How To Write An Effective Introduction

No matter it is, about writing an essay or a report, you need to write an introduction. Although you don’t get the entire marks based on your introduction but it surely has a huge role to play in your overall score. So, writing an effective essay always begins with writing an effective introduction. No, how can you write an effective essay? Well, there are three things that you can consider-:

  1. Write a general statement about the topic. For e.g., if the topic is about fossil fuels or the need of new alternative ways to generate energy, you could begin by stating; fossil fuels have been an integral part of our lives since ages. Now, they are at the verge of extinction. You can even quote something that you have heard of in recent times.
  2. The next most easiest and effective thing to do is paraphrase the question. Make use of synonyms, use idioms. The point is just take the idea from the question and paraphrase it to use it in the introduction. Remember, it is important that you use synonyms, because if you don’t and end up using the same words, you may lose marks.
  3. The last thing to do is write the thesis sentence. The thesis sentence is the one that straight away points out your point of view on it. For e.g. I completely agree with the statement given. Or maybe my opinion contradicts with the one provided.

Remember, introduction is the easiest part of writing an essay and the most important also. Make sure you put the best foot forward.

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