IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Healthy Lifestyle

Health has been one of the most ignored aspects of our lifestyle for a long period of time. However, with time people have yet again realised the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about things that one does to keep healthy.

Describe something you do to keep healthy. You should say:

  • what the activity is
  • when you do it
  • how often do you do it

also, explain, why it is a good way to look after your health.

healthy lifestyle IELTS Band 7 Dehradun


I am a not fitness freak and having failed to be consistent in the gym, I have finally restored my health by jogging every day. Every morning, I along with my friends go out on a 5 km jog in the city. We usually start with my house and then move forward towards the city centre and jog in the cantonment area for the most part. It is around 5 am that we start and I am back home by 6:30. This includes jogging and some chit chatting along the way. Also, sometimes we go out for breakfast together, in that case, we land up around 8 back home.

It has been one month since we started it and initially, we were two friends going together but now one more has joined us as well. I really like the jogging part when compared to the gym, because when jogging we are more close to nature and in so many ways get to know the city. There have been areas that we have found out together and it is amazing. Not only it helps in being fit physically but also mentally. There have been times when we have shared our sorrows together and the feeling is really beautiful.

Jogging is always a better option, I believe, because it increases your stamina and jogging in the morning helps you to clear your mind better when compared to other. Also, this is something one can do without much of restraint.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Speeches

Speeches are the one component of speaking that has the power to make a huge impact on lives of people. It was not just the idea of getting freedom but the right words spoken at the right time made people understand the importance and gave them the power to fight back. It was in the speeches of Hitler the power to move the entire Germany against the world. From times immemorial, it is the speeches that moved the world, influenced people and made things happen. And this time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a speech that you recently heard.

Describe a speech that you heard recently. You should say:

  • who gave the speech
  • what the speech was about
  • whether it impressed you or not

and explain why did you like or dislike the speech.


I do love listening to speeches and have heard a lot of Ted Talks and speeches by great men of our times. Today I am going to talk about a speech that I recently heard on youtube. The speech was given by Mohammad Qahtani in 2015 at the world Championship of Public Speaking. The speech was titled “The Power of Words” and he started the speech with a clear message that he was going to carry home. He said,” Sugar is more dangerous than tobacco can ever be because there are so many people dying of diabetes”. For a second I did believe it and then he brings the idea home that words are indeed powerful.

Qahtani then carried forward with examples of how is friend died because his father refused to accept his accolades. Not only did the content fascinated me but the way he spoke it out was truly mesmerizing and impactful. The expressions and the voice modulation, it seemed as if he was telling a story and making people understand that words can make difference in the lives of people.

I really liked the speech for its content, the vividness with which he explained every incident and the purity that the message and the speaker had. It all seemed real and the power the message had moved me.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Marriage

Marriage is a relationship that is made in heaven, the kind where two souls meet to have a beautiful life. However, in today’s time, people often get into relationships quicker than most people change their clothes. Sometimes, therefore these relationships do not work out. People then believe that there is a fault in marriage as an institution. Everyone can have their own opinion about things, but this time we are looking at a cue card on marriage.

Describe a happily married couple. You should say:

  • how do you know them?
  • how long is their marriage?
  • what do you like about their marriage?

Also, explain, why do you think they are happily married?

IELTS Marry Ghaziabad


I have been quite sceptical about marriages for a long period of time until a very close friend of mine got married. Today I am going to talk about her marriage. There are very few close comrades that I have but out of them, a special friend of mine got married last year. It was an arranged marriage and to me it felt like the biggest mistake she has done! Her husband is a techie and she is a travel blogger. I felt she will have to compromise on her career to ensure her relationship works fine.

I met here a few months back, to know that her husband is completely supportive of her career and respects her choices. She told me about an incident where she had got a big assignment and it collided with the marriage of an important person in their family. Her husband, without informing her, told everyone in the family that they would not be able to make it because of his work priorities. For me it was a beautiful gesture.

It has only been a year and I have met the guy just a few times but we have become really good friends in the short course of time. It feels more like a family and I really love them as a couple. The one thing that I believe makes their marriage work, is irrespective of the differences they have, they respect each other and their choices. The fact that no one is forcing oneself on others, I believe makes them the best couple I have ever met.

sceptical doubting that something is true or useful
arranged marriage a marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple concerned.
techie a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing
compromise  an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions
supportive  providing encouragement or emotional help
collided  come into conflict or opposition
gesture   a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Quiet Place

Often in life, we are faced with situations where we wish to go to a quiet place. Places that help us clear the clutter inside our head and make right decisions. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about quiet place.

Describe a quiet place that  you like to go.
You should say :

  • where it is ?
  • when you go there?
  • why you like the place?

also, explain when was the last time you went there?


quiet place IELTS Cue Card


I am an extrovert as an individual and usually prefer loud places, with parties or gatherings going on. However, there are certain times when I do like being in quiet. Times when things go out of hand and I am unable to make a correct decision. Or situations where I feel emotionally drained. For these moments, I prefer going on a long walk during the evenings towards the Cantonment area. It is around 100 mts from my place and post that there are trees on both the sides of the road and less of vehicles going up and down from the area in the evenings.

Also, there are guards at almost every 100 mt distance, making it a safe place. In the area, there is a park, where people usually go for jogging and after a long walk I like sitting there. Most of the times I gaze stars from there and help my mind to be out of every thought it has and meditate.

I remember the last time I went there was when I had a huge fight with my best friend. He started questioning my being and it felt bad. There were acquisition and all of a sudden I started questioning all relationships. Things were going bizarre and I went for a long walk in the evening.

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