Tips On Writing Effective Essay

Here is the tips on writing effective essay. Essays are an important part of IELTS. Getting a high score in IELTS writing task depends hugely on writing an effective essay.

Tips On Writing Effective Essay

Some of the best ways by which you can write an effective essay are-:

No matter how many times you have practiced the question, make sure you read the instructions and completely understand them before you start writing.
You are getting 40 minutes to write the essay, so Think before you write. .Make sure you know what you are going to write, before you start writing.
It is always preferred that you write an outline of the essay, and cover all the aspects of the essay. While writing the essay, all you need to do is expand on the outline.
Although you are expected to use a high level of vocabulary, but don’t forget to make sure that people are able to understand your essay. After all, the marks are divided equally for all the parts of an essay.
Make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct. Also remember, to use different structures of grammar.
While improving on the other important areas, we often forget the little details. Make sure that the spellings are correct in your essay. The lesser the mistakes the higher the score.

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