Write a letter to one of your classmates and invite him to a class reunion. You should include the following in your letter
– when and where the party is
– give some details about what is going to happen at the party
– tell him/her what you have been doing recently
Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

Dear Gagan,

I believe you receive this letter in pink health and high spirit. I’m writing to invite you for a reunion party on next Sunday, 12th May, at Den’s Cafeteria in Defence Colony, Dehradun.
It’s been 6 years since we completed our graduation. Sadly, most of us haven’t met each-other for a long time. Everyone got busy with their careers and personal life after college, making it difficult to stay in touch with fellow students.
It’s quite understandable. Life is very demanding these days. Having a fine balance between work and personal life is almost impossible. I’ve been working as an assistant professor in Graphic Era University, Dehradun for the past 3 years. Final exams are just over and I thought of using this opportunity to organize a small reunion party for all our batchmates.
I have made all the arrangements which include a few games, followed by dance and dinner. We shall reach the venue by 6 pm and then enjoy together till late. I hope this time is convenient to you.
See you on the 12th of May!

Yours lovingly


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IELTS Letter Writing # Feedback to Course Organizer

You have finished a course. Write a letter to the course organizer to give your
feedback. In your letter include:

  • the details of the course
  • what you enjoyed during the course
  • any suggestions you would have

Write at least 150 words.

Dear Sir,

My name is Rosy Ali. I have recently completed a one year diploma in Mass Communication from your academy. I am writing to share my experience of this course with you.

In total, there were 6 subjects in the course. All of them were quite interesting. But, the print media was my favorite major as it developed my writing skills significantly. It was very informative to learn about different types of write-ups such as news stories, articles, press release and blogs etc. Video Editing was another enjoyable subject. The way faculties introduced us to the practical aspects of editing tools and methodologies is really appreciable.

The classes at your academy were attractive and stimulating. They have transformed my amateur talent of writing into a professional ability.  This is a considerable achievement for me. In fact, I am planning to embark on a career in the print media.

Overall, my experience of the course has been great. Still, I would suggest you to introduce evening batches or weekend classes for working professionals or students who are unable to attend the full-time course.

Yours sincerely,
Jasleen Kaur


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You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Directors of large companies often receive much bigger salary increases than ordinary workers. Employers’ organisations say that in a global market this is necessary to attract the best management talent.

What are your views?

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer

In the past few years, the corporate sector has witnessed immense growth globally. This progress has created several job opportunities for professionals in various fields at all levels. When it comes to salaries, we often see a huge difference between the earnings of the ordinary employees and top managers. Senior managers usually draw massive salaries whereas the junior and middle level workers are paid just average amounts.

In my viewpoint, I would agree with the statement that directors should be paid more as compared to their subordinates. Firstly, their job responsibilities, working skills and problem-solving attitude are significantly different from that of the other employees of the organization. Secondly, executive directors and managers are accountable for the profits and losses of their companies. They have a tight schedule as they have to fulfill their responsibilities within the given duration. Considering all these factors, I think that the senior managers deserve a higher payroll.

Moreover, an attractive salary acts as a motivation for the workers as they will also work harder to reach the top position. Therefore, companies can use this factor for inculcating a sense of healthy competition among employees. It also helps in getting the best out of them.

To conclude, we can say that it is vital for companies to provide impressive salary hikes to their directors.  This practice motivates the staff to work diligently for reaching higher positions in the organization.

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IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Personal Debts

IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Personal Debts

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Many people are using credit cards or loans to run up huge personal debts that they may be unable to repay. It should, therefore, be made more difficult for individuals to borrow large amounts of money.
What is your opinion on this?
You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer

In present times, banks have become more than just a place for depositing one’s savings or keeping the valuables. They now offer several other services such as providing loans, issuing credit cards, facilitating alternative investments and financial management etc. This expansion has greatly simplified the life of individuals as it offers the independence to be able to do things at right time, rather than waiting endlessly.

As a result, many people are using credit cards for their day to day transactions and also resorting to loans for fulfilling their other requirements. Although the easy availability of loans and credit cards has simplified life, it also has a darker side. It causes huge personal debts to a lot of people. Hence, it is often argued that banks should change their lending policies, making it more complex for individuals to borrow huge sums of money. I completely agree with this view.

In my opinion, there must be stringent rules on borrowing hefty amounts as personal debts eventually result in a burden and make life difficult. Moreover, easy borrowing also encourages materialism in society by expanding one’s purchasing power. People tend to use their credit cards or personal loans for unnecessary shopping just to satisfy themselves and later feel troubled in repaying the amount. Therefore, the concerned authorities must tighten money lending procedure by revising the terms.

To conclude, I would say that facilities offered by banks are very helpful to people. But, adequate measures are needed to avoid their misuse.

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