Make Effective Conversations

You express yourself with conversations. And when you are planning to go abroad it becomes necessary, that you are able to express yourself in a better way in English and people are able to understand you easily.
For today, let’s get started with three conversation expressions. The best part about these expressions is they never change. So, all you can do is memorize them and use them.

If you ask me-: This expression is used when you want to express your opinion about something. And it does not mean that the other person needs to actually ask your opinion, you could rather use it whenever you want to give your opinion. For e.g.-: Dehradun is a great city to live in, if you ask me.

Speaking of-: It links a new topic to an old topic. Usually when you are having a conversation, you want to link your talk, so that it seems to be going more of smoothly. For example-: Dehradun is a great city to live in. Speaking of Dehradun, do you know it is the capital of Uttarakhand? Note-: link similar things. Try to take points from what you are already speaking. Don’t be like the conversation is about aliens and you say, speaking of aliens, I think I should go shopping.

As I was saying-: it helps you to go back to an earlier point in conversation. It can be used when interruptions or may be during presentations. For example, you are having a conversation on movies, and your phone rings. What you do is, once you have attended the call, you could say, as I was saying about movies, I want to go apple uncovered tomorrow.

Go on, have conversations, make mistakes, rectify them and remember, the more you express, the better you connect.

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