IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # TV Presenter

Describe a TV presenter.
You should say:

  • who is she or he?
  • what programme does she or he present?
  • how does she or he present the program?

and explain why you like / dislike him/ her.

I love watching shows presented by someone and the one presenter that I am really fond of is Rannvijay. He is one of the best TV presenters that our television industry has seen in almost a decade. The way he connects with the audience both inside the show and the one outside is amazing. He is the presenter for the most famous youth show, Roadies and apart from being its presenter, also takes part in selecting candidates for the show.

The one thing that I really love about him is the way he speaks. And it is not about the accent. The way he speaks, as in, the way he treats the candidates, when they are wrong he finds it not at all difficult to tell them they are wrong and in times when there is an injustice being met to any of the candidates, he is the first one to come forward. So, it is not just about reading the given script, but about, managing the entire show, making sure that the candidate’s true color comes out, in spite of the camera and they get the great content they produce.

Rannvijay was also the participant of the show and played it really well. He is even regarded as the true roadie because in spite of how hard the game was and how impossible the tasks felt, he did it. There were times when he lost and the other times when he won but what is more important is his never die spirit. And this is the spirit that he tries to bring in the contestants and in some way the entire nation.

It is his this nature where he is able to connect not only with the candidates but just by actions with the entire nation, that I love him.

TV Presenter

The one candidate that has come and changed the way the comedy shows are presented in Indian T.V is surely my favorite. He is our country’s favorite T.V show presenter, Kapil Sharma. His serial, comedy nights with Kapil is one of the most famous and funny television show, where people from even foreign countries watch the show and come to experience Kapil live.

Some people often say that he is the country’s finest comedian and one of the best presenters our industry has ever seen. There are Bollywood stars who die to come onto his show and every movie that is about to get released is surely promoted on his show.

The one thing that I love about him is that he knows how to make people laugh and the witty answers that he gives, it is truly amazing. There are people in the audience that tries to be over smart with him or maybe sometimes rude with the stars, but in a comic way, Kapil Sharma teaches them both the lesson and makes everyone laugh about it.

In his program, it is about a scene from his family. So, he is part of the play and the act is about the funny things happening in his family, the funny characters of his family and their funnier life. In the second half of the show, there is a guest that comes to his house and Kapil Sharma and the other characters try to be funny with them.

I think one reason why everyone loves him and his show is because in some or the other way it strikes the chord. So, you do find some irritating and lovely characters in his show that you can relate to. And then, the dialogues are so amazing that people tend to repeat them in their daily conversations, making it a great show.