IELTS Writing Task # Digital games or traditional games

IELTS Writing Task # Essay

Digital games or traditional games.

These days young children spend a lot of time using computers, tablet and smartphones. Some people think that introducing children to technology at a young age is beneficial. Others believe that they would benefit more from traditional games.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge and experience.

Sample Answer

Technology is a significant avenue for learning and education in today’s contemporary world. In the earlier days, parents were not certain about exposing their children to smartphones and computers as the technology was not advanced back then. However, with the universal popularity of tablets and smartphones, connecting to apps and games, the Internet has now become a common ground for most children. According to my presumption, till a tender age, children should not be exposed to digital games and they need to be encouraged to indulge in traditional and conventional games.

On the one hand, technical knowledge helps children to learn at a faster pace than their adults. It also provides them with a solid platform to gain technical experience and improve their problem solving skills through visual experience. Educational games on tablets and smartphones act as a delivery medium for learning content and helps in cognitive development. Computers and smartphones also operate as a creative outlet for improving a child’s concentration level. Many apps available online have innovative and fascinating techniques that will help learning to be fun both for the child as well as the parents. 

In different circumstances, our ancestors were wise enough to form traditional games and activities that are equally beneficial. Some believe that digital games lead to isolation, behavioral and health issues among young children. Getting involved in traditional games will tend to remind us of our roots. Playing outdoors with members of our peer group will also help kids to improve their socializing skills and physical health. Young children will get in the habit of co-operation and team building with the help of conventional games.

To conclude, traditional games improves the physical health of children while digital games help them with mental health. As long as parents supervise their children and usage does not get out of control, technology can prove to be leverage. While traditional games are losing popularity these days but they can regain their importance if promoted by parents and teachers.


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  • COGNITIVE- connected with thinking
  • LEVERAGE- use to maximum advantage

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