IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Concentration

Describe something that helps you concentrate. You should say –

  • what is it?
  • how does it helps you to concentrate?
  • how do you use it?

also, explain, when did you discovered it is the best method for you?


For a very long period of time, I had concentration issues and was not able to focus on one thing for a long period of time. I remember, being miserable at job and relationships until one day while reading an article, I read that the best way to be able to concentrate is to have a routine. Once you have a routine which includes exercise and proper nutrition, you can focus better.

I tried going to gym and even jogging only to find solace in yoga. I joined yoga at a near by place and have been doing it for few months now. Doing yoga in the morning not only provides me the right mindset required for the entire day but also calms me from any thoughts of the past. There are different yoga techniques that we do in the morning, but the best part is there are some I can try while working as well.

For instance, when I am really tired at work I try pulling up and down my toes. It not only relaxes my toes but also helps in making me concentrate better. Yoga has taught me that life is more than just have a great body, it is more about the balance in life.


IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Animal Abuse

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Some people say it is okay to use animals for our benefit while others believe it is not right to exploit them.
Discuss both the point of views and give your opinion.
You should write at least 250 words.


Over a period of two centuries, we have advanced exponentially in the area of medicine. From cancer to tuberculosis, we have almost cured everything with the help of animals. Although some people believe that it must be illegal to use animals for the testing of drugs, others argue that it is for the benefit of humanity.

The major medical treatments have been made possible through animal testing including cancer and HIV. Testing new drugs often has several side effects, sometimes even causing death. Considering this, it could be very strenuous to get human volunteers for testing, hence hampering the progress. Secondly, we as humans share similarities with animals. Testing drugs on any other species would not give the expected results.

However, with animals being used for testing, countless animals are experimented on and then killed after their use. Others are injured and have to live their remaining life in captivity. Even more, often many drugs never see the light of public use. Most animal activists stand against the death of innocent animals because many times the tests fail without any positive outcome. In addition, animal testing often costs an enormous amount of money as animals must be fed, housed and cared for testing.

Overall, in my opinion, each animal is an integral part of our Earth’s ecosystem. The ongoing experimentation on animals can have devastating implications in the long rung. Keeping in mind that many animal species are becoming endangered, this issue deserves immediate attention. We should start looking for alternatives of testing drugs on animals.