8 Most Famous IELTS Pitfalls

8 most famous IELTS pitfalls that cost test takers precious points

1. More is less

2. Less is less

3. Longer essay doesn’t mean better mark

4. Changing the subject is unacceptable

5.Good memory can get you in trouble

6.Accent is not important. Pronunciation is!

7.It is not the ideas that are important, but the way they are described in.

8.Connective words: the more is not always the better.

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Not everyone knows that there is a British and an American way of spelling words, and they are different. The question about the acceptable spelling came up a lot lately and I found out that many students are unsure how to spell words in the IELTS Listening, Reading and Writing tests – the British or the American way.

If you ask someone from the USA and someone from the UK to spell a word such as color, the American will spell “color” and the person from the UK will spell “colour”.

As to the question, what is the right way to spell words in IELTS, the American or the British, the answer is both. You can use either form and it will be accepted, no penalties.

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Iraq Says YES to IELTS

Iraq says YES to IELTS

Slowly but surely IELTS finds its way into the Iraq when Iraq Says YES to IELTS. More universities joined the list of many others already recognizing IELTS in the Iraq.
Iraq has opened its borders to IELTS. Organizations in Iraq to recognize IELTS – surely others will follow and it’s just a matter of time. Approximate 2+ organizations and universities accepting IELTS. There is the list of some of them.

– Central Library University – Mosul
– Cihan University
– Civil Globe

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