IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Sleep Deprivation

People sleep less than before in many countries, causing sleep deprivation. Why do people sleep less? What effect does it have on individuals and society?


Sleeping patterns have drastically changed in the past semi-centennials. Increased work-load, competitiveness and the dramatically changing landscape has left many people awestruck and others tired. One day seems shorter, schedules are crammed and precious sleep hours are sacrificed – tossing, turning or working. This has led to sleep deprivation amongst individuals.

With sleep deprivation, more people are becoming stressed increasing the amount of anxiety, depression and sleeplessness among individuals. Medical directors at major universities have claimed economy as a major factor for losing sleep. There are many clocking more than average hours while there are others, left with no job at hand. In both scenarios, the stress is overwhelming.

Sleep Deprivation
Aside from financial anxieties, in just a decade, society has become more around-the clock and more complex. With the advent of the internet, cell-phones, we are increasingly becoming 24-7. People are able to be active at any time. This increased activeness has led to people ignoring their sleep patterns and working in odd hours as well.

Sleep-deprivation causes sleep loss- induced neuron behavioral effects which often go unrecognized. For example – attention deficiency disorders, problems in judgement and decision making, such as medical errors. Often the performance of employees is observed to decline in short term recall of working memory. Even further, any work requiring divergent thinking deteriorates with time for individuals.

Overall, the changing landscape of business and the coming of internet has changed the way people sleep often creating troubles, that go unseen. With large number of individuals competing to make a mark, the society in large has become workaholic, with times even causing performance degradation.

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Academic Writing task 2: Essay on Work life balance

Academic Writing task 2

Essay on Work life balance

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

‘People aim to achieve balance between work and other activities of their lives, but few are able to do this.’

Suggest problems in balancing and some solutions for overcoming such problems.

Write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer

Over the past few years, the population of working women has increased tremendously. Hence, the role of mother and father is becoming similar and interchangeable. The impact of this trend is pervasive and multi-faceted. Most of the working couples face miscellaneous problems while balancing their work life. Some people are able to manage their jobs and domestic life perfectly whereas, others face difficulties in equalizing their office and family. In this essay I will discuss about different problems of work-life balance and ways to overcome them.

People often ignore their health and personal needs while taking care of their family and job. Moreover, it creates a huge communication gap between the family members. As a result, the urge of building and maintaining a relationship is deteriorating day by day. To rectify this issue, companies can provide flexible working hours to the employees. Additionally, employers can also provide the facility of child care and elder care to their staff.

Generally, people play multiple roles in their personal and professional lives to keep up with the fast paced world. In this process, they need to switch from one task to another. During this transition, it sometimes becomes challenging to remain emotionally intelligent and stress-free. We tend to bring official issues to our home, thereby, it adversely affects other members as well. Therefore, to mitigate this concern, companies should cater gym, yoga and other recreational facilities in office premises.

Furthermore, since both husband and wife are employed, they are not able to spend enough time with their old parent and children. As a result, somewhere they always carry an emotional guilt for prioritizing their work over the family. People undergo frequent job hopping and transfers to maintain a harmony between their career and family. In order to deal with this problem, companies should provide an array of leaves and allowances to their employees. Eventually, this practice will help the people to enjoy quality time with their family and loved- ones.

Overall, in today’s competitive world, organisations and employees are working together incessantly to earn profits. People get no time to take care of their health and family. I believe, by making certain changes to the policies, companies can support their employees to balance their work-life smoothly.

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IELTS Essay # The quality of life in the cities is worsening

IELTS Essay, The quality of life in the cities is worsening

In many countries, the quality of life in the large cities is worsening. What possibly can cause this problem? What measures can be taken to resolve it?

Sample Answer

Many cities across the globe are witnessing a decline in the quality of life. This essay will look at the reasons behind this and give some possible measures to overcome the problems of city dwellers.

Firstly, an ever increasing population and migration of people from rural to urban areas have caused congestion. This has led to growth in the numbers of slums in some areas. Slums as we know do not have any basic facilities like hospitals, sanitation, clean drinking water and are a hotbed of diseases. As a result of living in unhygienic conditions, not only people in slums suffer from serious health problems but also aid the cause of spreading flu and other viruses. Secondly, hectic schedule and excessive workload also hamper the quality of life. To explain it further, extended working hours, long commuting time leave urbanites with hardly ever time to involve in recreational activities which are indispensable to ensure the wellbeing of human beings. As a consequence, there has been a sharp rise in the prevalence of psychiatric problems among people in large cities.

To look at the possible measures, the government should develop affordable accommodation facilities to accommodate an ever-growing number of city dwellers. There should be strict restrictions on building of slums and stern action need to taken against offenders. In order to control the influx of rural migrants, the government should focus on the development of the countryside. Gyms and recreational facilities like parks, gardens and yoga centres etc should also be constructed by the government and there should be no charge to use them. Moreover, positives of good health should be highlighted, asking people to follow a balanced life.

To conclude, unfettered growth of population, stressful lifestyle and lack of basic facilities in certain areas have made the life worse in cities. Undoubtedly, if this situation is to be improved, effective measures have to be taken.


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IELTS Essay # Identity theft is increasing

IELTS Essay # Identity theft is increasing

In many countries, financial crime involving identity theft is increasing. What are the causes of this trend, and what effect does identity theft have on the victims involved? Give reasons for your answer, and provide ideas and examples from your own experience.
You should spend about 40 minutes on this question. You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer

There is no doubt that identity fraud is a great concern, especially in western countries where people are most at risk. I think there are two main causes, and a number of damaging effects.
Firstly, the major cause is probably the almost universal use of digital technology to store financial data and undertake financial transactions. It is surprisingly easy for criminals to obtain personal information about a possible victim and then to use this information to impersonate the target. Because bank accounts and loans can be applied for digitally, without the need for face-to-face contact, the criminals are able to apply for financial products remotely, often before the victim is even aware of the attack. The second key cause is, the increasing probability of ‘traditional’ crimes (such as armed robbery, mugging or burglary) being detected. When criminals see the widespread use of CCTV, DNA profiling and fingerprinting, they are less inclined to indulge in such old-fashioned crimes. Rather, they prefer the lower risk and more profitable use of data-based crimes.
The effects on the unfortunate victims can be quite devastating. Firstly, there is the loss of money from bank accounts or by being connected to a fraudulent loan. In some cases, this can take years for the victim to pay back or resolve with the banks and the authorities. Secondly, there is the damage to their credit rating, which means they may find it impossible to obtain legitimate credit in future. In extreme cases, people’s employment prospects can even be damaged as well, as they find themselves considered as a financial risk.
Overall, the presence of technology and the decline of ‘traditional’ crimes are the key causes behind this trend. The effects on the victims involve long-term financial hardship in many instances. (292 Words)


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