IELTS Cue card: Describe something you got for free

IELTS Cue card: Describe something you got for free

Describe something you got for free.
You should say:

  • what it is/was
  • when you got it
  • how you got it
  • and explain how you felt about it.

Sample answer:

Things for which we don’t have to pay have their own charm. Today, I’m going to talk about one such time when I got something for free.

I live in Dehradun. Last week I planned to go to Chandigarh to visit a close friend. She loves toffees and chocolates. Whenever I visit her, I buy some chocolates or a small present for her. But, this time I forgot to take anything for her.

On the way, the bus stopped for some time. I hurriedly got down and bought a box of chocolates. The journey was quite long, I was hungry too, so I took one bar from the box. When I unwrapped it, I saw a Domino’s Pizza coupon of 1000 INR. It was quite hard to believe first, but when I checked it thoroughly and called the given number, its validity was confirmed.

One can imagine how I would have felt. Certainly, I was more than happy. When I reached Chandigarh, my friend and I went to Domino’s. We used the coupon which I found in the bar. We ordered one big pizza, cold drinks and dessert – almost everything for free. We had to pay a small amount only. We enjoyed the meal and returned home. It became a memorable day for both of us.



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IELTS Speaking Cue card: A person who took a decision for you

Describe a person who took a decision for you recently
You should say:

  • who this person is
  • what decision he/she took
  • when he/she took this decision
  • and explain how you felt about the decision

A person who took a decision for you

Sample answer

Decisions are an integral part of everyone’s life. Sometimes we rely on others for making a decision. Today, I’m going to talk about one such time.

I’m a final year student of Bachelor of Technology at Delhi University. Thanks to its outstanding teaching methods, my university has an excellent reputation among employers. Every year many renowned companies conduct campus interviews in the University for recruiting fresh graduates. Right from their freshman year, students look forward to these interviews and being placed in their dream jobs.

In last month’s campus interviews, I did really well. I was hoping to be selected by at least one company. To my surprise, I received two offer letters, one from Wipro, an Indian IT Company and the other from Siemens, a German Company. I was puzzled. I didn’t know what to do. So, I decided to discuss the matter with my dad. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the real employment world of information technology.

We had a long healthy discussion. He explained the pros and cons of working in Indian and foreign organizations. In the end, he suggested me to join Siemens. In a way, he took this decision for me, but I wouldn’t say that he forced me to accept his judgement. It was my firm faith in his ability and vision which inspired me to follow his words.


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IELTS Cue Card: Talk about a time when you teamed up with an old person

Talk about a time when you teamed up with an old person
You should say:

  • when it was
  • who the old person was
  • what you did together
  • and explain how you felt about this time.

Talk about a time when you teamed up with an old person

Sample Answer

Teaming up with an elderly can be a memorable experience. Today, I’m going to share one such experience with you.

I was in 10th class. The preparation for board exams was a never ending process. I found it quite hard to stick to a monotonous routine. Finally, the exams got over but they had drained my energy. All I wanted was a change in my daily routine. My parents were working full-time. They took many days off during my exams. Naturally, it wasn’t possible for them to take me on a holiday. At last, I asked my grandfather if he could come and take me to the village.

To my surprise, he came the very next day. I was very excited about my holidays. I packed my bag and we happily set off in the afternoon. We reached the village late in the evening. My grandfather showed me the house. Even though it was dark, I could clearly see some work was going on in the garden. My grandpa said we would work together tomorrow.

The morning was beautiful. After breakfast I went to the garden. It looked a little rusty and needed a make-over. My grandpa was building a bench. I observed him for a while and then joined him. The bench was ready in the evening. We decided to place it in front of the pond. Our next plan was to plant some new colourful flowers. He had already bought pots of many different shapes and sizes. So, I helped him in filling them in with soil and compost and planting flowers like marigolds, lilies and dahlias etc. We kept all plants at different places. I dug out a fire pit too.

Our garden renovation project lasted for more than a week. I loved it as each day was different. We could see the progress of our work which gave us a sense of fulfillment. Together we transformed a dull garden into a lovely outdoor space. All in all, it was the best time I’ve ever spent with an old man. I will never forget those holidays.


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Shot The Breeze # Idioms For IELTS

We talk often, but do you know what if I say, you just shot the breeze or maybe that You and I speak the same language. If you don’t read more and find out.

To shoot the breeze:
Sentence-: We are just sitting in the backyard and shooting the breeze, why don’t you join us?
Meaning-: To chat in a relaxed way about something. So, what are you doing? You are just sitting in the backyard and chatting about something trivial.
To speak the same language:
Sentence: Aman and Anupriya speak the same language.
Meaning: Speaking the same language doesn’t mean they literally speak the same language, it means they agree with each other or think alike.
To talk a mile a minute:
Sentence: She really talks a mile in a minute. It makes it so hard for me to understand what she is saying.
Meaning: It means she speaks really fast.
To spill the beans:
Sentence: I just spill the beans and trust me I feel so much relaxed now.
Meaning: It doesn’t mean that she has literally spilled some beans. All it means is to confess.
To talk someone into something:
Sentence: Anvesha easily talked her into gymnastics.
Meaning: She convinced or persuaded her to take gymnastics.
No Dice:
Sentence: They are left with no dice
Meaning: to show that there are no chances of success.
Speak of the devil:
Sentence: Speak of the devil and she is here.
Meaning: It means a person comes just after we mention their name.
Have swallowed a dictionary:
Sentence: Has she swallowed the dictionary?
Meaning: use long and difficult words when speaking
Die in your bed:
Sentence: Some people are lucky enough to die in their bed.
Meaning: To suffer a peaceful and natural death
Tuned in:
Sentence: Just tune her in, she can be a great asset.
Meaning: aware or able to understand something

Learn them. Use them. Express more and fly high.


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