IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Ideas And Innovation

We all get struck by ideas and innovations. They run through our mind so many times, but how often do we go on to implement them? Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to ideas and innovation that could be asked in the speaking part I. Later we shall discuss the questions that might be asked in speaking part II and III.

Have you ever hit upon an innovative idea or plan?

There are so many times that ideas pop into my mind. It could be while I am reading something or may be while I am doing some work. Because, when I am doing something in a particular way, I often get those blinks, like we can do it some other way as well. Or, when I see people doing or not doing things, ideas do come up.

Do you know anyone who has a knack for coming up with ideas?

In my life, I have surely met many people who have great ideas with them and it is so amazing to be surrounded with them. There is a friend of mine, she figured out an amazing way of solving transportation issue in our city. She gave an idea of marking the autos as pink, so that girls can use them easily with safety insured. Also, there was a person in my college, who made a bomb detector.

ideas and innovation

Does this person think out of box?

I think surely he thinks out of box. Because, making a bomb detector out of something different was unique. He even went on to meet the prime minister of our country for his invention.

I think it is not about thinking out of the box. Because, when I met this person, he explained to me that we all are in rush of thinking out of box that sometimes we forget that we need to stop thinking there is a box at the first place. He said, he just does things in the best possible ways and let the results roll out.

When you are brainstorming about ideas, do you bounce them off others?

Well, you can say, this is a 50-50 call. Sometimes, me and my team are in complete synchronization, so whatever I am trying to say, they understand it very well. Often, completing my sentences. But, there are even times when they don’t understand what my vision actually is. But, I am grateful that in those tough times, they do support me and my vision.

How adept are you in implementing ideas that you or may be someone else has blurted out?

It could be approximately 95 % . So, there are so many ideas that we have all around and then we need to figure out what ideas could be implemented right now, which ones should be clubbed together to make something even more bigger and then what might not be feasible. But, once we are clear as to how the idea is needed to be implemented, we go on making it possible.

Have you ever scoffed at someone’s else idea?

Not very critically I would say, but as a team, we are very truthful to each other. So, if the idea is actually not feasible, yes I have told them the truth. But, it is not something done straight away. I always try to find out the reason why the person is thinking that way and what the theory is behind it. Once it is clear, often the idea may be wrong, but theory brings out other great ideas.

I would say yes. But then it is part of the brainstorming process. However, we make sure as a team that we are not bringing down the person’s curiosity for giving new ideas. We go through the idea in quite detail or sometimes an overview and give a particular reason for letting the idea go.

Is there any recent product or idea that you wished rolled out a little earlier?

I think free internet is something that I wish was available a little earlier. Recently, companies like google and other government parties are providing free internet in some localities and cities. I wish it was there when I was in college, because at that time I really needed it but somehow lagged behind because of its absence.

I would go for smart phones. Smart phones have come very recently and have surely taken the world by storm. I wish they were present when I was graduating because it could have been so much more fun in college when you could just say whatever you felt and people could recognize you.