IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Privacy

We are living in the world of internet, where everything we do is all stored in the databases of companies like facebook, google, amazon. From our credit card details, to the choices we make, from the things we buy to the ones we discard. Yet, with everything being so open, some are able to maintain their privacy. Privacy from people we meet, from the ones we care off and the ones we don’t like things about. With privacy becoming so important, let us today have a look at some of the questions related to privacy.
How much do you value your privacy?

For me, privacy is important. Although, I am an extrovert, with almost everything open to others, there are certain things I prefer only I know or the ones who are very near to me know about. If people try to hinder in those areas, it really does gets on my nerve.

Do you think that websites like Facebook take away too much of your privacy?

Surely yes. With people putting everything out online, from the places they visit, to the people they are dating, I think privacy has surely become a very fragile term in today’s world. But, then I think it also depends on the individual. There are people I have met who use Facebook only for interacting with their friends and nothing more. Neither do they update any status nor any photo.

Do you think people have the right to privacy? How about convicted criminals?

I think every individual has the right to privacy, to keep their lives to themselves or to share with a few people. Even if they are convicted criminals. But, then it is the job of the police to make sure that they are able to find the criminal and make sure justice is made.

The only people who need privacy are people who are doing something illegal. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

No, I don’t believe in this. One can do everything perfectly legal and yet require some privacy. Like, there are people who don’t like to open up in front of strangers, share lot of things happening in their lives. For example, I had a friend who married her love of life in a very secretive way because she did not liked any tantrums and drama. It was perfectly legal and her choice.


Do you think the Internet increases privacy or takes away privacy?

In my opinion, internet neither gives or takes away privacy. Because, in the end it is in the hands of people to give or not their private lives. However, too an extent it does decreases privacy, in a sense that, the details of bank accounts and loans taken are now stored in the databases of the websites customer use for transaction.

What is the greatest threat to privacy?

Internet is surely a great threat to privacy. With eCommerce sites coming in today’s world,lot of people tend to give away their bank details to these sites. If somehow these sites get hacked, there are chances of people losing their money.

How private should corporations be? Should the public have access to corporate records?

I believe, corporations should be private about its employees details and documents. However, when it comes to the actions that the company is planning to take next, there should not be any problem in giving off the details to the public. After all, in my opinion, the public should have a fair voice in giving suggestion to the company.

How transparent should a government be?

A government should be transparent enough, that if the citizen of a country faces an issue, he or she should be able to fight back. He or she should be provided the correct knowledge about the law and order or the country so that he or she can fight back with the right power and in the right direction.

Where do you like to go when you want to be alone?

I prefer going to a  library when I want to be alone. Every library has that one corner where there is no one and you could just go there, sit down and read your favorite books. In a recent library that I visited, one was provided cubicles, where we could take the books, and coffee and read books, enjoy them at our own pace.

Should there be more, or less, security cameras around cities?

I think there should be definitely more security cameras. With the crime rates increasing, I believe cameras provide the citizens with the security. Even more, they bring in a sense of fear among the criminals and even tend to help the police officers to take on the criminals.

How is privacy viewed in your culture?

Privacy in our culture is not regarded very important, so you can see people coming in rooms like that and trying to know about the other person life. With people who you get close to, it is assumed that there should not be any privacy or secrets to hide. However, with globalization taking place, people in my culture are even learning the art of privacy.


IELTS Sample Listening Question # Day Trip

Day Trip

The audio given below has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English. You can download it, from the given link –

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS

  1. What kind of trip is it when you go to a particular place and return on the same day?
  2. Which places did Callum usually go during his day trip?
  3. As a child, where did Neil lived?
  4. Which planet is the closest to Earth?
  5. Which word is used when you see something but only for a short period of time or not completely?
  6. Which phrase is used to mean that something is kept as a secret?
  7. How high above the Earth will the actual space ship travel?
  8. Which hardware has been designed to take passengers to space?
  9. What is the cost of day trip to space?
  10. What is the duration of the sub-orbital trip?

day trip

  1. day trip
  2. forest, beach
  3. Canada
  4. Venus
  5. glipmpse
  6. under wraps
  7. 62 miles
  8. White Knight
  9. $200,000
  10. two and half hours