Speaking Part 1: Area you live in.

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Speaking Part 1

Topic : Area

Q1. Talk about the area you live in?

Ans 1. I live in Dehradun. It is a beautiful city and also the capital of Uttarakhand.

Q2. What are the changes you have noticed?

Ans 2. In the last few years, many changes have taken place in this city. Ever since, it has become the capital of Uttarakhand, the property rates have inflated dramatically. The population of Dehradun has also increased as many people have migrated from other cities and got settled here. As a result, the number of vehicles has also increased. The city has become crowded and congested. Many shopping malls have been constructed in the city. The existing market area has also been expanded and renovated.

Q3.What are the changes you want there?

Ans 3. In my opinion, traffic is the major problem in this city. In order to solve this problem, the government should build more flyovers to accommodate the traffic volume. The interior part of the city should also be made more systematic and organised.

Q4.Do you like crowded place? Why?

Ans 4. I really avoid going to a crowded place. I am an introvert and I really feel uncomfortable at a busy place. Moreover, the level of uneasiness increases if I am alone in the crowd.

Q5. When was the last time you were in a crowded place?

Ans 5. I have attended my cousin’s marriage few days ago. It was a grand wedding ceremony and about 2000 people were invited. The venue was fully occupied by the people. I think, that was the last time when I faced a crowd.

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