How To Crack A Group Discussion

Group Discussion are the first round of the selection and often known as mass elimination round. In recent times, group discussion have become more important part in the interviews and you will rarely find a job selection wherein you need not to clear the group discussion round.

However, most of the people fear GD’s. This is mostly because one does not know clearly what is the criteria on which you are being judged. Knowing the right things about Group Discussion can help in clearing the round and living your dreams.

  • the way you communicate with others.
  • how you behave and interact with the group.
  • how open minded are  you.
  • what is your level of clarity when putting forward your views.
  • Your analysis and subject knowledge.
  • Your attitude and confidence.
  • Maintain eye contact while speaking– You obviously need not to make eye contact with the judge, you are there to talk with the group, so maintain an eye contact with the group, but surely don’t stare.
  • Initiate the GD– Although, it is not the only thing that will help you but initiating the discussion will surely help in getting those extra marks.
  • Allow others to speak-A GD is about how well you speak but that does not mean that you will not allow others to speak at all. Even if you don’t agree with his/her thoughts do not snatch their chance to speak. Instead make some notes and clear the points when it’s your turn.
  • Speak Clearly-  The company does not want a person who is very aggressive. They indeed want people who can be part of a team. So, be polite, speak in a language that is clear and understandable.
  • Make Sure The Discussion Is On Track – Often in GD’s people get over excited and start speaking on something that is way out of the topic. If you feel it is happening with the group, take initiative to bring the discussion on track.
  • Listen Carefully- What am I saying?? Listen, in GD? Well, yes. Pay attention while others are speaking. This will make coherent discussion and you will get involved in the group positively.
  • Speak Sensibly- Although you are judged on how you speak, make sure that when you do you speak sensible. There is no point of speaking for a long time and making no sense.

So, go on, give that GD and show people the real you.

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Group Discussion Topics # Political System

Group Discussion Topics:

Is political system reason for backwardness of our country?
This is topic of the discussion and the points given below can be spoken during the group discussion.


  1. People in last few years have witnessed scams of high order with no answers being provided on them.  No one knows where do these scams come from? Who is involved in them and what actions will be taken? The money that often gets lost is the hard earned money of people, who give it to government to enjoy some services, for instance better roads. Scams like these do make us question on the credibility of the system.
  2. Political party is a group of people who are responsible for improving the country, surely we also are, but at major level, they are the elected candidates who help in the betterment of the country. But, in recent times, one can see that instead of working for the country, the parties are busy blaming each other and trying to gain power.
  3. Whenever something wrong happen in the country, the parties bring the matter to the parliament, blame the ruling party and then it is over!! Can anyone tell, if there is ever any action taken?
  4. It is the political system that continuously gives place to the tainted politicians in the system. How can you always appoint such people who in any case are of no good to the local people?


  1. Just because there is one murderer does not mean that the entire human race is a criminal. Although political system and politicians are mixed together very closely, they cannot be mixed. Because if there have been some bad politicians, we have even seen examples of great politicians.
  2. It is not like there have been only scams. The ruling government has even brought out new plans and schemes for the betterment of the country people. Like the Digital India, food security bill, lokpal bill and many others.
  3. The main reason behind our backwardness is Lack of education, the attitude towards women and most importantly our social system.
  4. Backwardness is a very relative term. We are a new democracy and we have been doing greatly in certain domains of development. For instance, our economy is on high, our companies are doing well
  5. If we can blame politicians, I think the youth should be equally blamed for taking up secured jobs in USA rather than joining politics and doing something good about the country. So, the country is not backward because the politicians are bad, but because the good don’t want to do good.

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Increase Your Confidence

IELTS speaking section is often one of the toughest for some. Talking about random questions and sometimes even making made up answers and then speaking it in fluent English often becomes a nightmare for people who have spoken their vernacular language all their life.
Have you heard that phrase, “Confidence can sell anything”?? Well, even if you haven’t, remember this while giving your IELTS exam. Yes of course, your content matters, but it matters only when you sound correct and even more presentable.
But how can you sound more confident?
My first advice would be don’t speak in English. Relax. Don’t worry about the fact that you cannot speak in English like some of your peers, remember, everyone has their own story and all you need to do is trust in yours. So keep calm and follow the following tips.

Now, if you have got that peace and calm and the faith in yourself that you can do it, I say, go on and practice more. Practice with people you know you can talk with in the broken English. Go to places where it is compulsory to talk in English or how about joining an English club or a conversation class. Remember, you need to put yourself in uncomfortable circumstances. You need to push the envelope, and while doing it, you need to have the faith that you can do it.
I have already told you to relax, but this time I am talking about relaxing before you speak. Think for a second or two what are you trying to tell. What is the message you are trying to bring into notice. Because sometimes, what you want to say is more important than how you say it. In the beginning, go for the things that you enjoy talking about. Remember, it always easy to talk about things you enjoy.
Obviously this is not possible on the day of the examination. But then you can surely rehearse the different questions that are asked or were asked in recent exam. And the trick while rehearsing is, always ask yourself what will be the next question and how you can save it.

Remember, like every other thing, confidence comes with practice. So, stop feeling creeps from English and start loving it.

You Can Do It

IELTS is an exam that can be given by anyone who wishes to go to abroad. And by “anyone” I literally mean anyone, even the ones with special requirements. So if you are gifted in million ways, but don’t have the other gifts like visual or hearing, IELTS makes sure you still live the life you have dreamt of.

Test centres make every effort to cater for candidates with special needs, to enable them to best understand questions and
tasks and to give their answers. For example- If a candidate requires a modified version of the test, e.g. Braille,
they must give the test center three months’ notice or the one who require special administrative arrangements only to be made, e.g. extra time, they must give the test centre six weeks’ notice.

If a candidate has visual issues British Council offers them-

  1. enlarged print and Braille test papers
  2. an amanuensis to write answers
  3. a Braille word-processor
If a candidate suffers from partial hearing loss, but can hear from headphones or special amplification equipment, they can be given it, if they ask for taking the Listening test.
Even more, a lip reading version of the Listening test is also available in which an instructor reads the transcript to the candidate.
However, if an individual suffers from extreme hearing or speaking difficulties, he/she will be exempted from giving this test and the overall score reflects this. It means they will be granted exemption and in that case, the otherwise standards for applying will be set accordingly.
Never Give Up

Never Give Up

If candidates have dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty, they may need extra time to complete one or more of the tests. They are offered an extra time of 30 minutes for the completion of reading and writing tests. They, however must apply before hand.
If the candidate is genuinely ill during the test, he/she must bring it to the notice of the test supervisor. Help can only be provided if one reports their illness on the day of test.


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