Degree Of Your Opinion?

While giving opinions it is often the case that although we believe in it, may be we do not completely believe. And then sometimes we are quite confident about it. When giving your IELTS exam you on being asked your opinion, you are asked how much you agree or disagree with the statement. In those situations, using expressions like, kind of, little little, would lead you to lower band. Given below are some of the expressions that can be used to explain the degree of your opinion.

1.Somewhat, Partially: These are used when you agree to something, not completely but kind of.
2.I suppose I-: this is used when you are sure of something.
3.I am confident that-: You can use this to point out that you are completely sure of something.
4.Absolutely, totally -: herein although both are used to show that you are confident about something, totally is often used while speaking and is avoided in writing.
5.Strongly-: this can be used when you are writing an essay.
6.Completely-: although this expression is preferred in speech, you can use it in writing as well.

Express yourself well, using words like kind of, umm, sort of, are used often, but would lead you to lose some marks.


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