IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Painting

Painting is that form of art that allows you to bring in colors to the canvas, the art that allows you to express yourself with colors. Black, blue, white, red, yellow. There is so much that you can do, so much that you can get when you paint and so much that you can express. Although, not every one can express greatly with painting, there is surely something that we can put on that white canvas. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to painting.

Do you like paintings?

Yes, I do love paintings. I think that paintings can help one to express things better. So, instead of 10000 words hanging on my wall, I will prefer a painting of something on my wall.

What are some famous paintings that you like? 

There is nothing peculiar about the paintings that I like.So, you can say that I don’t follow the great artist and buy paintings just because they drew them. When I buy painting it is mostly because I can relate to them. There is this painting that I have of a woman who is staring at the sky and feet on ground. I loved it because of the way and colors used to show it.

Can you paint?

I am a novice painter. So, yes I can paint, little bit here and there but not very well.

What type of painting do you do?

I like using colors to express myself. So, it is not like a home painting or a woman or something particular. It is just random colors thrown on the canvas, trying to figure out the sense of their existence.


Have you ever sold one of your paintings?

No, not yet. I think there is so much that I need to learn before I could start selling my paintings.

Are you impressed with people who know how to paint?

Yes, too an extent. It is always great to meet people who know a form of art.

Do you have a painting of yourself?

No, not yet and I think I might not have it as well. But, yes, I would love to have painting of my parents in my home.

Do you like to watch a person painting?

Yes, it is so relaxing to watch someone paint. The painter is almost completely drown in the painting and the way he or she uses brush and the colors, it is great to watch.


How much are you willing to pay for a beautiful painting?

I think I can almost around 1000 for a beautiful painting but not more than that. I do love paintings but then I am not such a die heart fan of them that I go on and spend my entire salary on just one painting.

Do you know Leonardo da Vinci and his paintings?

Yes he is the famous painter who painted Mona Lisa. Apart from being a painter, he was also an architect,a scientist and so much more.

Do have paintings at home for decoration?

Yes, I do have some painting at home, at entrance and then some in my bedroom and few in the hall. Every painting says something about the room and the person living in it. Like, the one that I have in the my room is of a woman who is looking at the sky. It is something that I relate to, because it tells me that one should go ahead and follow his or her dreams.

If you could be given the talent to paint, what would you paint?

If ever I could paint well, I think I would love to paint the lives of ordinary people. I believe that definitely there is so much about the lives of the celebrities but then at the same time there is so much extra ordinary about the lives of ordinary, the everyday problems, the everyday issues, the laughter, the tears, the relations, the mediocrity. In everything there is so much of greatness.

How do the colors make you feel?

Colors make me feel alive. There is so much to express with colors. Red, blue, black, yellow, white. And then there are so many shades of these colors. You can express, love, anger, fight, happiness, sadness, excitement and so much more with just colors and it is all so much amazing.