Speaking Cue Card: Describe something you bought recently and you are happy with it

Describe something you bought recently and you are happy with it

You should say:

  • What it was
  • Why you bought it
  • How do you use it

And explain your feelings after the purchase.


Sample Answer:

Shopping is a very popular hobby among girls. I personally love shopping too. I visited the mall on the weekend looking for some shoes. I fell in love with a pair of brown leather wedges and decided to buy them instantly. It bought it from Steve Maiden and it was a worthy deal.

I bought it for my birthday. The shoes went great along with the pink dress that I had specially bought for the occasion. The dress had a similar brown leather belt so they looked great together.

The shoes have a basic shade so it is worthy to match with lot of outfits that I have. I use it over my pair of rugged denims, dresses and several jumpsuits. The shoes lift me up and build a confidence in me. I personally love them. They are comfortable and steady. They keep my feet stable irrespective of the high heel and provides support to the aching back. The cloth is amazing and the leather is of a fine source.

I was super excited to show them to my mom. She too liked them and appreciated my choice. She examined the quality and was very satisfied. I further told her that I got the last piece for a very discounted rate. She was pretty amazed hearing the price that I paid for the shoes. I look forward to shopping from the same store again. I’m really happy about my purchase.


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