IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Something you borrowed from a friend or a family member.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card

Something you borrowed from a friend or a family member.

  • When was this incident?
  • What did you borrowed?
  • How was your experience?

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Something you borrowed from a friend or a family member. Best IELTS Band 7 Coaching in dehradun

Sample Answer

Friends and family are highly important relationships that stand by you in your time of need. Man is a social entity, and always forms ‘give and take relations, where they take help and help those in need every time. I have a lot of good friends and caring, supportive family members as well. We all stand by each other’s side during tough times. One such incident is worth mention, and it is about my cousin brother. It happened when I had just cleared my degree and joined my first job. I liked my job very much even though it was a very hectic one.

I had a load of assignments I needed to complete, which often required me to work after hours from my home. This posed an issue as I did not own a computer then. One day, I was on an outing with my cousin, who was very fond of me and adored me. Being the elder brother, he taught me a lot through real-life examples of life and its problems with the utmost compassion. I told him of this issue during our discussion, in hopes that he would help me out with his advice there as well. To my surprise, he took me to his place and gave me his personal laptop computer. He basically lent it to me and told me to return it back only after I had purchased one of my own.

I was humbled and thankful to him for this huge help, as well as worrying about hampering his work. He assured me that he had an official laptop as well, and it was sufficient for his work. I thanked him a lot and used the laptop for the next three months. After saving from my salary, I purchased a new laptop for my own use and returned my cousin his laptop. I still keep that incident as a cherished memory and thank him for his graciousness.
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Words Meanings (with examples)
a thing with distinct and independent existence. (Each person in this world has a separate entity)
Graciousness The virtue of being nice. (He has helped me a lot, and I will thank him for his graciousness.)
sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. ( I have a lot of compassion for the differently abled people.)
Adored Deeply loved (he adored his mother a lot)


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Speaking Part 2( Cue Card): Activity to stay healthy

Speaking Part 2: Cue Card
Tell about an activity you do to stay healthy.
  • What is it?
  • When did you start it?
  • When you do it?
  • Why you do it?

health Best IELTS Band 7 Coaching in dehradun

Sample Answer

Health is wealth is a famous proverb which says that health is more precious than money. It is always good to lead a healthy life and stay active. Any physical activity does not guarantee a long life but it definitely ensures a healthy life. . Few years back, I was having some health issues due to my unhealthy lifestyle. So, I picked up yoga to stay healthy and fit. In order to remain healthy and fit I do yoga every morning, for an hour.  Yoga is a perfect blend of pranayama and meditation. Therefore, it not only enhances my physical strength but also improves my mental health. It also keeps me positive and energetic throughout the day.

Although yoga was originated in ancient India, nowadays, the whole world is practicing it. The benefits of yoga are often misunderstood that its benefits are only limited to the physical level. However, yoga establishes a balance between our mind, body and soul. . Yoga poses strengthen our bones and muscles. Sun Salutation and Kapaal Bharti pranayama are highly useful techniques for weight loss. Therefore, yoga controls our mind and actions, thereby, offers an overall fitness.

Now, yoga has become an integral part of my life. It not only controls my weight but also helps me to relieve stress and anxiety.  Being a regular practitioner, I have highly benefitted by this physical exercise. It has improved my immunity and provided inner peace as well. I have not only become healthy but have also become calm and composed. Due to yoga and meditation I remain happy and peaceful. As a result, I am able to maintain healthy relations with everyone around me.

(277 words)

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Interesting Conversation

There are so many times we just start with a small talk and then end up having an amazing conversation with someone. It so happens because of the common interests or sometimes because of a topic that strikes the minds. This time let us have a look at the sample cue card that questions on an interesting conversation that you had with someone you did not know.

Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you did not know.
You should say :

  • who the person was
  • where the conversation took place
  • what you talked about

explain why did you find the conversation interesting.



I remember travelling alone to Bhubaneswar once from New Delhi on train. It was a long 24 hours journey and initially I was so perforated that I decided opening a novel to read. It was Steve Jobs biography and while I was reading it a girl sitting at the opposite berth asked me if I was fan of Apple. I told her my interests in the shaping of Apple and we had a great conversation on Steve Jobs and how Apple shaped the world around.

We talked about the Microsoft and Apple war and then the obvious, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. It was interesting because there were so many laughing points and then we drifted from Microsoft and Apple to India and what we as the so called youth can do something good for the country. We then shared our travel stories and it was pretty amazing. She was working for TCS in Kolkata and it was pretty amazing.


I was once travelling to Bangalore from Chennai and met this amazing guy on airplane. So, he was sitting next to me and I was busy gazing out of the airplane just to kill time and he initiated the conversation with a joke. We both laughed and then we talked about toastmasters. He was part of it and I was as well. So, we talked about our first speeches and the people we got to meet through out our toastmasters journey. Our mistakes and the people we admire for their speeches.

We then talked about travelling and the places we have been too. He had been to Dehradun and I have lived there. So, we shared our Dehradun diaries as well.
It was particularly interesting because for some reasons we found a ground to connect with and it we took off from there.

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CUE CARD # A city you want to visit.

IELTS Speaking Task 2: Cue card
  • A city you would like to visit.
  • Name of the city.
  • Why do you want to visit that city?
  • What will you do there?
A CITY YOU WANT TO VISIT Best IELTS Band 7 Coaching in dehradun
Sample Answer

I am from a small town. I haven’t had enough opportunity to visit many places out of my home city. There is one particular metropolitan city where I always dream of visiting that is the capital city of India, New Delhi. Delhi has a lot to offer to everybody. It has a great history. Every stone in Delhi has a story to narrate.
Delhi is known as Lutyens’ Delhi also as the whole design of construction of this city is idealised by the British architect Edwin Lutyens. New Delhi has a lot of monuments reminiscent of the British rule. Delhi is divided into New Delhi and Old Delhi. The house of parliament, the Connaught place and the prime minister’s office are a few structures that can be seen in New Delhi. It has a number of monuments, historical buildings, educational institutes and gardens.
Old Delhi presents all the lively picture of Medieval India. It has many old buildings. The Red fort and Jama Masjid are also situated in Old Delhi. I am excited to visit all these places about which I have been studying and watching since long.
Delhi is a great hub for shopping also. Across the country, people come here for buying and selling things. I am a shopaholic, for me it’s going to be a great experience.

(220 words)

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