Choice OF Employees # Essay For IELTS

There are people of the opinion that the employers should provide a supportive and pleasant work environment while others believe that it is better to provide the employees with facilities and incentives. What is your opinion.

Write atleast 250 words.


A business can be successful only if it has great team ready to build the business. An employer often has to make attempts to ensure that employees are comfortable with the job. Some people argue that a supportive and pleasant environment mus be provided, however, other believe employees must be given facilities and incentives. In my opinion, it is the combination of both that leads to success.

Many people do a job because they know the work ad it becomes easy to earn money in that field. Providing a supporting environment could be of great benefits. Firstly, an individual will feel more connected with the company. For instance, a employer who makes sure that everyone in the company is treated equally will more likely to have a supporting staff. Secondly, the employees work better in a pleasant environment. This always indicates growth for the company.

However, there are even opinions that it is better to provide facilities and incentives to the employees. For instance, an employer who makes sure that every employee working in night shifts is provided with cab facility is more likely to find an effective staff. Secondly, most people do job for money. Providing incentives could serve their purpose. For instance, a person who is in dire need of money, is less likely to be attracted to the work environment and more focused on earning money.

Overall, I believe an organization is run not by the leader but the team. Providing some facilities and a great environment to work in are the most essential things and employee looks for. The organization , therefore, must aim to balance between both to lead a successful journey.


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