Writing Task 1: A letter to the manager of the hotel.

Writing Task 1

You have recently stayed in a hotel and after returning back you realise that you have left a piece of clothing at your hotel room. Write a letter to the manager of the hotel.

In the letter, you should:

  • Explain the clothing.
  • Say where you left it.
  • What the manager should do if he/she finds out.

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Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am Amandeep Singh and I am writing to inform you about a piece of cloth which I left in the hotel room. I had booked room no. 2100 in your hotel. I and my friend stayed there for two days i.e., from 02/01/19 to 04/01/19.

Today, while unpacking my clothes, I noticed that a piece of clothing was missing in my luggage. I realised that it was a white colour formal shirt with black buttons, which I forgot to pack before leaving the hotel room. Probably, I left the shirt in the wardrobe inside the room. The shirt is very close to my heart as it was gifted by my mother on my birthday.

I called the receptionist and informed her about the same. But, she refused to help without your consent and asked me to first report the matter to you. Therefore, I request you to look into the matter at your earliest convenience .By any chance, if you find the shirt kindly send it to my residential address.

I appreciate your quick response.

Yours Sincerely

Amandeep Singh

Sample Answer Two:
Special thanks to Akash Gautam for the contribution of this answer.

Dear Sir,

This is in regard to seek your help in finding one of my belongings which I, unfortunately, left at your hotel during my stay.

I was at your place a fortnight ago and my stay lasted for seven days. Though everything looked fine during my checkout from your hotel; however, when I reached home and unpacked my suitcase, I realized that I forgot my tuxedo in the hotel room assigned to me; room number is 301. As for the suit, it is a black colored tuxedo which is wrapped up in a black and gray colored cover. Also, I vividly remember that it was placed in the wardrobe inside the room.

It is imperative for me to get my piece of clothing as soon as possible because firstly, it is quite expensive and secondly, I need to wear it in an imminent family function on the first week of next month. Therefore, I request you to look into the matter at your earliest convenience. Kindly send the suit to my residential address present in the attached envelope; I would bear the complete postal charges.

I appreciate your quick response.

Yours sincerely

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