Degree Of Your Opinion?

While giving opinions it is often the case that although we believe in it, may be we do not completely believe. And then sometimes we are quite confident about it. When giving your IELTS exam you on being asked your opinion, you are asked how much you agree or disagree with the statement. In those situations, using expressions like, kind of, little little, would lead you to lower band. Given below are some of the expressions that can be used to explain the degree of your opinion.

1.Somewhat, Partially: These are used when you agree to something, not completely but kind of.
2.I suppose I-: this is used when you are sure of something.
3.I am confident that-: You can use this to point out that you are completely sure of something.
4.Absolutely, totally -: herein although both are used to show that you are confident about something, totally is often used while speaking and is avoided in writing.
5.Strongly-: this can be used when you are writing an essay.
6.Completely-: although this expression is preferred in speech, you can use it in writing as well.

Express yourself well, using words like kind of, umm, sort of, are used often, but would lead you to lose some marks.


Give Your Opinion #Writing

In your daily life, you are often surrounded in situations, when you need to give opinion. Often times you need to write them down. If you are appearing for IELTS writing section, there are chances that you get questions wherein you are required to give your opinion.

The most common way to give your opinion is to use “I think”. The problem with this is that people use it very much. For example-: I think this and then I think that. If you use it chances are you will get lower marks because it is considered as Basic English. So, what to do now? Don’t just think, have opinions, argue, be concerned. Don’t be puzzled, you can use following expressions instead of “I think”.

1.As far as I’m concerned,-: Remember there is a comma after concerned
2.In my opinion-: it is better than “I think”, but still overuse. So, better avoid using it often.
3.It seems/appear to me that-: These are very good when used in writing. There is no comma after that.
4.I would argue that-:
5.From my point of view/ from my perspective,-:
6.I am inclined to believe that-: It is a formal way of saying “I think”. You can use it in formal writing. But try not to use it when talking to your friends.

Given above are some expressions that you can use when writing or speaking. So, use them, write well, speak well and score high.


Cut It Out # Idioms For IELTS

Life in itself, is beautiful, right? But, sometimes, here or there, we do make goals, things we want to achieve in life. To do that, one needs to cut things out. This time we are looking at some of the idioms related to goals and dreams !! If you want to succeed, cut out on the inessentials of your life.

Sleep on it
Sentence: You need to sleep on it before you ask other people to act on it.
Meaning: Think about something before making decision.
Cut it out
Sentence: His songs are so irritating, can you please just cut it out!
Meaning: stop doing something bad
Give someone a hand
Sentence: In this world, where there is terrorism, loneliness, a brighter world can only be created if we start giving the needy a hand.
Meaning: to help
Keep one’s chin up
Sentence: The path to success can be difficult but if you really want it, all you have to do is keep you chin up and your desire burning.
Meaning: Remain brave and keep on trying
To get the ball rolling
Sentence: After all the hard work I have put in starting the venture, I guess the time has come when we can get the ball rolling.
Meaning: start something especially something big
The thick of something
Sentence: Chandini Chowk is the thick of Delhi.
Meaning: the busiest or the crowded part of something
Thick and fast
Sentence: India won thick and fast.
Meaning: rapidly and in great numbers.
In the nature of things
Sentence: It is really hard to change something that is in the nature of it.
Meaning: something that is inevitable.
Go nap
Sentence:It takes guts to go nap.
Meaning: risk everything in an attempt.
The nature of the beast
Sentence: His laziness is the nature of the beast.
Meaning: something that cannot be changed about someone and must be accepted.

If you want to get a high score in IELTS, remember, all you got to do is keep your chin up and when the time arrives let the ball rolling.

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