IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Aging

Aging is that one phenomenon that is bound to happen. No one is going to die young but one need to make sure that one ages gracefully. Today, let us have a look at some of the questions related to aging.
What are some of the benefits of getting older?
Getting old is a natural process and like every other stage it brings along with it, its own advantages. People, as they get old, tend to stop thinking about others opinion. They are more concerned with living the rest of their lives with enthusiasm and care free. Also, people learn how to manage their emotions and realize more about their capabilities and start having a sense of self worth.

Do you think humans will ever be able to stop aging?
Science can do wonders and I think may be in future it might even be possible that people don’t age. But, in my opinion, it will be more artificial than real. Just like we have an artificial leg and then there are so many therapies to ensure that we have the perfect body, but it is at some point of time artificial. Just like that aging might be stopped but it will surely be artificial with its own disadvantages.

Is aging more difficult for men or women? Why?
Aging is difficult for both men and women. In case of women, the visible signs of aging like dark circles, wrinkles etc tend to irritate women as they don’t see themselves as they were some years back. In case of men, the signs of back aches, joint aches etc tend to bring them down.

Which celebrities have aged well?
I think Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Amitabh Bachan, Sridevi, Rekha, Shabana Azmi, Sushmita Sen, Anupam Kher are some of my favorite actors who have truly aged well. Time when everyone was going through so much of plastic, these are the names who have truly aged gracefully.

Are older people actually wiser?
In my opinion, they are more experienced to say than wiser. Because I have met some of the most wisest of young minds and craziest of old ones.So, it depends lot on what an individual has experienced in life because that does defines what they say when they do become old.


What kind of support should children give their aging parents?
Apart from financial support, I believe the most important support that parents seek in their children is emotional support. So, they don’t want the money as much as they want their kids to be around them, to see them and to share their time and pain with them.

How long do you want to live?
There is no expectation from my side on the time till I want to live. But, I want that each day that I live is like the best day I had ever lived and the next day that comes brings with it all great possibilities. Living like this, I won’t mind dying even when the world thinks I am young.

Who is the oldest person you know? How is their view of the world different than yours?
The oldest person that I know is my grandfather. He is around 85 years old and that speaks it all. His opinion on world is more graceful. He believes that we all are puppets in the hand of God and we should do our best at whatever we do. And this is something I too an extent agree on. For the God part, I am skeptical but yes I do believe that we should give our best to whatever we do.

How are older people viewed in your country?
Older people in my country are given lot of respect. They are treated with utmost importance, but I have also observed that with the coming of MNCs and the boom of IT, more and more people are getting bothered about earning money and doing this and that and this is something we as country men are imitating from the west. But, fundamentally, I still hold the view that old people are given respect.

How well do you relate to people who are 5 years younger than you? How about 10 years younger?
I think we all are in the same page. So, there is nothing like they are younger than me or older. It is sometimes shocking that the things that I do now they are doing as a child only. But, it is great to see that younger people are seeking knowledge and trying to better themselves. I have seen very competitive younger counterparts who just can’t listen a no for an answer.