Talent Or Hard Work # Essay For IELTS

It is often believed that some people are born with talents, for example in sport or music. However, it is sometimes claimed that anyone could be taught to become a good sportsman or musician.
Discuss both views and give your opinions.

Hard work wins if talent does not works hard. The importance of talent and hard work has been put into debate several times before. Although some people believe that anyone can be taught anything with continued practice, there are even opposing views, which believe that it is very important to have some innate capabilities before you can nurture on them. I believe that although anyone can acquire a skill, but if the natural talent of an individual is worked on, they reach a higher level of success.

A child is like a clay, the way you mould it ,the shape it takes. If the child from the beginning is taught a particular sport, for example, basketball, chances are high that the time, he/she reaches youth, he/she will be excellent in the game. The best example of such a practice is our education system, wherein all students are taught sports, music, academics etc.

However, as is often seen, in a class of ten who are taught a particular sport or music, there is someone who does it extremely well, although he or she practices the same. They need not to learn the basic rules to apply them, somehow they know it before hand. For example, in my bharatnatyam class, there were many who did the steps technically correct, but there were even some, who need not to learn all the techniques to do them correctly. If such an individual learns all the techniques, he/she will do it far better. Even more, you can teach how to sing, but you rarely can change the voice.

Overall, I am of the view that anyone can be taught anything but to reach the highest level of excellence in fields like sport or music, it is important to have some innate talent. However, if an individual does not works on their talents, the person working hard on it will surely succeed.


talent or hard work essay for ielts

talent or hard work essay for ielts

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