who tend to not live with their parents. They want to enjoy their own freedom and become more independent. Our country is seeing this shift, with more and more people moving towards the independent life style, whereas there are many who deep rootedly wish to live with their parents.



IELTS CUE CARD #Describe an important decision/ choice that you made in your life.

Describe an important decision/ choice that you made in your life.

You should say:

  • what the decision/choice was
  • when you took this decision
  • What the result of the decision was and whether it was a good choice.

and explain why it was an important decision or choice for you.

Sample Answer :

Making decisions by myself has always been the most difficult part about growing up. I’ve at times preferred introspecting by myself and at very major situations I’ve discussed the issue with my family and friends. One decision that I’ve struggled to make in my life was that about what stream to pursue after my high school. My parents thought that the field of technology was appropriate for me while on the other hand I felt that I could do so much better with arts. I made this decision when I was 19 years of old, just after finishing my 12th grade. My parents never forced their decision upon me instead they always advised me to pursue what my heart wanted. My dad always suggested that I should do what I thought was best for me. Everyone assumed my decision to be immature and stupid and thought that I was a fool.

But after giving time and thought to the decision making and keeping in mind the several issues and perspective I decided to get myself enrolled to a university that offers degree in designing. I’m very happy that I made this decision. I’ve yet a year to finish my graduation but throughout the last 3 years I have enjoyed working on lot of creative projects and I am doing quite well academically.

I must point out that making this choice was not easy and I had to go through a very hard time. I had to fight a lot with my inner self and then convince my parents for the same. There were always lot of potential risks of picking the option I prefer my parents would have complained if I hadn’t made a success out of myself. I still remember the sleepless nights and dubious feelings I had that time. Sometimes I thought of giving up on my passion and yield to my parents’ decision and but I made myself realise that I shouldn’t give up so easily on something that I’m really good at. Since I made my own choice at that time, a strong urge and force worked on me that I have to do really good and I am happy that I took my decision and doing very good so far.

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