IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is the one that you do by your choice. The one which you do for free, out of your own wish. Often times, this is the work where you are paid very less or not at all paid. However, one gets to learn a lot through volunteer work. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to volunteer work.

Why do you think people volunteer?

I believe there could be several reasons for people volunteering. Some people volunteer because they feel for the cause and want to do something about it. There are some who volunteer because volunteering teaches you a lot. You learn team work, leadership, patience, organizing things and so much more.

Would you like to work as a volunteer?

Definitely yes. I would love to work as a volunteer for an organization related to education, because I do feel that this is something that every individual has a right to have, but very few are able to get the quality education. Anyone who initiates it in some way, I would volunteer. Or may be in some time, start it off on my own.

Have you ever done any volunteer work?

Yes, I was a volunteer for a group named Soften in our organization. The group organizes lot of activities for the under privileged children and I was part of their three day workshop. During that period, lot of kids from the adoption homes and other sections of society came and it was great to listen to them, their stories, their experiences and so much more.

Is volunteering worth the time it takes?

Yes it is. I believe it is more of two way relation where the more you give, the more you gain. There is so much of experience that comes along with it, so much you get to learn and so much of excitement that it makes up for the effort it takes.

What could you do to help if you had no money?

Helping has nothing to do with money. May be I cannot give someone the money but I can surely give what I have, like my knowledge, my experience, the things that I have learnt. It is great to be able to share your knowledge and for the one who receives it, it is surely a pure joy.

volunteer work

What is volunteer screening?

Volunteer screening is the process in which people are screened or judged so that they can be given work that best fits their personality.

What situations need volunteer workers?

Situations which affect the larger group of people needs volunteer work. Because at that time, you cannot think about money and then one also needs lot of people. Like, when there was a Tsunami, lot of people died, so many were homeless and then there were many who could not find their loved one. It was such a massive destruction, that required help from the entire planet.

Can you think of different types of volunteer work?

Volunteering has its own different shades. There is this volunteering where an individual goes to an organization and works on one of their projects. It could be for a month or a year. And then there is gap year volunteering. This is the volunteering which students tend to do during their gap year.  It provides them with the necessary skills for placements. Also, there is travel volunteering wherein the individual can volunteer for different causes while traveling.

Would you volunteer to help people outside your community?

Definitely yes. Volunteering or for that matter helping has nothing to do with community. If I can help anyone I will be more than happy to do it.

Have you read a book about volunteer work?

There is this book that I read, chicken soup for the soul. It was a great book, almost an eye opener. It talks about 101 inspiring stories that talk about volunteers and their experiences and how they gave back what they got.

What types of volunteer work would be unpleasant for you?

I think volunteering for something like “trying to ban valentines day” or for that matter “the organizations bringing religious law and order”. These are things I would prefer not to go forward for. Because, they go against my opinion about how things should be.

What benefits other than personal satisfaction could you personally get by volunteering?

Volunteering has its own great advantages. It increases your social and relationship skills, it helps you make more friends and in some way be more connected with your society. Even more, it helps counteracts the effects of stress, anger and anxiety. Some believe it also helps in fighting depression. Then there are people who are alone, like the older people, volunteering gives them the sense or purpose for life.

Can a volunteer be treated the same as paid staff?

I think it is quite a tough thing to do. Because, a volunteer is more often selected more easily as compared to a paid staff. There is certain skill set that is required, but with volunteer it is less of risk. It might be possible that a volunteer makes a mistake but with a paid staff the chances should be less.

Should you volunteer if your main reason is to benefit monetarily or materialistically?

I think, at the first place, the main motive for volunteering should always be to benefit others. However, if one thinks of it in a monetarily or materialistically manner and does it, I think they still should do it. Because at the end both sides gain a lot.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Fashion

Fashion is part of our lives, shaping how we do things, dress up and behave. It is not just about wearing those fancy clothes, but also how we do things, the shoes we pick, the books that we read, the way we make our house look. It is an art that shows how to do things in a more creative way. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to fashion.

What would you think of a women who cut off all her hair and went around bald as a fashion statement?

I think it would depend on the country the woman is living in. For somewhere like in a western country, it might be just a fashion statement. But, for a country like India, doing this for fashion statement requires lot of courage, because hair has lot of importance in our culture. And in situation like this, I am more likely to respect the woman.

What do you think of a man who is bald for fashion’s sake?

I believe it is the individual’s choice to do whatever they want to and with men having less boundations when it comes to experimenting with hair, I think it is completely fine to go out and explore oneself more.

What do you think of women who wear short mini-skirts?

I believe it is here choice of what she decides to wear. A mini skirt might make someone feel more confident, because there is no extra baggage along with it as it does not hits the knee. So, I think may be a woman who wears a short mini skirt is more likely to be free spirited, carefree and fun to be around.


Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us ?

Definitely yes. For most part, what we choose to wear is what we feel about things or ourselves. Sometimes we tend to wear bright and then the other times dull. I think clothes along with the accessories we choose to reflects what is inside us. But, then that is only until a certain degree. Clothes or for that any thing cannot entirely reflect what is inside us.

What do you think of people who always and only wear black?

Their choice. I think, they are more likely to be organized and remain hassle free. Not because they wear only black but because they choose to wear the same color, freeing them from the confusion of choosing what to wear.

What do you think of people with tattoos?

People with tattoos are more likely to be extrovert, in my opinion. Because they choose to show what they feel about other things or show their opinion about other things, and I think it is a great thing to do. However, it does not mean that the ones who don’t have tattoos are introverts, I think the ones with tattoos are more likely to raise their opinion.

Do you have a tattoo?

No, but I would love to have a tattoo once I find something that reflects my thought.

Do you know someone with a tattoo?

There are many friends of mine who have tattoo. There is a friend who has two tattoos and then there is this one friend who has his grandmother’s name tattooed on his chest. A friend who has birds on her hand.

What do you think of people with body piercing?

Body piercing is very common in my country with almost every one having it. Some of them do it because of religion, others because of fashion. No matter what, I think it is cool. But, the ones who tend to do lot of piercing, I don’t find it very attractive.

What would you think of a high school student who always wore very conservative clothes?

There could be two things, either he/she belongs to conservative family or may be it is the individuals choice. But, being a high school student, it is more likely that he or she belongs to a conservative family.