IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Idol Worship

There are people in the world you do great things and achieve so much success. These are the people who are thought to be the change makers, the ones who are stars of their fields. Although, they are individuals with extremely successful careers, often people tend to worship them. Some people believe that they are simply successful individuals, while many others tend to worship them.

Who are the most popular singers or groups in your country?

India has some legendary singers to its bucket list. There is Lata Mangeshkar who is thought to be the nightingale of our country. Then, we have A.R Rehman, also Sonu Nigam, Asha Bhosle, Mohit Chauhan are some of the reigning superstars of our country. From the past, we had some great singers like, Mukesh, Kishore, Rafi. These were the singers who are thought to be great at what they do.

What are some crazy examples of fan worship you have heard of?

India being such a vast country, there is so much that you hear, all of that being so unique. There are temples in South India for superstars like Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachchan and others. Even pundits go to these film stars home to  get prashad for the worshippers. There have been cases when people have modified their appearances to such an extent when they start looking like their film stars. People have even gone out to propose their favorite stars and so much more.

How far is too far when talking about fan worship?

I think when fans start interfering into the personal life of  their superstars, that is when it becomes too far. When they start believing that they own a particular superstar, it becomes irritating. There have been cases when people have gone out of their way too much just for a star. For example, recently in our country Anushka Sharma was shamed a lot because of his connection with Virat Kohli and Virat’s poor performance. People linked the two and caused rift in the pair’s personal relation. This I think was too far.
idol worship

Is there any particular band that you are huge fan of?

Oh, Yes! I am in love with One Direction. I think they sing superb and the music and the beats it is so great that just listening to their song once is not enough. The videos are good and the meaning of their songs is even more beautiful.

What were some of the groups that you really loved when you were younger?

When I was young, I remember following Pussycat dolls a lot. I really did liked their songs. Some of them like, When I grow up. This was the song that I used to hear a lot and would imagine myself doing all of these things said in the lyrics.

Who do you think promotes superstars?

I think superstars never promote themselves on their own. They have their marketing teams and all of those academicians out there to help them. From the very basics to the things that they like, everything is put out in such a manner as if they are trying to sell the superstar and it does help. The more brand image a superstar carries, more are the chances of them being successful.

Do you think superstars should be given the importance they are being showered with?

Superstars are doing a great job entertaining people, be it in the field of music or films. But, in my opinion, they are given much more importance than they deserve. There are so many others  who do deserve the respect and the fame superstars are given. For example, we have our soldiers who are doing a great job, helping our country and the people live a peaceful life. And then there are so many other sportsmen who are not given the due respect even thought they outshine themselves at the world stage.

Why do you think certain entertainers live such a long life of success while others tend to lose it quickly?

In my opinion, it is more about consistent hard work. There are people who even after gaining success are constantly improving themselves and these are the ones who tend to stay successful for long time. The ones who stop practicing after gaining a short stint at success tend to fall out.

Who is your favorite superstar and why?

My favorite has to be Priyanka Chopra. I admire her more than any one else out there. She has been a great model, great actress, singer and such a philanthropist. All of that on her own. There were times in our country when women were not respected as much in terms of money and the job that they take. But, this girl went out and changed the way things are there. She has worked with some great artists and yet maintained her own identity.


IELTS Speaking Questions

Speaking is all about practice. The more questions you practice on, the better are your chances to score well. Let us, today have a look at some questions and their possible answer, that might be asked in Part I of speaking section.

What is your name?

I am Avinash Singh Rathore.

How do you spell your name?

You need to tell the spelling of your name.

Can I see your proof of identification?

Yes, sure. Hand over your proof of identification.

Do you have a pet name?

Yes. I am called Goli by my loved ones.

Well, I have many. Some call me Goli, others gorilla, some call me avi. So, it is like, whatever the person feels like.

No, I am called Avinash by all.

What kind of a person are you?

I would say, I am an introvert generally and it takes me some time to open up. But, once I mix up with the person, I am more of friendly and outgoing.

Could you describe yourself physically?

Well, physically, I am a 5,10 with slightly dark complexion. I have a stout body and a hoarse voice.

When were you born?

I was born on 3rd December 1992.

How does your family celebrates your birthday?

On my birthday, I usually go out with my family and friends to a place we have never been. The fact that my friends and family goes on well with each other makes enjoying birthday with them all together more of fun.

How do you want to celebrate your birthday?

I would someday want to embark a new journey on my birthday because I really love travelling. So, may be the beginning of the world tour or may be India’s tour would be something I am really looking forward to.

I would love to celebrate my birthday near beach some day. I wish to have a beach party with all my close people, and dance my heart out on that day.

Have you been celebrating your birthday the same way?

No, not yet. Till now, for most of my birthdays I have been celebrating it with my near and dear ones. We either go out or may be sit at my place and chat and enjoy a quality time together.

How many friends do you have?

I have two circles of my friends. There are three very close friends of mine but then there are lot many friends that I have made during my travel projects and other endeavours.

I am not a very social person, to be very frank. There are lot many people I greet formally but to call them friends, I would say, I have very few close friends.

People often call me social butterfly as I have got lot many friends. It is possibly because I take part in different extra curricular activities and get to interact with lot many people.

Have you been friends with your childhood friends?

Well, yes. I am in touch with most of them and one of them is still with me and our friendship is going strong with each passing day.

I really wished so, but apart from the social media where we all are connected, there is no real connection left between me and my childhood friends. Possibly because of the distance, but whenever we meet may be in a year or so, it feels all the way same.

How important is it for you to keep friends?

Friends are really important for me and I make sure that the ones I really care for are always close to me.

Friends are an important part of my life and I love making friends but because of my job, most of the times it so happens that I have to leave the place and hence the friends made. But then I make sure that I do make new friends at a new place.

Who is your best friend?

My best friend is Abhishek and I have known him for past eight years.

How do you spend time with your best friend?

Well, we rarely get time to spend with each other. He is busy with his rapping business and I am involved in management. But whenever we do get time together we usually go on a bike trip to some place. It could either be a new place that we discover or may be the places we have been together.



Student Queries # IELTS

When you have dreams, you also have questions, doubts and queries. Let us look at some of the questions asked by students frequently –

  1. Can I write in capital letter in the essay? Yes, you can. The rule changed a few time back and now it is perfectly fine to write essays in capital letters.
  2. Is writing task 2 same for both academic and general? Yes, they are, however you are checked on different things in  both cases.
  3. Do plural and singular form mistakes matter? Yes, they do. The examiner is there to check you on every correct and wrong thing you do. There are no big , small or medium mistakes. They are mistakes and that is it.
  4. Should I write numbers or figures in my writing task? You must write the figure, i.e. nine instead of 9, in the writing task. However, you can write the numeral in other tasks.
  5. Does accent matter? No it does not. You are being checked on your clarity and pronunciation and not accent.

So, go and give IELTS your best shot. Make sure you avoid silly mistakes, as they lead you nowhere except in trouble. Also, getting high band in IELTS is more about doing right things often than ignoring wrong things.


Materialistic Interests # Discussion Topics

The discussion section of speaking section consist of a varied range of questions. Given below are some of the questions that could be asked if the cue card is related to gifts. These questions asked are related to materialistic interests.

Do you think people have become more or less materialistic in 25 years?
I feel that people’s attitude towards materialistic things is not a state depending on time, it is more of an individual thing. For example: earlier kings and queens used to live lavishly and it was the common man who lived a simple life. The difference is that at present people have access to more luxuries and comforts which were not available in the past. The main reason being the economic progress that we have made. Apart from it, the attitude towards materialistic remains the same.
What are the things that give a sense of an honor to people these days?
Honor is very personal thing and different people feel honored by different things. Some of them get a great deal of prestige in material possessions. For example-: having a luxurious car or a bungalow. There are even some who desire for power. Giving them political power is a feeling of honor for them. There are even some who take pride in their education. Certain professions like engineers, doctors and teachers are more respected in the society.
What do you think were the things that were a status symbol in the past?
I am not sure whether material possessions were status symbol but having a lot of land surely was considered honorable in the society. Even more, political power and educated people were considered status symbol. I believe status symbol mostly remains the same throughout the ages.
Do you think that these days’ people buy a lot of things for prestige rather than genuine need?
Certainly yes. At present times people have money and often they go for luxurious items, mostly because they want others to look upon them. For example. It might be possible that a person needs a car, but when buying they will chose the one considered elite in the society.
What things, according to you, might give prestige to people in future?
I believe, even in future wealth will be a major factor. Apart from it education and advancement in technology might be something that gives honor to people. Also, I think communication abilities might give a sense of pride in future.

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