IELTS Speaking Sample Answers # Religions Of The World

Religion forms the basis of belief in many parts of the world and there are so many religions of the world and everyone teaches the way of reaching to God. Sometimes it is thought that the one thing that should have united us, God, has ended up dividing the world. There are people, hence, who believe in God but certainly not in any religion. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to religion.

Is religion important to you?

Not very, I would say. I think I fall in the category of people who certainly do believe in God but are not very sure of religion. I think it is important to have a stable ground, which religion surely provides, because it gives you the code of conduct, which if people adhere to, they are more likely to do positive things in the world.

What is the main religion in your country?

Hinduism is the main religion of our country with most of the people in my country being Hindus. But, then there are several other religions, which are celebrated across the country, from Buddhism to Jainism and Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and lot more. It is the existence of so many religions that make India unique.

Why do you think religion is important in our lives ?

I believe religion teaches you how to live, it teaches you to have faith in a bigger eye than yours. It teaches people how to be better individuals and make them understand the meaning of life. A person following a religion is able to have a balanced life, because following the code of conduct of different religions, helps in making sure that the person does not do something wrong in the heat of the moment.

Do you have a religion?

Yes, I am born in a Hindu family, but in recent years, because of its negativity, I have come upon to question it. Presently, I am on a quest of figuring out what truly my religion is.

What countries do you think have religious freedom?

I believe every democratic country gives religious freedom, with India being one of the largest democracy. People in India belong to different religion and are able to maintain peace and harmony with each other.

Have you changed your religion?

No, I have never changed my religion, but I think when I start understanding my religion better, I think I will be able to accept it better.


Can you tell us about your religion?

I belong to a Hindu family and my religion is Hinduism. Hinduism is regarded as the oldest religion of the world and is the third largest religion of all. We have got our vedic texts that we profoundly believe in. According to Hinduism, the universe was never created, it is something that has always been and that will always exist. According to Hindu mythology, Shiva is the ultimate power. It is believed that it is Shiva who created Vishnu and Bhrama. There are several theories about how the universe was created in the Hindu religion and there are several Gods and stories that we tend to believe in. However, there is one thing for sure, that in a temple and in doing the temple chorus, one can find eternal peace.

Have you ever been persecuted because of your religion?

No, I have never been outcast because of my religion. The main reason being that I have always lived in India and Hinduism is the major religion over here. But, then there are some friends of mine who have been told to step aside because of their religion. I remember a friend of mine, she was a Muslim and when she started the hunt for a house, it was very difficult for her to find a home. Some people directly told her to step aside because of her religion. Having said that I think there are different types of people, now the place she has got is in a society with majority Hindus and she is enjoying it.

Do you know someone who has gone to war for their religion?

I can remember the Leabnese Civil War that lasted for around 25 years, ending only in I think 1990. There were lot of religions involved and it is said that families affected have still not found stability. Apart from this, there is a constant fight between India and Pakistan for Kashmir, where some believe it should lie with Pakistan because majority of Kashmiris are Muslims while others thing it is the right of Indians to have it. No matter what, I think involving something as pure as religion in a fight, just takes away the faith of common person from something as great as God.



IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Important Day


Describe an important day that you celebrate in your country.

You should say:

  • when do you celebrate it?
  • what is its historical importance
  • who are main people involved in it?

explain how you celebrate the day.

There are lot of days in our country which have got some importance associated with them. From having relegious importance to being very important nationally, we celebrate these days with lot of vigor. One of these days is the republic day which is celebrated every year on 26th of January.

This is the day when the constitution of our country came into effect. Although, the country had made up its constitution and all the 308 members had signed on 24 January 1950, the constitution came into effect on 26-January. This was to mark the importance of 26th January. Two decades back, on this day the Indian people had started celebrating the Independence of the country, even before it had become free. To mark the importance of this event, the day was chosen to celebrate the republic day.

On this day, ceremonious parades take place at the Rajpath, which are performed as a tribute to India; its unity in diversity and rich cultural heritage. The event’s main lead is the President who unfurls the national flag and there are several a-list ministers invited. Along with them, a person from a foreign country is invited to be part of the event. On this day, several bravery awards are given and different schools and the the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force perform the beating retreat.

important day

Lot of more events are held and apart from the main event in Rajpath, it is celebrated across the entire country, with schools and colleges preparing for it for a long period of time. You can hear lot of patriotic songs being played all over the country.

Most of the times, I along with my friends go out to a historical place and figure out more about our country on this day.  Last year, I remember we all sat down to read the constitution of our country. It is always amazing for all of us to know more about a beautiful country like India, we are proud to  be part of.

There are several days which are important to the country and are celebrated with lot of excitement and preparations through out the country. One of the events is the “Rath yatra” that takes place every year in the month of July/June in Puri. This is the day it is believed that God comes out to meet his devotees. What is special about this event is that otherwise, people of other religions apart from Hindus are not allowed in this temple and when the deities do come out, people from all around the world come to see the God and touch him.

It is believed that the one who is able to pull the chariot gets to get rid of all his or her sins. And so people from all over the country come, bare foot to be able to touch the chariot in which the God is taken from the Jagannath temple to the place where they are assumed to rest for some time. There are lot of stories associated with this event. One is that one this day, Lord jagannath with his brother and sister go towards their aunt’s house and in the mean while they forget to visit Laxmi. So, on their journey back, their is this entire drama that takes place where Laxmi refuses to let Jagannath in the house.

One can find lot of plays being enacted for the audience. People watch them and cheer for their God. Every year, it is believed that stampede could be possible and people do die, but the excitement and the faith with which people come to see their God is amazing. People shout, smile and almost loose themselves to be able to just see their God, to touch them.

I visit the Rath yatra at Puri every year and have managed to pull the chariot lot many times.

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Memories of Favourite Places # Improve Vocabulary


It could be that romantic restaurant, or your favourite park bench. A specific part of the brain seems to be responsible for learning and remembering the precise locations of places that are special to us, research in mice has shown for the first time.

Place cells are neurons that help us map our surroundings, and both mice and humans have such cells in the hippocampus – a brain region vital for learning, memory and navigation.

Nathan Danielson at Columbia University in New York and his colleagues focused on a part of the hippocampus that feeds signals to the rest of the brain, called CA1. They found that in mice, the CA1 layer where general environment maps are learned and stored is different to the one for locations that have an important meaning.

Treadmill test

They discovered this by recording brain activity in the two distinct layers of CA1, using mice placed on a treadmill. The treadmill rotated between six distinctive surface materials – including silky ribbons, green pom-pom fabric and silver glitter masking tape. At all times, the mice were able to lick a sensor to try to trigger the release of drinking water.

During the first phase of the experiment, however, the sensor only worked at random times. The mice formed generalised maps of their experience on the multi-surfaced treadmill, and the team found that these were stored in the superficial layer of CA1.

Then the team activated the sensor only when the mice were on a specific surface, such as the one with silky strips. Mice learned to coordinate their licking with being on the “active” zone, and developed a map that was stored in the deeper layer of CA1.

The team’s conclusion, Danielson says, is that the superficial CA1 layer forms a stable baseline representation of the environment, while the deeper layer maps emotional significance.

“It’s like navigating to your favourite restaurant,” says Danielson. “You need to know the general area, and the wider environment, but the location of the restaurant is of special significance, and incorporates an emotional element,” he says.

1RomanticOf, or relating to, or of the nature of romance; fanciful; impractical; unrealisticAdventurous, amorous, charming, colorful, corny, dreamy, erotic, exciting, exotic, fanciful, fantastic, fascinating, glamorous, maudlin, mysterious, nostalgic, passionate, tender, utopian, whimsical
2RestaurantAn establishment where meals are served to customersBar, cafeteria, coffee shop, diner, dining room, inn, joint, outlet, saloon, canteen, chophouse, dive, drive-in, eatery, grill, hideaway, lunchroom, pizzeria
3FavoriteA person or thing regarded with special favor or preferenceBeloved, cherished, favored, main, popular, prized, treasured, choice, darling, dear, dearest, intimate, personal, pet, sweetheart
4ColleaguesAn associateAide, ally, assistant, buddy, co-worker, companion, comrade, friend, partner, teammate, auxiliary, chum, coadjutor, cohort, collaborator, compatriot, compeer, confederate, confrere, crony, helper, pal, workmate
5DiscoveredTo notice or realizeDetected, disclosed, exposed, identified, invented, ascertained, disinterred, espied, explored, learned, observed, opened, originated, perceived, presented, recognized, revealed, shown, sighted, spotted, unearthed, unlocked, unveiled
6DistinctDistinguished as not being same; not identical; separateDefinite, noticeable, recognizable, specific, unmistakable, audible, categorical, clean-cut, clear, clear-cut, enunciated, evident, explicit, express, incisive, lucid, manifest, marked, palatable, patent, perspicuous, plain, prescribed, sharp, transparent, trenchant, unambiguous
7TreadmillAn exercise machine that allows the user to walk or run in place, usually on a continuous moving beltChore, drudgery, groove, labor, pace, rote, routine, rut, sweat, task, toil, travail, grub work, hard work, moil
8DistinctiveServing to distinguish; characteristic; distinguishingCool, extraordinary, idiosyncratic, offbeat, original, peculiar, singular, special, weird, characteristic, diacritic, diagnostic, discrete, distinguishing, excellent, far cry, gnarly, individual, like night and day, outstanding, perfect, poles apart, proper, separate
9TriggerTo initiate or precipitate; to become activeBring about, cause, generate, produce, prompt, provoke, set off, spark, start, activate, elicit, give rise to, set in motion
10SuperficialBeing at, on, or near the surface; apparent rather than real.Cursory, frivolous, one-dimensional, perfunctory, silly, sketchy, slight, trivial, apparent, casual, cosmetic, depthless, desultory, empty, evident, exterior, external, flash, flimsy, general, glib, half-baked, hasty, hurried, ignorant, inattentive, warped, tip of the iceberg, ostensible,
11ConclusionThe end or close; final partClosure, completion, consequence, denouement, development, ending, outcome, result, cease, cessation, close, culmination, eventuality, finale, finish, issue, payoff, period, stop, termination, upshot, windup, wrap
12NavigatingTo walk or find one’s way on, in, or acrossCross, cruise, handle, maneuver, operate, sail, steer, captain, direct, drive, helm, journey, pilot, plan, plot, skipper, voyage, head out for, lay the course, ride out
13IncorporatesTo put or introduce into a body or mass as an integral part or partsAbsorb, assimilate, blend, consolidate, cover, embody, fuse, integrate, merge, mix, organize, amalgamate, associate, charter, coalesce, dub, form, imbibe, join, link, pool, start ,subsume, unite, add to, gang up, hook in, put together, tie in
14EmotionalPertaining to or involving emotion; subject to or easily affected by emotionsAffecting, exciting, heated, hysterical, impassioned, moving, nervous, passionate, poignant, sensitive, sentimental, spontaneous, touching, ardent, disturbed, ecstatic, emotive, enthusiastic, excitable, falling apart, fanatical, feeling, fervent fervid, fickle, fiery, heartwarming, histrionic, hot-blooded, impetuous, impulsive, irrational, overwrought, pathetic, responsive, roused, sentient, stirred