IELTS CUE CARD: A party you went to

    A Party you went to

  • When it was ?
  • Where it was ?
  • Why did you enjoy?
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Sample Answer

I am a party lover. I am very popular among my friends and family to make every party a huge success.

I have been to many parties where I enjoyed a lot. One of the parties which I can never forget was a reception party of my best friend.

Last year my best friend got hitched to love of his life. Our whole friend circle was very happy and excited for his wedding as we all witnessed his struggle to get married with that girl. It was a thrilled journey with lots of ups and downs and finally, they both managed everything and tied a knot.

My friend threw his reception party in Goa, a place known for its most happening parties around the world. Goa was on top in all of ours bucket list. We always wanted to visit Goa along with friends. However, unusually, college days had been very hectic for us and after that all of us got busy in our professional lives. We could not get an opportunity to plan a visit to Goa together. To keep in mind all of ours dream to visit Goa, my friend decided to throw that party in Goa. On a sunny day, at one of the most famous beaches of Goa, all the preparations were made to celebrate this auspicious occasion. We were all gathered there to be a part of his new journey.

His wedding reception became a great reason for all one of us to meet with each other after a long time. We spent a quality time there. That party had all the arrangements to cater the need of every age group of people.We enjoyed his reception party thoroughly as well as relived our college life moments.

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IELTS CUE CARD: A dress you wore on a special occasion.


A dress you wore on a special occasion.

  • What the occasion was?
  • What did you wear?
  • How did people react?

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Sample Answer

I have always been very fond of wearing a variety of dresses as per the requirement of occasion. In that sense one can call me a fashion freak as well. Whenever there is any event either in my family or I have been invited by my friends, I always take extra care of my attire.

One such incident which I can vividly recall was when I wore a proper Indian dress. It was my brother’s wedding. I still remember that day as I was flooded with compliments from each and everybody.

Family functions always give you an opportunity to get dressed up the way you’ve dreamt of. After doing a lot of research and taking opinions from a few designers who run renowned boutiques in my city, I ended up my search with a traditional ethnic dress. It was a 3 piece dress comprising a long skirt, top and a stole.  The whole dress was embellished with golden embroidery and pearls. It was yellow in colour as it’s an ideal colour for wedding celebrations. I should also say that yellow goes well with my skin and it enhances my complexion.

Dressing up took quite a while and I was actually late for the celebration. When I reached the venue, most of the guests were already there. They were waiting for me eagerly. Seeing me in proper Indian attire left them with no words. To my surprise, almost everybody came to me personally to compliment me for my choice of dress. I was overwhelmed with their comments. The wedding was over but my dress became a talk of the town.

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IELTS Writing Task: Organise extra classes for their children

IELTS Writing Task: Extra Classes for Children

Many parents today organise extra classes for their children after school and at the weekends. Do you feel that this is a worthwhile thing to do? Or do you feel children have enough education at school?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Sample Answer

Nowadays, many parents arrange private tuitions for their children outside the school as they consider that this practice will help their kids to cope with immense education pressure. Not to speak of only parents who are keen to provide extra classes after school hours to their kids, even, schools are also transforming into a full-day study centre. In my views, this practice is causing unnecessary burden on kids.

From last many years education sector has emerged a lot, most schools are not just educated children in the science, languages and mathematics. They concentrate on holistic development of children. Every now and then there are seminars, competitions and extra classes as well as special attention to be given to all the students. These extra-curricular activities always provide great help to students. Additionally, there is a cut throat competition among all the schools to hold the number one position in their city, therefore, they do not leave any stone unturned. They do not show any loop hole in their education system.

However, in some schools due to large number of pupils, teachers are unable to concentrate on each and every student and this search end up by getting additional help from outside. What is more, extra tuitions are always beneficial for weaker students who find it hard to grasp everything related to vast subjects with deeper knowledge in schools. In these cases extra help provided to them after school hours work as boon for them.

To conclude, in few cases children can be benefitted by getting this extra help, studying after school hours, should be encouraged among them. However, pressurising students unnecessarily to get into studies all day is not an ideal idea.

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WRITING TASK: 1- Letter to your friend.

WRITING TASK: 1 Letter to your friend.

Your friend is expecting you to stay with him in two weeks time, but unfortunately you forgot that you have a business trip at the same time.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • Apologize and say that you cannot come to visit
  • Explain why you will not be able to visit
  • Suggest another time when you could visit

Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

Dear Tom,
Hope you are doing well. It was great talking to you after such a long time. I was so excited to see you in two weeks time as I promised to you, until I checked my ‘to do’ list. I’m so sorry to inform you that I wouldn’t be able to make it during this time.
Actually, I’ve to attend a business meeting in Chennai and the dates coincide with the days I was supposed to be with you. What happened is that I’ve been under so much work pressure since last few days that this trip just slipped off from my mind. I know, you must’ve started planning already about my visit to your home town but don’t worry I’ll definitely make it soon. What about next month end? We have a long week end coming up from the 27th to 30th.
Just check whether you have any commitments during this time and get back to me. If it works out, it would be a memorable time for both of us. Since our college days, we haven’t really been able to spend much time together as we both got busy with our respective careers. We can go around places which you always told me about your city, enjoy your favorite street food and just talk.
Hope to see you soon. Give my regards to your mom and dad.
Best wishes,

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