IELTS CUE CARD # Describe a foreign country you have never been to.


Describe a foreign country you have never been to.


You should say:

  • where the country is
  • when you will go there
  • why you would like to go there

and explain why this is a good country to visit.

IELTS CUE CARD # Describe a foreign country you have never been to.

Sample Answer :

Travelling has been a favourite hobby for years. I love the idea of visiting new place sand experiencing new cultures and learning new things. The country that I have always wanted to go but have not visited yet is Italy. I’ve been dreaming of going to Italy since my childhood days. I’ll definitely visit the country as soon as I’m done with my college.

Italy is in Southern Europe. Rome, the capital of Italy is magnificently beautiful and also the leading political and religious centre of the western civilisation. It is also the primary centre of the both Roman Empire and the Christianity. I love history. I wish to visit the museums, arts, streets, cultural and other attractions and learn the origins and secrets about the place. Also, I want to go there to visit the Vatican City.

I have read lot of articles and heard some amazing stories about the culture and and history about the country and getting to see them with my own eyes them would be a great treat. There are plenty of things to start with: arts and exhibitions, museums, Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pissa, Roman Forum, Florence Cathedral, St. Peter’s Basilica, Milan Cathedral, Sistine Chapel, Piazza SanMarco, Circus Maximus. I plan on visiting all of them on my visit.

Italy was celebrated as one of the most advanced territories once upon a time and has various historical sites to explore. I’ve researched about these places briefly and have inquired many friends who have visited the place. The desire to visit has inclined. I’m pretty positive about visiting this country in next year.



IELTS speaking task cue card # Describe a water sport you want to do?



  • What was the success?
  • When it happened?
  • How did he/she accomplished it?
  • And explain why you thought it was a success.

A water sport that I fancied to experience for a long time is Scuba diving. The life underwater has always fascinated me, and it would grant me the opportunity to come in contact with the flora and fauna of marine life. As seen in some documentaries, unlike other water activities which involve noises, Scuba diving is a calm and serene sport in which the diver gets away from the troubles of the outer world, experiencing a whole different world altogether. All we are surrounded by is incredible sea creatures and hear the sound of bubbles while we breathe. It is captivating the way humans can breathe deeply underwater with other oceanic beings and coral reefs.

Unfortunately on my last vacation to Goa, I planned but had to cancel my Scuba diving reservations due to some unavoidable medical conditions. I felt envious of my cousins who did it and couldn’t stop talking about how relaxing it was which made me all the more curious. Therefore, this year on my vacation to Kerala, I would definitely love to experience this thrilling sport.

As far as I’ve learned, Scuba diving is considered to be a less complicated sport. It is said to eliminate stress. As underwater we have zero gravity, scuba diving is like flying underwater and being weightless. It is full of fun and though there’s a professional trainer present with us under water, some people who have aqua phobia might feel claustrophobic or fear the marine creatures.

As exploring nature is a meditation in itself, being surrounded by the exotic marine creatures would be a dream I’d like to live forever. Considering that 70% of the world is under the sea which clearly means that it’s unexplored. Therefore, getting to see that undiscovered part with just a dive would be a once in a lifetime experience. There’s no better feeling that encountering those unique species for the first time.  

(318 words)

  • SERENE- peaceful and untroubled.
  • ENVIOUS- jealousy
  • AQUAPHOBIA- fear from water or water activities
  • CLAUSTROPHOBIC- fear of suffocation

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IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card # A moment when you felt proud of your friend’s success

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card

A moment when you felt proud of your friend’s success

  • What was the success?
  • When it happened?
  • How did he/she accomplished it?And explain why you thought it was a success.

A success story in a person’s life is a proud moment for a friend. It reminds me of my closest friend, Raj, who started an NGO (Non- Government Organization) of his own by the name ‘Hope’. The organization mainly focused on underprivileged women and the ones who have gone through a lot of difficulties in life. It mainly aimed at women empowerment. It provided them with holistic education and employment so that they get an identity and work independently and make a choice of a lifestyle they want to live.


Raj had always been a social activist from his university days and he spent his summers engaging in activities for the society’s welfare. Professionally, he was a road constructor and on a project he noticed the ill-treatment meted out to women laborers by their own family members. It was a turning point in his career and he decided to uphold gender justice, equality and women rights. He was determined to work for poverty-stricken urban women who face all kinds of abuses.


When this idea struck Raj’s mind, he came to me for some suggestions because his major concern was a place to commence the organization. I advised him to start it by utilizing the extra area he had adjoining his house. As it was for a good cause, he already had many people to work for him. He started it by visiting slums, making women aware of their rights and promised to provide with a life of dignity and independence.


Today, his organization has grown to an extent that it was awarded for being ‘NGO of the year’ of our city, Dehradun. As I too try to visit his organization and contribute in some way or the other, he had accomplished more than I imagined. This makes me feel so proud of him. He had provided work and education to many women and they all ARE doing quite well in their lives. In my last visit to him, he told me about his future plans of expanding the organization where the women would organize and manage monthly fairs in which women would make and sell art and utilize their skills. All profits incurred from these fairs would be kept by the workers and not the organization.

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IELTS speaking # Describe a journey that didn’t go as you planned?

IELTS speaking task cue card

Describe a journey that didn’t go as you planned?

  • Where were you going?
  • What was your planning?
  • What went wrong?
  • And explain what you would have done differently
Sample Answer

Vacations are supposed to be a fun break from the monotonous routine of our lives though sometimes it doesn’t go as expected. It reminds me of an incident of a failed solo trip I planned. After being inspired by various YouTube travel bloggers, I decided to at last tick it off my bucket list and got my bookings done for Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I researched quite a lot before my trip to avoid any major obstacles.

I booked my flight for the journey from Delhi to Port Blair from where I had planned to take a hotel to refresh myself for the sightseeing. It was a four days trip in which my idea was to cover Port Blair, Havelock Islands, Neil Islands and then return to Port Blair. Going by people’s advice and my own research, I had kept all the necessary things that might be necessary.

Everything was going as planned until I arrived at my destination. It was the climate of the place that didn’t suit me and I started to feel nauseous as soon as I landed. When I looked for my medical kit, I noticed that it was missing. I somehow reached my hotel by booking a cab where I found a Wi-Fi connection as there were network issues in the entire area. After contacting my family and telling them about my whereabouts, I went to see a local doctor and on my way back I lost my wallet. After pleading to some of the locals and telling them about my situation, they helped me reach the hotel. On the second day, after reaching my hotel at Havelock, I realized that I booked it for the previous date instead due to which I had to pay an extra amount to stay there. Later, my guide informed me about the unpredicted weather conditions due to which I had to spend my next two days in the hotel room as red alert was declared in the entire area.

As it is rightly said that to err is human, I learned quite a lot from the mistakes I made. Though I faced many hurdles during my journey, I realized that due to my carelessness and irresponsibility, I spoiled most of the enjoyable part of my first solo-trip. Had I been more cautious and accountable towards my bookings and carrying my medicines, it would have been a more gratifying experience.

(398 words)

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