IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Goals

There is so much that we all want to achieve in our lives, the dreams that we have, the ones that we all want to fulfill. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to goals, that might be asked in IELTS Speaking section.

What is your biggest goal in life?

The biggest goal that I have for my life is to be able to open a company that gives quality education to the poor. I know  that the government is doing a lot for the poor, but what often gets done is not of that quality as that of private companies. I want to open a company that can provide free quality education, the kind of education that teaches people to dream, to become engineers, doctors or painters or musicians.

How do you plan to achieve that goal?

Presently, I am working for a software company. After gaining some experience and building my network of people that will help in achieving that goal, I will go about opening the company. In the beginning, it will be more of at personal level, where I might be the teacher myself but in later years I think there will be more of teachers and better facilities.

What are your “short term” goals?

Presently, I am planning to go through all the textbooks till class 12th to understand the basic concepts of education. These are the concepts that I have ignored for a very long time, but I wish to get an in depth knowledge of them.

Should parents help their children set goals?

I think yes, they can always advice their children on goals but then they should not make try to enforce what they think should be the child’s goal. It is more of giving freedom to choose the goal, letting the child fall down and then get up. And in middle of it, helping the child whenever required, keeping an eye and making sure that in the fight of achieving goals, the child does not forgets to live life.


What are your educational goals?

I want to do my Masters from Harvard University. I know that it is the world’s best university and I want to be part of it. Before that, I also wish to get into the Indian Institute of Technology. I want to break the taboo that only some special set of people can go to these elite colleges.

What are your career goals?

As far as my career is concerned, I wish to be able to explore myself and my potential more. There are certain areas that I wish to improve on and there are some that I have, but I wish to move ahead. I want to gain the expertise in my field of computer science. I want to be at the highest of my truest potential.

What are your financial goals?

When it comes to finance, I don’t have any particular goals. All that I want is when I wish to do something in my life, I have the money to be able to do it and at some point of time earn so much money that I am able to give it to the people in need without any desire of getting it back.

Why are goals important?

I think the main reason why goals are important is because they help you to stay on track. So, you are less likely  to get lost in the world of troubles and miseries because your aim is onto your goal and you tend to forget about everything because the entire focus is on achieving the goal.

Is having a goal in life effective in becoming successful?

Definitely yes. A person with goals is more likely to become successful because he or she might not fall for the traps that are there which tend to get us distracted. Doing something without knowing the reason for doing it, has no meaning at all and no matter how much an individual tries on it, there are more chances that he or she is likely to fail on it.

Is having a goal helpful in motivating a person?

Yes, it surely helps because when you have a goal there is so much going on your mind. There are so many plans that you make and you want to fulfill them. When you have a goal in mind there is nothing else that seems, the problems and the issues just fade away. The only thing that is running on the head is the goal and the only thing one can think of is the life after the goal is fulfilled.

Do you think people have fewer goals as they get older?

Too an extent yes, because people tend to fulfill their goals before that and as they get older they prefer enjoying life as it comes because they understand that it is more important to be able to enjoy life with people you love, care for them and fall in love. Money, goals and achievements take a back seat.