IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Transitions

Transitions are part of our lives. We all change, grow up, learn things, unlearn things and then relearn them. There are some aspects of our personality that change, some that remain same and all our experiences shape what we become. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to transitions.

What was your best memory from when you were a child?

As a child, I remember life was great and there were many memories that I made. But, I think, one particular memory that is still in my mind is of the trip that I took with my father. It was one of the most random trip one could imagine. My father just asked me if I wanted to company him to the market and I agreed. What started as a everyday trip to market, ended up in Nanital. We were on scooty, driving slowly and the weather was great, raining and foggy.

What is your earliest memory?

The earliest memory that I have is of the trip that I took to puri during the rath yatra, 2016. It was an amazing experience, with so many devotees standing there waiting for their God to come so that they can see him and touch them. For the first time in my life, I saw madness, I saw passion. I saw people ready to die for their God. It was the first time I realized why India is said to be so pure, so positive.

Which was better for you: elementary school, junior high school or high school?  Why?

I think elementary school was the best for me. It was during this time that I made friends but more importantly I used to be happy. Happy in my own world, with no one to be bothered of. No care of the marks that I score, of the way I look, I was happy with myself and least bothered about  the world and its rules.

Did you study hard in high school?

I would say I studied fine but not that hard. Now when I look back, I can say that there was much more potential in me, so much more that I could do with my life.

How would you change your life if you could?

I have already started working on myself, reading books that I never read and doing things I only wished for. Like, I have started reading my high school books because I feel I have not been able to grasp the knowledge that I should have and I need it to be able to look forward in my life.


One of the biggest transitions for people is marriage. What are some of the good and bad things about marriage?

Marriage is said to bring in people a sense of responsibility. They learn that there is someone they have to look forward to, that they are not living in vacuum and there doings effect people, like never before. The best part about marriage, I think is, it provides an individual the ground, the ground to land after flying high. But, when this marriage turns more into bindation, where an individual is not free to take decisions, it could be the worst thing happening.

How will your life change after you have children?

I think I might become more lovable, because it is often said that if you shower love, you get it back as well. May be I will become more responsible, more feminine and more caring. May be I will become more creative and learn better how to manage time.

What do you think is the biggest transitions in a person’s life? 

I think the biggest transition comes into a person’s life is when they realize that they are responsible for their actions, that they are responsible for the life they are going to live. When that realization comes, people start behaving differently. They learn to do things differently, owning things, falling, failing, learning and growing up.

When does a child become an adult?

I think a child becomes an adult only when he or she realizes that whatever he or she has dreamt of is possible. When he gets to know the path that needs to be followed to be able to fulfill ones dreams. That moment when the child realizes that to be able to fulfill dreams, not one is going to help, until he or she helps himself or herself. I think when it gets down in the mind that the dream is possible and that only she/he can do it, is when a child becomes an adult.


IELTS Sample Listening Questions # Happiness


The audio given below has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English. You can download it, from the given link –

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. Which country is being regarded as the happiest?
  2. If a person slows down to examine what our lives are and where it is leading, which phase describes what he/she is doing?
  3. The word that describes the situation when you are happy with your present scenario is, satisfied/content?
  4. What does joy mean?
  5. Which word is used to describe things that we buy?
  6. What is the ranking of Britain in the happiest countries of the world?



  1. Denmark
  2. taking stock down
  3. content
  4. great happiness
  5. material possession
  6. 41