Study Abroad # Essay For IELTS

Nowadays, most parents are sending their kids abroad to acquire good education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend. Give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

With the coming of globalization, the world has become a global village. With more and more people learning about the opportunities around the world, there is a growing drift of sending kids abroad. Most people believe that sending their children abroad, will allow their kids access to better education and will help them in future. Although this trend has brought in great advantages for children, it does not guarantees a bright future as some negative impacts have also been seen. This essay presents the benefits and the drawbacks of sending children to abroad.

There has been a huge positive impact of abroad study on students. Firstly, an abroad education not only teaches students their subjects in an exciting way, it also teaches the art of adjustment. Students studying in different country learn practically that everyone is different and you need to respect the differences. Secondly, an individual becomes more independent because they very well know that if there is a problem then, it is only they who can solve it. Thirdly, kids build contacts which will stay throughout their lives. These contacts not only help in personal but also professional life. Even more, an individual learns about new cultures and people who are different from what he/she is used to.

On the negative side, abroad study could be a nightmare for those who take it without any prior planning. For example-: if a student chooses a college or a course randomly, chances are high that they may find it extremely difficult. This not only increases pressure but sometimes leads them to the wrong paths. Secondly, there are cases when racial issues have been filed. To combat these a student must be aware of the laws of the country. Thirdly, a course in abroad is often expensive.

Overall, I believe that the focus must always be good education. There have been people who were successful without any abroad education, while there have been some who did study abroad, and owe their success to the education they got from there rather than running blindly towards abroad, a plan must be charted out or else you may even fail.

Study abroad dehradun

Study abroad dehradun



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