IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Appearance

Appearance of a person is the first thing that get noticed by a stranger. This is the reason that most people talk into you to dress well before any job interview. Today, let us have a look at some of the possible questions related to appearance, that might be asked in IELTS speaking section.

What is the first thing that you notice about a person?

The first thing that grabs my attention about a person is the way the person walk. I believe that the walk of a person talks a lot about the personality of an individual.

What effect does the clothes of an individual have upon an individual?

Clothes surely speak a lot about an individual. Obviously, wearing western or traditional does not matter much, because it simply talks about the style statement the individual prefers. But, the way the person wears whatever he/she prefers to wear speaks a lot. So, neat and ironed clothes show that the person is disciplined in some sense, organised you can say as well. But, someone who hangs onto anything available tends to depict carelessness.

Is there any part of your appearance that you are very proud of?

Proud of, I don’t know. But, my smile is something that I really like. I have often found myself smiling in those tough situations when everyone is breaking down and it helps in lightening the mood of the situation. Also, it is because of my smile that I have been able to meet so many kind people who have helped me in my tough times.

What is the most interesting haircut you have ever seen?

I think the most interesting would be lady Gaga’s haircut when she went to the launch of a v-16 magazine. It was outrageous and eye striking. You could see gaga’s hair in the form of sun and it felt as if the sun is rising from behind her. Sometimes I wonder how is gaga able to do such weird and yet confident acts.

Have you ever gone the entire day without noticing anything wrong in your appearance?

Well, there was this day, I wore a new top and jeans for my work. I remember I was in a hurry while dressing up and so I forgot to take out the price tag of my shirt. I am not very  sure if it was visible but it was only when I came back home that I realised that it was present there and I had not removed it. It was so embarrassing at that moment but then I just let it go.

What kind of things do you do to improve your appearance?

I think appearance is something that represents who you are and I want to represent a constant changing, evolving personality. So, I try to look for different kinds of clothes and shoes and wear them mis matchingly sometimes. The latest addition to my appearance is a black big bindi. I wear it no matter I am wearing a traditional cloth or a western one and for some reasons it looks really nice on  me as well.

Are there any fashion trends that you followed in the past but you think they are silly now?

Some time back there was this trend of wearing black bands in hand. And I followed it blindly. So, I used to wear it in my school, tuition everywhere. I remember getting scolded for it, but no one could just stop me from wearing it. Now, I think it was not so important to wear them and I could have maintained the decorum of school and yet follow fashion.

How long does it take to you to get ready in the morning?

It takes around 30 to 40 minutes in the morning, from getting up to getting out of the house. I manage to do everyday ritual in this time.

Have you ever been intimidated by someone’s appearance?

There was this boy in our school and he really didn’t had a great appearance initially, but what I loved about him was that he was constantly changing his appearance. You could see him in beard sometimes, sometimes pony tails, sometimes clean shaven and so much more!

Do people in your country talk a lot about people’s appearance?

Appearance does matters a lot in our country. What you wear is surely the talk of the town unless you are wearing what everyone else is. People often like to see girls wearing traditional clothes; with men there is no such restriction but wacky hairstyles or beard do get the undue notice and often become the talk of the town.

Is it rude to tell people that they need to change their appearance?

I think it depends on the way you say it to a person. If the person is looking presentable, there is no need to tell a person about changing appearance, as everyone has the right to wear whatever they want. But, if there appearance is offensive in some sense, like people wearing god’s clothes as undergarments or anything like that, I think they could be told to change appearance.


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