IELTS Cue Card # Talk about a product from your hometown

IELTS Cue Card # Talk about a product from your hometown

Talk about a product from your hometown.

  • You should say:
  • What it is
  • How it is made
  • What it is used for
  • And explain its significance in your hometown

IELTS CUE CARD Talk about a product from your hometown

Sample Answer

Today I will talk about a product from my hometown. I come from a small village in Ghana, my native lands have a rich history in handicrafts production and development. But for now I shall focus on the most versatile of them all; the basket.

Our handmade baskets were traditionally made from fibrous materials such as plant roots, backwoods, vines, banana leaves, cane and papyrus. These were naturally decomposable if rather flimsy. A good basket made in the traditionally manner could last two to five years. Now however, baskets are commonly made of plastic, wire, and in some cases, recycled materials. These have a far longer lifespan and not all are eco-friendly.

When I refer to a “basket” I imply a woven material crafted into all manner of shapes for all manner of different uses. Most young girls are taught from a young age how to braid these materials into cases, trunks, jar like containers, jewellery boxes, carry bags, winnows; anything with in the realm of possibility.

That’s why you can never find two identical genuine handmade baskets. There will always be something different among them, be it the structure, pattern, shape, lid, row count or material, anything can vary.

The art of crafting baskets is a cherished tradition. With the tourism industry booming, handmade baskets are a very good income for a rural household. This also gives some power back to the females of the village, in a male-dominated society, they still have a voice, because it is their craft keeping the family afloat. During farming season, the grains are winnowed and sifted.

The grains, herbs and spices are stored in cases and jars. They are transported in carry bags to the market. There is hardly a task in my village one can think of that does not pay homage to the art of weaving.

In this way, the basket is more than just a product for our village, it is survival, it is our voice, and it is our craft. (333 Words)


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