The Listening Section # FAQ

The listening test in IELTS last for approximately 30 minutes.

The listening test has 40 questions and the audio is played only once. There are four sections and with every section you get time to read the questions. At the end of the test, you are given ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. You are also given time to check your answers. You may hear various dialects in your listening test. They could be Australian, British American, Canadian, new Zealand and Irish.

FORMATThe listening test has four sections.
Section 1-: you may hear a conversation between two people about the general situations people face in their day to day life. It could be about booking a ticket or knowing about a job vacancy.
Section 2-: this section has a talk about a particular topic, given by a person. The talk may be about a tour, a concert or anything in general.
Section 3-: It has a discussion among tow or four people about a study related topic.
Section 4-:This section has a lecture on a general academic topic.QUESTION TYPEThere are various question types in the listening task and your test may have any of the following-:
3.Short answer questions
4.Multiple choice
5.Summary completion
6.Labeling a map or a diagram
7.Flow-chart completion
8.Form completion
9.Table completion

Chart out a plan for your test and follow it till the end. Remember the better the plan, the more the chances of your success.

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