Student Queries # IELTS

When you have dreams, you also have questions, doubts and queries. Let us look at some of the questions asked by students frequently –

  1. Can I write in capital letter in the essay? Yes, you can. The rule changed a few time back and now it is perfectly fine to write essays in capital letters.
  2. Is writing task 2 same for both academic and general? Yes, they are, however you are checked on different things in  both cases.
  3. Do plural and singular form mistakes matter? Yes, they do. The examiner is there to check you on every correct and wrong thing you do. There are no big , small or medium mistakes. They are mistakes and that is it.
  4. Should I write numbers or figures in my writing task? You must write the figure, i.e. nine instead of 9, in the writing task. However, you can write the numeral in other tasks.
  5. Does accent matter? No it does not. You are being checked on your clarity and pronunciation and not accent.

So, go and give IELTS your best shot. Make sure you avoid silly mistakes, as they lead you nowhere except in trouble. Also, getting high band in IELTS is more about doing right things often than ignoring wrong things.



  • i scored 6.5 in ielts exams in april and want to give again ielts exam in july. What are chances of band improvement?

  • I recently wrote Ielts exam. The question was regarding waste in streets, in that essay I wrote loiter instead of litter about four times and i focused on countries as well but the question was pertaining to streets. Will I be heavily penalised?

  • Hi
    I have just appeared for ielts speaking test. I was asked to speak on met an old people And I MIS interpreted as old friend and spoke on it .how shall this influence my score

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