Writing Task 1: A letter to your friend recommending a holiday destination.

Writing Task 1

A friend of yours is going on a holiday and had asked you to recommend a destination.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

  • Recommend a good place for a holiday that you have visited before.
  • Tell where you went and where you stayed?
  • Describe something you enjoyed about your vacation.

Write at least 150 words

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Sample Answer

Dear Priya,

I received your letter few days back. Since I was busy with my exams, I could not write before. I hope this letter finds you in pink of your health. I am glad to know that you are planning for a vacation. In my opinion, Mussoorie is a beautiful place to visit on a budget. It is also known as Queen of the Hills.

Since my father loves hill stations, we often visit different hill stations once in a year. Last year we all went to Mussoorie during my summer vacations. Mussoorie is the nearest hill station to Dehradun. We started off early in the morning and directly went to the guest house. We could see the sky and the blue clouds above the mountain tops from the balconies of our guest house.

It was very cold there so we had to put on the pullovers to stay warm. In the evening, we spent some time at mall road and explored the market there. The mall road is located in the heart of the city and is also famous for shopping and its picturesque views. Then next day, we visited the nearby places like, George Everest and Kempty Falls.

It was a memorable trip as spending quality time with family is always a fun. So, I would strongly recommend Mussoorie as a great holiday destination. I hope you like my suggestion. Please do send me the photographs of your visit.


Shweta (244 words)

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