IELTS Cue Card: Describe an important plant in your country.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe an important plant in your country.

  • What is this plant?
  • where is it found?
  • Why is it so important?
  • Explain its benefits?

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:  Describe an important plant in your country. Best IELTS Band 7 Coaching in dehradun

Sample Answer

Nature has always provided primary resources to humans to fulfill their basic needs. One such resource is the flora. It offers many different plants and trees that have different parts to play in our lives. While some plants are rare, some are very common as well.

One of the most common plants found in India is Basil, locally known as Tulsi. It is used for various purposes. It is also known as the holy basil herb and is quite important for its medicinal qualities. Found in almost every Indian household, it is abundant in the wilderness, and other places such as public parks, and especially temples.

Actually a medicinal plant, it is worshipped and highly regarded in the Indian culture. Tulsi is available all over India, and due to the medicinal properties, it offers people have started growing the plant in their homes.  Basil is used for making herbal tea and as a flavoring in many dishes and recipes as well. It is easy to grow and needs basic things to grow, such as an ample amount of fresh air and sunlight.

Basically a small green plant, it has leafy foliage and small green-hued seed bunches. It is used to make Ayurveda medicines, and oil extracted from its leaves is used in toiletries and cosmetics. Tulsi leaf juice is effective in curing respiratory issues and common cold symptoms as well. The leaves can be eaten directly to comfort indigestion and insomnia.

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Importance Of Marketing # Essay For IELTS

Success in business can be assured if you have great marketing and promotion. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


We are living in an era which is marked by digital revolution. From the daily routines to business digital world has impacted everything. With this change, some people believe that for a business to be successful, it must have excellent marketing and promotion. In my opinion, advertising is always the second most important thing, primary being focusing on the main product/ service.

Marketing a business has great benefits. Firstly, a large group of people get to know about it. Obviously, the more the awareness,  more will be your customers. Secondly, it brings customers on the right side. A customer is able to make more knowledge able guess of the product after seeing an advertisement. Thirdly, a market space gets created for the business. For instance, when android phones came, they were not the utmost priority of everyone. It was because of their promotion that they got noticed and their need was felt.

However, simply having promoted a product is not enough. One surely gets to know about the business but after a certain time, it all depends on how good the product/service is. Even more, if the marketing team promotes a product in a way that is different from the actual product, it leads to distrust among consumers about the business.

Overall, in my opinion, we as individuals are quick to make decisions and the marketing of a product surely plays a very important role. However, it is not the only deciding factor. The final success of a business depends both on the efficiency of product and its marketing.


Directors And Managers # Essay For IELTS

Directors and managers of organizations are often older people. Some people say that it is better for younger people to be leaders.
To what extent do you agree/disagree?
Write at least 250 words.


A generation ago, the big organizations of the countries were run by old people, the ones regarded as the experienced. However, with coming times, new ventures are getting established by younger people. With this, there are two opinions formed, some believe that an organization is better to run by older people because of their experience, however, others believe that younger people bring with them dynamism that is required for taking the organization to higher levels. I believe, what matters is the passion and the vision to take the company to newer heights.

Young people running a company bring with them great benefits. Firstly, they are more up-to-date and in touch with the modern world. This brings an added advantage to the organization in terms that they replace the more redundant work with the new better technologies. Secondly, they are often more dynamic and forward-thinking which makes them open to new ideas. Thirdly, leadership demands strength, both mentally and physically. Young leaders are often more fitter than their older counter parts making them a better choice for the role of a leader.

However, older generation has their own advantages. Firstly, with age comes experience which is very critical for the job of a leader. Even more, older people have more authority which is needed to manage and lead people. Secondly, the job of a leader is that of responsibility and this sense of responsibility is more often found in the older counterparts.

Overall, age is just a number. A leader is a person who has a vision and can lead a team. Both young and old people bring with them their benefits to the organization, however,in the end it is the passion to work that makes the company successful.

IELTS Writing # These days, we are seeing an increasing amount of violence on television, and this is having a negative impact on children’s behavior

IELTS Writing Task # Essay

These days, we are seeing an increasing amount of violence on television, and this is having a negative impact on children’s behavior.


Do you agree or disagree?

IELTS Writing # These days, we are seeing an increasing amount of violence on television, and this is having a negative impact on children's behavior. Best IELTS Band7 coaching in dehradun

Television and other forms of entertainment have a strong effect in developing the values and influencing the behavior of children. Sadly, the majority of today’s television programs show inappropriate violent content. If watched under adult supervision, this negative impact can also be prevented. I partially concur that violent television programs has a negative effect on a minor’s behavior.  

Violence is an everyday occurrence in our society and the way media presents it in every way has a negative impact. Watching frequent violence desensitizes children making them immune to the fear of disturbing activities taking place in the society. Furthermore, youngsters find it difficult to differentiate between the real world and the harsh incidences around. This sometimes attempt to imitate activities broadcasted on the television.

On the contrary, the media and television are considered to be the mirror of the society we live in. Therefore, violent content makes children more conscious and aware of the darker side of society. In this way, children at a young age can think of methods and practices to improve their future. In fact, violence is shown in a more entertaining way so that people can enjoy as well as get a moral which the show is trying to deliver.  

To wind up, some people believe that children who are exposed to violent content play more aggressively and have a different type of behavior. But with parental surveillance, the time spent watching TV can be moderated by spending it on more beneficial activities like reading or developing other hobbies.

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