IELTS academic essay writing about Job Market

IELTS academic essay writing about Job Market

In today’s job market it is far more important to have practical skills than theoretical knowledge. In the future, job applications may not need any formal qualifications.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?



Sample Answer:

In the present scenario, it is extremely important to have experience rather than just the subject knowledge. With the passage of time, practical skills are overpowering the value of formal degrees. In my opinion, skills and theoretical knowledge both are equally essential, which will be discussed in this essay.
Formal education provides an evidence that an individual is qualified for a job which also inculcates job-specific skills. We can not trust a doctor who does not possess a medical degree. For professions such as doctors, engineers, teachers, it’s essential to have a formal education otherwise it will put a question mark on their authentication. In addition, Educational achievements and income are associated to each other, better the education, higher the salaries. For instance, doctors, engineers, advocates are among the highly paid professionals, hence it is very important for individuals today to complete a college education.
On the contrary, any formal degrees can not prove that an individual is actually capable of the job in the real world situation. There are instances where better-educated workers also have lower rates of unemployment due to lack of experience and practical skills. Acquisition of new skills always adds weightage to one’s professional value. That is the reason why internships are gaining popularity these days. These trainings provide skills and hands-on experience to individuals.
To recapitulate, in an ideal case, both the education and experience are required for an individual to excel in real-world job situation. Academic knowledge helps in being more versatile while practical skills help in advancing your expertise. (260 Words)


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