IELTS essay: Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in modern society

IELTS writing essay, Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in modern society

Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in modern society. Discuss the solutions to accept this fact.
You should spend about 40 minutes on this question. You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer

Euthanasia means putting an end to life with an intention to relieve pain and suffering. Different countries define euthanasia differently though the connotation remains the same. India’s Supreme Court issued a ruling to allow “passive euthanasia”, declaring that every individual has the right to die with dignity. The life support system of a terminally ill patient or one in a vegetative state is withdrawn to hasten the death under strict guidelines. However, the misuse of euthanasia for selfish ends is not uncommon. This has raised a question about its acceptance in the present social system.
Eminent lawyers voice the fear of euthanasia misuse in many eastern countries which are notorious for property disputes. The family members of old people can opt for intentional killing for unsurping their properties. Then, it is not uncommon to find people who don’t want to spend time and money taking care of their old and ill parents. For them, euthanasia may seem like an easy solution to run away from their responsibilities. Moreover, there are several documented cases of abuse in countries where euthanasia and assisted suicide is legal. It encourages vulnerable people to end their lives. There are people who have ended or are made to end their lives for petty reasons. For instance, in Belgium, a woman was euthanized because she was suffering from anorexia.
In most countries killing another person is considered murder, even if the intention is to “ease the pain”. It is believed that euthanasia is never necessary, even less since the advent of palliative care. Palliative care provided by a well-trained team can help the patient, his family and loved ones by controlling physical, mental, social and existential suffering. This is the reason why many western countries like Canada oppose euthanasia for it could become an economical method of treating the terminally ill patients. Not just that, there have been cases where medical personnel who carry out euthanasia for patients had to undergo psychotherapy and face personal consequences.
All in all, euthanasia is increasing in countries that have legalized it and we are witnessing worrisome abuse in these jurisdictions. It should not be forgotten that for a citizen to kill another, even if for compassionate reasons opens a Pandora’s box. Human life must be respected regardless of age, gender, religion, social status or potential for success. That is the reason for the almost universal prohibition against deliberately taking the life of a person. (404 Words)


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IELTS Speaking Cue card: a piece of furniture you have in your house

IELTS Speaking Cue card: a piece of furniture you have in your house

Describe a piece of furniture you have in your home.
You should say:
• What kind it is and what you use it for
• What materials it is made of
• How the piece of furniture was chosen for your home
• And explain how you feel about this piece of furniture.

Sample Answer One by Paramdeep Kaur

It is said that a home is the reflection of its inhabitants. In the quest of keeping it as beautiful and comfortable as possible, we all keep collecting showpieces, furniture and furnishings etc. Although, there are many things which are dear to me, I’ll like to talk here about my dining table which I purchased from Kashmir.
It is a four-seater rectangular dining table made of walnut wood. The entire table top is carved intricately by hand. The motifs are primarily composed of maple leaves which signify the maple trees of Kashmir. It is a masterpiece of brilliant craftsmanship as everything is painstakingly made by hand. What makes it stand apart is that not even an inch of the table surface is left without carving. The whole surface is polished in natural wood color after which it has been varnished to impart it a shine. We have covered it by a glass top which besides enhancing its beauty also protects it from dust. The table has four matching dining chairs which make it perfect for our family of four members.
I am extremely fond of this dining table as it reminds me of the lovely time we spent in the most splendid Kashmir valley. Also, it is a unique piece of furniture which is not commonly available everywhere

Sample Answer Two by Pooja

My house is fully equipped with indoor and outdoor furniture. Today, I’m going to talk about my study table.
This table is in my bedroom. It’s a brand new piece of furniture and is probably very expensive. It’s a large table with two shelves to keep books. It has a separate drawer for keeping a laptop and small electronic devices. It even incorporates an inbuilt LED bulb for late night reading. I don’t exactly know what material it is made of but I think it’s made of oak.
I received it as a present from my parents on my last birthday. My mum is very selective. She must have visited many furniture showrooms before buying this modern, unique piece of furniture for my room.
I love the design of this table. It’s just perfect. It has transformed the appearance of my room. In fact, this table has made me more organized. Everyone who visits me appreciates the table for its brilliant quality. They even ask about the place from where it was bought. At this point of time, I can say that I’ll keep this table for my life. Even if I move to a new place, I’ll get it transported carefully.




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IELTS Essay # Children using video games

IELTS Writing problems solution type Essay # Children using video games

Many people today are worried about young children using video games. What problems might these games cause, for children and society as a whole? How could these problems be reduced?

Sample Answer

The almost universal availability of video games among children has presented us with a number of challenges and decisions, none of which are straightforward. I believe there are three main problems associated with these products, and also three remedies we can adopt.
Perhaps the major problem we need to deal with is the level of violence found in these games. Many of them feature aggressive or warlike characters, ranging from soldiers to criminals and killers. This inevitably leads children to believe that such behaviour is normal, or even desirable. A second issue is the obsessive way that some children use the games – for example, preferring their computers to real friendships, making these children isolated and socially naïve. Finally, there are physical effects from excessive gaming, including eye strain, insomnia and damage to posture. These can be difficult to reverse once they have taken hold.
Turning to possible solutions, one key step would be to legislate more strictly to control the content of these games. They could, for instance, be reviewed by censors in the same way that films are. This would prevent unsuitable material influencing young minds. To tackle the problem of obsessive use, we could make more counselling and advice available through schools. On the subject of physical side effects, advice on safe use could be included as part of the packaging or even the game itself, so that youngsters are constantly aware of the risks.
To sum up, this is a problem that has both social and physical effects, and the solution will require combined action by manufacturers, schools and authorities.


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IELTS Essay about Consumer goods packaging


Some people say that supermarkets and manufacturers should reduce the amount of products which include lot of packaging. Others say that we should be responsible and avoid the products which have a lot of packaging.
Discuss both the views and give your opinion.
You should spend 40 minutes on this topic

Sample Answer

Large quantities of plastics are used in various forms in the packaging industry. Some sections of society believe that companies should limit the amount of plastics being used while others believe that individuals can make a difference by saying no to goods that require a lot of packaging. In the given paragraphs, I will discuss both the views before giving my opinion.

On one hand, manufacturing units should be made aware of the harmful effects of using packaging material on the environment. Plastic is the leading cause of pollution and the fact that it takes thousands of years to fully degrade in itself explains why its use should be regulated. The world is already witnessing environmental degradation and plastic is undoubtedly a major contributor. Majority of the plastic ends up in the world’s oceans and it has had detrimental effects on the marine life. From affecting the ecosystem to being responsible for extinction of species, we can say that, the effects of plastics on our environment are anything but positive.

On the other hand, consumers should take matters into their own hands and reduce the consumption of products which require more packaging. Moreover, less demands for such products will directly result in limited manufacturing and reduced sales. The use of plastics will also curtail significantly. Certainly, this will not only compel supermarkets and industries but also encourage them to make changes in their packaging policy.

To sum up, companies and individuals both are equally responsible for the excessive usage of plastics.  Users should be made aware of the catastrophic effects of this artificial material and statutory warning should be displayed on all such kinds of products. Manufacturers must also look for suitable alternatives. Limiting plastic consumption is the need of the hour and effective steps must be taken to curb this menace.

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