Speaking Part 1: Favorite Actor/Actress

Speaking Part 1
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Topic :Actor/ Actress

Q 1. Your favourite actor?

Ans 1. My favourite actor is Keanu Reeves. He is very handsome and charming. He is not only a good actor in reel life but also a great person in real life. Instead of having a difficult life, his rise to stardom is appreciable. Although he is a famous Hollywood celebrity, he throws no starry tantrums. He often hangs out with homeless people and treats everyone as equals. He does a lot of charity and gives donations.

Ques 2. Have you ever seen actors in real life?

Ans 2. A) No, I have never seen actors in real life but I would love to meet my favourite actor at least once in my lifetime.

B) Yes, I have seen actors in real life too. Last year I went to Mumbai on official trip. I saw many Bollywood celebrities at Mumbai Airport. I also got the chance to click photographs with two of them. Meeting a celebrity is always a memorable moment.

Ques 3.Do you want to become an actor?

Ans 3. A) No, I don’t want to become an actor. I’ve always focused on my studies and   never thought of becoming an actor. I wish to become a doctor because they provide treatment for different types of diseases. They also save lives.

B) Yes, I want to become an actor because that’s my dream since my childhood. Moreover, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in arts, drama, acting and performing. I think I am a born actor and have excellent acting skills. So, I am more interested in doing what I am best at.

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