IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Save Water

Water, water everywhere, but not a single drop to drink! Now, this is the most common poem known to everyone. From this to the in numerous poems written on water can express how much water is important for the living beings. From plants to animals to human beings, everyone needs water to survive. This being the foremost reason that we al need to save water for future generations to come. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to water.

How much water do you drink every day?

I am not sure of the quantity but I would say like 4 bottles of regular water bottle everyday. I think that is around 1-2 litres of water. But, I wish to drink more of it.

How many glasses of water should people drink every day?

I think people should drink around 24-25 glasses of water everyday. Now, that is like a glass of water every hour. After all water is so important for a perfect functioning of our body.

How long can a person live without drinking any water?

As far as I remember, a person can live 7 days without drinking water.

How long have you gone without drinking anything?

I remember not drinking anything for 20 hours or something. I was on a journey from Bhubaneswar to Mysore and it was around 20 hours of journey. Now, the journey was so tiring that for most of the part I was sleeping and just completely forgot about drinking anything.

Can you swim? How often do you go swimming?

No, I have still not learnt swimming but I wish to be able to swim very soon.


Is there any good swimming place near by your locality?

I am living near my office and there is a beautiful swimming pool in my office which people go and visit during holidays or in the evening.

Can you name ten water sports?

I can try naming some of them. There is scuba diving, kite surfing, sailing, snorkelling, wind surfing, white water rafting, sea kayaking, surfing, swimming and jet skiing.

Not being able to get clean drinking water is a big problem in many places. What are some ways in which people can be provided with clean water?

I do agree with the problem that people all around the world are facing regarding clean water. In my opinion, the easiest technique is conservation. Making sure that the water that we get from natural resources like rain are conserved well and then purified well. Apart from this, it comes upon government to ensure that everyone gets equal amount of water. It can be seen that some people are having more than required access to water while others are starving. Even more, different supply for water can be provided. Like for drinking water, fresh water should be given while for things like cleaning dishes and clothes, a little compromise on quality is possible.


Which is the biggest river in your country? How much polluted is it and would you ever try swimming in it?

Ganga is the biggest river of our country, stretching around 2500 km. Lately, Ganga was one of the most polluted rivers of our country, specially because of its religious importance.  Some materials like food, waste or leaves are left in the Ganga for ritualistic reasons. People come here to take a bath to wash away their sins. Also, with the establishment of industrial areas near it, there was lot of industrial waste getting accumulated in Ganga. However, in recent times it has seen some initiatives to get cleaned. I have tried swimming in Ganga but the shore that I chose was clean.

Where does the biggest city in your country get its clean water from?
The biggest city in my country is Mumbai. It gets its clean water from different sources, like Bhatsa, Tansa, Modak Sagar and the Vaitarna.

The world’s population is increasing rapidly. Getting clean water for everyone might become difficult in the future. Think of three ways we can avoid this problem.

I think awareness is the first thing that needs to be done. The way people were aware about AIDS or cancer, people need to be aware of the dead consequences of water shortage. Next, we need to bring out more tangible solutions for saving water. Simply putting down theoretical solutions won’t help us. Something like ensuring everyone, irrespective of the stature in society gets limited water. This will ensure that everyone gets water and at the same time we will be able to conserve water for future. Use of water for washing, cleaning etc should be limited or the quality of water for doing this should be changed.

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IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Earth Core

Earth Core

The audio given below has been taken from BBC 6 minutes english. The audio talks about earth core. You can download the video from –

Answer the following question in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

  1. The speaker uses a term for the Earth Center. What is it?
  2. What if something is heavy in relation to its size called?
  3. How big is the Earth’s core?
  4. What is the place where living being live on Earth called?
  5. What is the distance of the Earth core from the surface of Earth?
  6. Which element is present in abundance in crust and mantle?
  7. Which element is present in abundance in core?
  8. What protects the humans against cosmic radiation?
  9. What is the area around the Earth in which the Earth’s magnetic field is felt called
  10. Which word describes “make something change direction”?

earth core

  1. core
  2. dense
  3. Moon
  4. crust
  5. 6000 km
  6. silicate
  7. iron
  8. magnetic field
  9. magnetosphere
  10. deflection


St.George’s Day # IELTS Listening

St.George’s Day

The audio given below has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English. The audio talks about St.George’s Day.

You can download it, from the given link –

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS.

  1. What is the importance of 23rd April?
  2. The speaker uses a term for the person who gives special help to a particular place or event. What is it?
  3. According to the legend, which mythical creature did St. George killed?
  4. Which countries comprise Britain?
  5. Who is the patron saint of Wales?
  6. Which phrase is used to refer to people from different backgrounds?
  7. The word used to describe people, animal and plants made of different things is _____________
  8. What are the two kind of national identities?
  9. Which expression is used to describe a society of people living from lots of different backgrounds living together?

St.George's Day

  1. St George’s Day
  2. patron saint
  3. a dragon
  4. England, Scotland, Wales
  5. Saint David
  6. multiple identities
  7. hybrid
  8. Ethnic and Civic
  9. Melting point of cultures



IELTS Part I Speaking Question # Laughter

We all laugh, don’t we? But how often? When was the last time you laughed your head off? When was the last time you teased a friend of yours? There are so many things that we can ponder about, so many things that we question. Let us have a look at some of the questions that you might be asked about laughter in the discussion section ( Part III ) section of IELTS.

What is the reason for people laughing?

People laugh when they find something funny and it could be different for different people. May be a joke on humanity might give laugh to some but for others it could be a plain santa banta joke. Some people even laugh at adversity. They laugh to ease out tension and face the issue in a better way. But, mostly people laugh when they think something is funny.

Do you think that the less the people laugh, the older they get?

I don’t know about older but they definitely become dull. Laughter is that one thing that very easily eases out tension and makes things lighter. People who tend to laugh less start representing the difficulties they are facing and it shows up in their body. But, older I wont say. Because I have met some very old may be the ones in their late 60s and more funny and active than many of my counterparts.


Do you think that when people laugh it is always genuine or sometimes people even fake it?

Earlier, people did laughed a genuine laugh but with times changing people have learn the art of faking a laugh. Most people have to do it because of work pressure. So, may be when there boss has cracked the joke they tend to laugh. But, I think you can easily recognize a fake laugh, It often ends very abruptly.


How do you think can laughter be used in a negative way?

Laughter can very easily be used negatively when one starts laughing at others instead of with others. So, if one is laughing at the color, or shape or may be the failure of someone, laughter can be very negative and break down the confidence of the person laughed off.

In what situations is it important to laugh and when is it improper?

I think if the joke is not on anyone particularly and the thing being said is funny and I think one should definitely laugh. Also, if there is some tension about something or someone is not feeling well, I think laughter becomes very important. It can also help a patient to recover soon. But, when the laughter is used against someone, to bring them down or to make them feel low, it becomes very improper.

Do you think people who can tell a joke or make people laugh are at an advantage?

Surely they are. Laughter is that one thing that can very easily break that ice. When you meet a stranger, it is only laughter that can help you to become friends. It is the easiest way to break the awkward silence. Since people good at telling jokes can do it, I think they tend to have more friendly relations with people and a very healthy lifestyle.

Why do you think is some people’s laughter contagious?

Some people laughter is very striking because they laugh their heart out. Any innocent person who has nothing wrong or evil inside their heart tend to have a great laughter. A laugh that can make some one else laugh as well. Like that of a child, it is so innocent, so pure, no wrong intentions, no double thoughts.

There is a saying that “laughter is the best cure”? Do you think it is? Why?

Laugher surely has its own benefits. When one person laughs, it relaxes the entire body releasing the physical and mental stress. It even improves the immune system and decreases the stress hormones. Doctors believe that laughter helps on to resist the diseases. Even more, it triggers of endorphins that promote overall well being of an individual. It even improves the functioning of blood vessels and increases blood flow, reducing the chances of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. With all these benefits, definitely laughter is the best cure.



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