Increase Your Confidence

IELTS speaking section is often one of the toughest for some. Talking about random questions and sometimes even making made up answers and then speaking it in fluent English often becomes a nightmare for people who have spoken their vernacular language all their life.
Have you heard that phrase, “Confidence can sell anything”?? Well, even if you haven’t, remember this while giving your IELTS exam. Yes of course, your content matters, but it matters only when you sound correct and even more presentable.
But how can you sound more confident?
My first advice would be don’t speak in English. Relax. Don’t worry about the fact that you cannot speak in English like some of your peers, remember, everyone has their own story and all you need to do is trust in yours. So keep calm and follow the following tips.

Now, if you have got that peace and calm and the faith in yourself that you can do it, I say, go on and practice more. Practice with people you know you can talk with in the broken English. Go to places where it is compulsory to talk in English or how about joining an English club or a conversation class. Remember, you need to put yourself in uncomfortable circumstances. You need to push the envelope, and while doing it, you need to have the faith that you can do it.
I have already told you to relax, but this time I am talking about relaxing before you speak. Think for a second or two what are you trying to tell. What is the message you are trying to bring into notice. Because sometimes, what you want to say is more important than how you say it. In the beginning, go for the things that you enjoy talking about. Remember, it always easy to talk about things you enjoy.
Obviously this is not possible on the day of the examination. But then you can surely rehearse the different questions that are asked or were asked in recent exam. And the trick while rehearsing is, always ask yourself what will be the next question and how you can save it.

Remember, like every other thing, confidence comes with practice. So, stop feeling creeps from English and start loving it.

You Can Do It

IELTS is an exam that can be given by anyone who wishes to go to abroad. And by “anyone” I literally mean anyone, even the ones with special requirements. So if you are gifted in million ways, but don’t have the other gifts like visual or hearing, IELTS makes sure you still live the life you have dreamt of.

Test centres make every effort to cater for candidates with special needs, to enable them to best understand questions and
tasks and to give their answers. For example- If a candidate requires a modified version of the test, e.g. Braille,
they must give the test center three months’ notice or the one who require special administrative arrangements only to be made, e.g. extra time, they must give the test centre six weeks’ notice.

If a candidate has visual issues British Council offers them-

  1. enlarged print and Braille test papers
  2. an amanuensis to write answers
  3. a Braille word-processor
If a candidate suffers from partial hearing loss, but can hear from headphones or special amplification equipment, they can be given it, if they ask for taking the Listening test.
Even more, a lip reading version of the Listening test is also available in which an instructor reads the transcript to the candidate.
However, if an individual suffers from extreme hearing or speaking difficulties, he/she will be exempted from giving this test and the overall score reflects this. It means they will be granted exemption and in that case, the otherwise standards for applying will be set accordingly.
Never Give Up

Never Give Up

If candidates have dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty, they may need extra time to complete one or more of the tests. They are offered an extra time of 30 minutes for the completion of reading and writing tests. They, however must apply before hand.
If the candidate is genuinely ill during the test, he/she must bring it to the notice of the test supervisor. Help can only be provided if one reports their illness on the day of test.


Don’t Learn, Understand Better

Often most of us get caught up in the world of numbers, getting a high band in IELTS, or any other exams becomes so important for us that we forget the reason for our existence- it is not about getting highs cores, or earning money, it’s about the joy, the joy that learning brings along with it.

Vocabulary is that one area wherein, a maddening rush has been observed amongst English learners. People, often believe the more the words they know, the better their English is. And so, what do they do? They read newspapers, magazines, and dictionary or just get mad making notes. Eminem once said, “It’s not about how many words you know, but rather how many of them you can actually use”. And this is the purpose of vocabulary, to let you describe the fascinating phenomenon of human existence, to let you have the verbal description of things you see around.

When scholars said that vocabulary is important, they meant, if you increase your vocabulary properly, intelligently and systematically- you treat yourself to an all-round, liberal education.

This helps your intellectual level to grow, because you know better words, and you understand different things in a better way. But how does one do that? You do it by understanding words, relating them to your own experiences or observations.
So, stop being a parrot and start becoming a human. Don’t Learn, Understand Better.

Dare To Dream

Have you ever thought that you are too young to do something or may be too old to do it? Has age ever come in between of your decisions or your dreams. Well, in that case, remember age is just a number. You can always do whatever you want to do, whenever you wish like. And this time, a Pakistani girl, Sitara Brooj has proved it well.

She has become the youngest girl to have scored 9 out of 9 bands in IELTS test. When the result was announced for the first time, she got a band 8, but she was very confident that she must score band 9. And hence, she sent her scores for reevaluation and she was proved right.

This is what is required out of all the IELTS takers. I am not saying getting a band 9, I am talking of the confidence the girl had. First the confidence to dream that she could score high in IELTS and then the confidence on how well she had performed. Just think, she could have let it go. Getting a band 8 is also a big deal, but it is her confidence in her capabilities that she has set the world record.

So, dare to dream and then dare to go along the dream, even when you seem to be alone. Dream big, have confidence and achieve.


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