Academic Writing task 2: Essay on Work life balance

Academic Writing task 2

Essay on Work life balance

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

‘People aim to achieve balance between work and other activities of their lives, but few are able to do this.’

Suggest problems in balancing and some solutions for overcoming such problems.

Write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer

Over the past few years, the population of working women has increased tremendously. Hence, the role of mother and father is becoming similar and interchangeable. The impact of this trend is pervasive and multi-faceted. Most of the working couples face miscellaneous problems while balancing their work life. Some people are able to manage their jobs and domestic life perfectly whereas, others face difficulties in equalizing their office and family. In this essay I will discuss about different problems of work-life balance and ways to overcome them.

People often ignore their health and personal needs while taking care of their family and job. Moreover, it creates a huge communication gap between the family members. As a result, the urge of building and maintaining a relationship is deteriorating day by day. To rectify this issue, companies can provide flexible working hours to the employees. Additionally, employers can also provide the facility of child care and elder care to their staff.

Generally, people play multiple roles in their personal and professional lives to keep up with the fast paced world. In this process, they need to switch from one task to another. During this transition, it sometimes becomes challenging to remain emotionally intelligent and stress-free. We tend to bring official issues to our home, thereby, it adversely affects other members as well. Therefore, to mitigate this concern, companies should cater gym, yoga and other recreational facilities in office premises.

Furthermore, since both husband and wife are employed, they are not able to spend enough time with their old parent and children. As a result, somewhere they always carry an emotional guilt for prioritizing their work over the family. People undergo frequent job hopping and transfers to maintain a harmony between their career and family. In order to deal with this problem, companies should provide an array of leaves and allowances to their employees. Eventually, this practice will help the people to enjoy quality time with their family and loved- ones.

Overall, in today’s competitive world, organisations and employees are working together incessantly to earn profits. People get no time to take care of their health and family. I believe, by making certain changes to the policies, companies can support their employees to balance their work-life smoothly.

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IELTS Writing Task1 # Students at UK Universities


You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The tables below show the distribution of students at UK universities by mode of study and gender.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Male Postgraduate Students
Mode of study 1996/97 2000/01 2005/06 2009/10
Full-time 75,370 87,070 1,15,550 1,51,275
Part-time 1,13,961 1,08,770 1,38,505 1,17,105


Female Postgraduate Students
Mode of study 1996/97 2000/01 2005/06 2009/10
Full-time 62,344 85,215 1,18,675 1,46,980
Part-time 1,08,702 1,25,855 1,72,640 1,63,340

Sample Answer:

The tables compare the proportion of males and females enrolled in full-time and part-time postgraduate courses at UK universities in four academic sessions between 1996 and 2010.
It is evident that student enrolments in full-time courses followed an upward trend for both the genders throughout the given period. The number of males rose from 75,370 in 1996-97 to 151,275 in 2009-10 while that of females increased from 62,344 to nearly 146,980 during this period. These figures also indicate that there was a gender disparity in full-time postgraduate programmes. In 1996/96, the gender disparity was the highest (75,370 males versus 62,344 females) but the distribution became more balanced in the following years.
Focusing on part-time courses, overall more students were registered in these programmes as compared to full-time ones. In 1996-97, about 114,000 males and about 109,000 females selected part-time courses. In the next two academic years, there was a rapid increase in the percentage of female students whereas the number of male entrants fluctuated. The year 2005-06 had the highest enrolment rate in part-time programmes for both sexes, 138,505 males and 172,640 females. Notably, the number of students dropped in 2009-10.
In general, it can be concluded that full-time courses were more popular among males than females during the given period. The trend for part-time courses, on the other hand, was the opposite.

(227 Words)


Students at UK Universities

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IELTS ESSAY: Discuss different views about change

Writing task 2:

IELTS Essay : Discuss different views about change


You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
Some people resist changes in their lives while others think that change is an integral part of life.
Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS Essay: Discuss different views about change

Sample Answer:

Change has been an inevitable part of our lives. Some people prefer to stick to their old ways and leisure in their shields while some of them explore the altitudes and minds and come out as enlightened ones. I’m going to discuss both points of view in this essay.
There are many reasons why people feel the need to make prominent changes in their lives. With new situations comes new opportunities to explore and learn new things. This instills the lost confidence about oneself and makes one motivated. In addition, changes force people to be flexible and adaptable, which in turn promotes their personal and professional growth.
On the other hand, some people do not appreciate change so much. One key reason behind this view is that they become too comfortable in their own situations. The fear that changes can turn their lives upside down does not permit them to try something new. Their previous experiences of failure can also resist them from accepting any changes.

To conclude, there are no easy answers to this question. On balance, however, I tend to believe that change is a big necessity for anyone who wishes to have an interesting and fulfilling life. Certainly, embracing changes is a challenge but we should accept them.

(211 Words)

IELTS Essay: Discuss different views about change

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IELTS academic writing task 1: How to improve your score

IELTS academic writing task 1: How to improve your score

In this task, students are expected to summarize and compare information from a graph, chart, table or diagram, or a combination of these. The following table gives an overview of the don’ts and do’s of academic writing task 1.

 Don’ts Do’s
Copy the given introduction Rewrite the given introduction in your own language.
Given introduction: The bar graph shows the percentage of male and female academic staff members in different faculties of a particular university in 2008.
Rewritten introduction: The bar graph provides information about the proportion of men and women who taught in seven different faculties of a university in 2008.
Write the report in one paragraph. Write in small paragraphs: Introduction, 2 main body paragraphs and overview.
Write about each and everything given in the task. Look at the data carefully. Identify the most obvious features (e.g. highest/lowest values, major changes or trends) and report them.
Write your opinion about the data. Only summarize the given information and make comparisons where they make sense.
Illegible (difficult to read) handwriting. Write neatly.
Writing too few words. Count the number of words.

Task 1: minimum 150 words

Writing too many words. Count the number of words.

Task 1: maximum 200-210 words


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