IELTS Letter Sample Answer # Health issues

We all have our health issues and then pitch in the professional commitments that we have. This time we are looking at a sample letter answer which talks about how the employee talks with the employer to help him or her with the work because of health issues.

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

You will have to undergo a minor surgical procedure and you won’t be able to do your job in full. Write to your manager :

  • explain about the operation
  • say what part of the job you won’t be able to do
  • suggest a solution to this situation.

Write at least 150 words.


Dear Manish,

In the near future, I will be taking five days sick leave for a dental restoration. My leaves start from 28 September till 4 October. It has now become the need of the hour as I am facing trouble while speaking and the pain has become quite unbearable.

Even after the leaves, the doctor has suggested me to speak less for at least a month and so I won’t be able to do the customer calling section of my job. However, I can still continue with the backend work and handle the social media along with the other nitty-gritty aspects of my job.

It would be a great help if you if you could hire someone from contractual account to help in interacting with the new customers for a month. Otherwise, I would have to take a No Pay leave.