How To Talk On Phone?

Once you go abroad, there will be chances where you need to make a conversation on phone. Although it sounds easy to some but could be quite weird to some since they are not able to see the person they are seeing. Well, if you are one of those who gets a little uncomfortable while talking on the phone, following the below tips could prove to lessen your burden.

Don’t Be Direct

One of the main problems we make is we are very direct. For example, I want to talk to Mr. XYZ. It is not polite to say “want”. It is preferred to rather a use could, would, may. For e.g. I would like to talk to Mr. XYZ.


Practice, but then how to practice? Well, you can practice with your friend. Or you may call a business chain whom you know has an answering machine and write down the key points. You can also practice in front of a mirror or record it and analyze it yourself.


A lot of times we have to spell on the phone. In those cases, it is important to be able to pronounce the letters correctly. For e.g. you may say, “my name is Anmol”. and the person on the other side could ask you to pronounce it. You need to then spell it. You do this as, an as in ash, n as in Neptune and on. But then why do you need to give examples? Because some English letters sound the same on phone. Example : p, t,v sound quite similar on phone.


It is important to practice numbers because after all you a conversation can even have them. But why practice them? Because you may get confused between 30 and 13 or 40 and 14. Practice listening to long numbers.


Now, this is the most important thing. If you don’t understand something, ask them. You can say, I am sorry could you repeat that. Can you please low down, my English is not so strong.

Memorize Key Expressions

There are some expressions that are very common or are required as it is. E.g. May I ask who is calling, please. Is so and so there?


Remember there is a difference between formal and informal. Formal is used with someone whom you don’t know. Informal is one used with friends. It is important that you use them where they can be used.


Why smile when no one is even seeing you? When you smile when you are on phone, it will calm you down. And you will be able to make some good conversation.

Go on, be confident, make some calls. It is okay to make some mistakes, as long as you are ready to improve on them.


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Tips On Writing Effective Essay

Here is the tips on writing effective essay. Essays are an important part of IELTS. Getting a high score in IELTS writing task depends hugely on writing an effective essay.

Tips On Writing Effective Essay

Some of the best ways by which you can write an effective essay are-:

No matter how many times you have practiced the question, make sure you read the instructions and completely understand them before you start writing.
You are getting 40 minutes to write the essay, so Think before you write. .Make sure you know what you are going to write, before you start writing.
It is always preferred that you write an outline of the essay, and cover all the aspects of the essay. While writing the essay, all you need to do is expand on the outline.
Although you are expected to use a high level of vocabulary, but don’t forget to make sure that people are able to understand your essay. After all, the marks are divided equally for all the parts of an essay.
Make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct. Also remember, to use different structures of grammar.
While improving on the other important areas, we often forget the little details. Make sure that the spellings are correct in your essay. The lesser the mistakes the higher the score.

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How To Write An Effective Introduction

No matter it is, about writing an essay or a report, you need to write an introduction. Although you don’t get the entire marks based on your introduction but it surely has a huge role to play in your overall score. So, writing an effective essay always begins with writing an effective introduction. No, how can you write an effective essay? Well, there are three things that you can consider-:

  1. Write a general statement about the topic. For e.g., if the topic is about fossil fuels or the need of new alternative ways to generate energy, you could begin by stating; fossil fuels have been an integral part of our lives since ages. Now, they are at the verge of extinction. You can even quote something that you have heard of in recent times.
  2. The next most easiest and effective thing to do is paraphrase the question. Make use of synonyms, use idioms. The point is just take the idea from the question and paraphrase it to use it in the introduction. Remember, it is important that you use synonyms, because if you don’t and end up using the same words, you may lose marks.
  3. The last thing to do is write the thesis sentence. The thesis sentence is the one that straight away points out your point of view on it. For e.g. I completely agree with the statement given. Or maybe my opinion contradicts with the one provided.

Remember, introduction is the easiest part of writing an essay and the most important also. Make sure you put the best foot forward.

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Learn Email Expressions

Email has become one of the most commonly used way of communicating in the formal world. And in this era of emailing, it is very important that you email well. Not in a way, that you send good stuff, but is very important that you send good work in a formal way. Given below are some of the email expressions that are used in formal email writing.
1. Please find attached-: Attachment is an added computer file. It could be an image or a document or anything. So, if you are sending something extra use the expression. For example-: Please find attached my resume/photos.
2. I’ve forwarded ________to you
I am forwarding ___you.
Forward is a resend email i.e. for example, someone sent you an email and you really find it worthwhile. So, you send it to someone else. Use this expression, in this case.
3. I’ve cc’d/cc’ed/copied ____ on this email.
Sometimes, may be you written an email and you want to get it checked. I have cc’d umar on this email. When you cc someone, it means that email is not intended for them. You are adding them to keep them in the loop. You want them to know what is going on.
4. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me-: It is a good way to end an email.
5. I look forward to hearing/meeting from you. You can even say I look forward to your reply.
6. Ways to sign off-: Regards/ kind regards/ warm wishes/ yours truly. These are some of the ways you can end your email, although there are many others as well.
Practice the above expressions. Write your email well and remember, sometimes your career depends on how well you send an email.

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