IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Colors

It is very possible that a topic be asked in either of your section of IELTS. So, for instance, a topic like color can be asked either in part I or part II of the speaking section.

Today, let us have a look at some of the possible questions and answers related to colors that can be asked in IELTS speaking part I.

What was your favorite color when you were a child?

As a child, I remember not being very much fussy about the color, I loved all of them and there was nothing like favoritism for any color. There were times when I loved violet, the other times red, sometimes yellow and on and on.

Do you think colors are important?

Well, I think yes. Colors tend to suggest the mood of a person and bring more of spark in a particular day. Like, on a wedding , people tend to wear bright clothes and it uplifts the entire mood. I think every color has its own significance, and they bring that significance alive.

Is color very important for you when buying clothes?

For me, the only thing that matters while buying clothes is that it should look good on me. So, I really don’t bother much about the color as long as the dress is looking nice on me.

If you were to paint the walls of your room, what color would you choose?

I would prefer white or beige color for the walls, with some drawing or styling done on the room. White or beige make the room look more spacious and I like room to be spacious and the styling brings more of personal touch to the room.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Humour

Laugh, we all do. Rarely is a person who has yet not laughed. So, if you get questions on Humor or laugh, it would  mostly be in the first part of the speaking section. Now, let us have a look at some of the questions related to humor and their possible answers.

What kind of things make you laugh?

Well, mostly sarcastic things tend to make me laugh. When I am with my friends and family, someone is pulling each others leg, things go really tickling. Other than that, the comedians who take sarcastic note on the things happening in real life, I find them funny.

Do you like making other people laugh?

Oh! I love it. I believe, humor is that one thing that make people more comfortable with each other. Even it is really good during those heavy times. So, I really like people smiling and try and make more people smile.

Do you think it is important for people to laugh?

Yes, laughing makes things easier.Just imagine, someone is state of misery, but even they can smile at that time, it makes misery look very small. More importantly, we have got this one life, not laughing because of some stupid tensions, does not makes sense to me.

Is laughing the same as feeling happy?

I think it is not exactly the same, feeling happy is more of like a state of mind. So, people may be happy when they achieve something or when they are with their loved ones, it does not mean they need to laugh. On the other hand, laughter is more like an expression, you tend to laugh when something funny happens.


IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Advertisment

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Advertising has become an inevitable part of our lives. Some people believe that it is a positive aspect of our lives while others are of opposite belief.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.


Advertisements have surely become an important part of our lives. The way consumer buys a product, depends mostly on the advertising model of the company. Although, some people are of the opinion that we have become more aware and are able to take better decisions because of advertisements, others are of the opinion, a clutter has been generated because of it.

Looking at the negative impact, advertisements surely have had many. Firstly, it makes consumers buy things that may be they don’t need. For instance, a woman who sees an advertisement of a new product is more likely to buy it, even if not required. This often causes financial tensions in some cases. Secondly, often times people make fake advertisements. Like, an ad in newspaper saying eat this medicine to become slim in ten days. People tend to buy them and face the consequences.

However, ads are also helpful for the consumer. For example, an ad that tells about the effects of smoking and urges people to stop smoking, is more likely to have a broad effect. On seeing visuals, people are more likely to get affected. Secondly, it allows business people to start a business or a product. Such as, a company that opens a new line of product, can easily make people aware of it using advertisements.

Overall, advertisements, like everything, have both sides i.e. negative as well as positive. In my opinion, we need to be more smart to look through if the advertisement is real or fake.

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Marriage

Marriages are beautiful, marriages are nonsense. Well, whatever point of view you have for marriages, it is a topic in IELTS speaking. So, let us have a look at some of the possible speaking sample questions and possible answers on marriage.

What is the attitude toward marriage in your country?

Marriage in our country is treated like a big event in someone’s life. People save their money for marriages and it is often believed that marriage is the coming together of two families rather than two people. Often there is a lot of pomp and show during marriages and people tend to take them very seriously.

Do most young people plan on getting married in your country?

Well, there has been a considerable shift in people’s opinion about marriage. In recent times, young people prefer saving money and settling down before they take on the responsibility of a new life. So, you would see most young people working and earning and saving till their late twenties after which they tend to get married.

What are some of the advantages of marriage?

I think most of the human beings seek companionship and I think life becomes more beautiful when it is shared with someone who has the same opinions as yours. Marriage benefits society generally because it is associated with stable families. Stable families produce happier children and a more stable society with less crime and other social problems. Even more, it reduces the risk of STDs.

What are some of the disadvantages of marriage?

I think marriage becomes an issue when it  restricts the freedom of individual. Single people can happily live their lives pretty much as they please without having to be concerned with the needs or wishes of others. Even more, often people split up easier when they are not married. Marriage too an extent increases the time for which people are together. So, no matter people don’t like the company, they tend to stretch on.

Is the divorce rate high in your country?

Well, divorce rates in my country is quite low.May be because people take marriage in a very religious manner and breaking it is not that much acceptable in the society  as well. So, most people just tend to adjust in their lives.


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