IELTS Writing task 2: Spending money on life beyond earth: discuss

Writing task 2

If governments should spend money on finding life beyond earth or is it a waste of money and we should focus on problems on earth.


Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer

Every year governments of rich nations spend billions of dollars for exploration of space and extra-terrestrial life. Considering the problems on earth, this expenditure on space programmes has become a highly debatable topic. Some people are in favour of investing time and money in search for life beyond earth. Others, however, feel that this money should be used for improving the quality of life on earth. In my opinion, space research is an investment for our future generations. Definitely, pressing problems like famine, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty and many more deserve attention. Sincere efforts at a national and global level are required to solve them.

It is certainly true that space research is an expensive affair. In my view, the ultimate objective of searching extra-terrestrial life is to find a new home for humans. If we look at the exploitation of resources like land, water and fossil fuels etc., it is possible that our earth will not be able to sustain the pressure of rising population. Exploring space is therefore paramount for a sustainable future. If we look for life beyond earth, we can come across fascinating discoveries such as planets that can be our future motherland.

Coming to the current issues on earth, the biggest problem is the unfettered growth of global population which has crossed the mark of 7.5 billion. Fulfilling the basic needs such as food, accommodation, and education etc. of their citizens is a herculean task for the governments of underdeveloped and developing countries. Climate change, pollution and terrorism are some other major global problems. Unquestionably, handling these problems is as important as finding life beyond earth.

To sum up, spending money in search for extra-terrestrial life is vital. It should not be viewed as a waste of money.


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IELTS Letter Sample Answer # Apology For Unavailability

Friends are the most important part of our lives. They are the ones that make our life more beautiful, making the tough times great and easy times simpler. But, as we grow, often the professional commitments come in our way of the personal commitments. The social circle widens and having time for everyone often gets difficult. Amidst the clashes, few friends stay and others leave. This time we are looking at a general letter writing sample answer asking an apology for unavailability to a friend.

Your friend is visiting you for a week. However, you are not available on the dates.

Write a letter to your friend apologizing for unavailability during her trip. You should –

  •  apologize for your absence
  • explain why you cannot be present
  • suggest an alternative plan

Write at least 150 words.


Dear Pooja,

I hope you are in your best of health. Happiness was all over my face when your letter came last week where you mentioned about your prospective visit to Delhi. I already had made few plans for us together but recently I was informed of a 15 days corporate training program organized by my employer. Sadly enough, the dates clash with your visiting dates.

But, my house is open for you. I live in the same place as earlier and although I won’t be there, my friend can host you.  You can stay in my room and feel free to use the kitchen, bathroom, and other amenities. My friend has agreed to go shopping with you on Saturday and there will be no issues with the food.

It has been a long time since we met and it would have been amazing if things turned out our way. But, I would be coming to Bombay next month. Hope to meet you soon.

Yours lovingly,


IELTS Letter: Request for a new room/dorm

IELTS Letter: Request for a new room/dorm
You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
You live in a room which you share with another student. You have some problems with your roommate.

Write a letter to the accommodation officer of the college to change your room. In your letter

  • mention the problems you are facing
  • say how these problems are affecting you
  • request for a new room.

You do NOT need to write your own address.

Begin your letter as follows.

Dear Sir/Madam,

You should write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing you to request for a new room in the halls of residence as I am facing problems with my current roommate.

The biggest problem is that I am unable to study or even sleep in my room because my roommate has a lot of friends who visit him every day in the evening. They are quite noisy and bothersome. They listen to loud music and play cards till late night. The room has just become a place of entertainment for him and his friends. Furthermore, he often borrows my personal belongings like backpacks, electronic devices and clothes without asking me. I find it very annoying.

His irresponsible behavior has seriously affected my studies. I used to be a bright student in my school but I got average grades in the first semester. Because of these results, I have lost my confidence. I fear if this situation were to extend for much longer, I would have no option but to change my college altogether. For you see I am a student and cannot afford to live outside college or even have a drastic decline in my studies for that matter.

I have tried to talk with him about this issue, to no avail. And thus I find myself having to report the severity of this predicament and to bring it to your notice. I hope by doing so I might be relocated to a more considerable roommate’s presence or if possible not have a roommate at all. As you are probably aware, next term are the semester examinations. If I am found to be lacking in those, I might be asked to leave this college, which as I mentioned previously would be a harsh circumstance.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours faithfully,
Sagar Victor


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IELTS Academic Writing task 1: Production and consumption of potatoes in 2006

WRITING TASK 1 : IELTS Academic Writing task 1: Production and consumption of potatoes in 2006

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The tables below provide information about the consumption and production of potatoes in five parts of the world in 2006. ­­

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Consumption of potatoes (kg per person)
South and Central America 23.6
Africa 14.1
North America 57.9
Europe 96.1
Asia 25.8


Production of potatoes (in million tonnes)
South and Central America 15.6
Africa 16.4
North America 24.7
Europe 126.3
Asia 131.2
Sample Answer

The tables give data regarding the quantity of potatoes consumed per person (in kg) and grown (in million tonnes) in five regions in 2006.

Looking at the regional consumption, Europe was the biggest consumer with 96.1 kg potatoes eaten per person. It was followed by North America where per capita potato usage was comparatively less, only 57.8 kg. At the next levels i.e. the third and fourth, were Asia and South and Central America.  These areas had similar levels of consumption, 25.8 and 23.6 kg respectively. In comparison, an average person in Africa ate less than half this amount (14.1 kg) annually, making it the smallest consumer.

As regards the production, Asia and Europe were the two largest potato producers in 2006. Their production amounted to approximately 131 and 126 million tonnes respectively. North America stood at the third position. But, its contribution was only 24.7 million tonnes which is about one fifth of the European share. The other regions, South and Central America and Africa, were far behind Europe. Each of them produced around 16 million tonnes of potatoes, nearly one eighth the European proportion.

Overall, Asia and Europe were two primary potato producing regions whereas Europe and North America were the two largest consumers.


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