IELTS Writing # Many people think that government should spend more money on providing faster means of public transport

IELTS Writing Task

Many people think that government should spend more money on providing faster means of public transport . Some others think that there are important priorities (eg: cost, environment). Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer

In this era of modernisation, people are commuting more in order to reach their workplace. Thus, there is a need to improve the modes of travel. Although several individuals argue that authorities should spend more on bullet trains and metropolitan railways, others think that environmental impacts and cost of living should be kept in mind. In my opinion, they should ameliorate the present transport facilities in order to increase their daily output.

There could be several factors contributing to the view of upgradation of transportation facilities. Firstly, it will save the travel time of the commuters. They need not depart early in the morning to reach their offices. In other words, it will increase their productivity level. Secondly, it also allows them to spend more time with their family thereby getting more time to revitalize themselves for the next day. Also, there are many countries who are consistently working on the improvement of commuting facilities. For instance, Japan has grown as one of the leading countries in the last few decades in terms of faster and efficient transportation.

In spite of these considerations, there are others who believe that cost and environmental conservation are the two areas that need to be focused. The use of bullet trains and other faster means of commuting would inflate the travelling expense of the commuters due to increased ticket charges. This can become a major issue for low-income groups, thereby increasing their cost of living. In addition, the government would accumulate funds from the revenue generated by taxpayers which will again be a burden to normal public. Furthermore, the use of such transport methods may cause air pollution consequently leading to the health hazards.

To reiterate, I believe that there are a plethora of long-term benefits of improved methods of transportation, but we cannot be oblivious to its impacts related to cost and environment.

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