Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh # Tips

Advantages and disadvantages are the most common questions that are asked in IELTS. And often instead of simply asking to state the benefits and drawbacks you are asked whether the Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh the other.
But then how must you answer such questions? Well, given below are some tips that could be helpful in writing essays of this kind.

    1. Find out ideas supporting both the sides. The question is asking for your opinion.
    2. Find out which one do you support more? Advantages or disadvantage? The answer to this question must form the thesis statement.
Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh

Advantages / Disadvantages Outweigh

  1. While writing thesis statement you can do in either of the following ways-:
    1. Use the word outweigh
    2. Explain that there are more advantages than disadvantages
    3. Avoid using some phrases for your thesis statement
  2. In the first body paragraph, state the details of the side that you are against off. Explain using examples.
  3. In the second body paragraph, state the details of the side you support. Support the point with reasons.
  4. Restate your opinion in the conclusion in a different language. Make sure that your point of view is clearly explained


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