Rearranging Words # Practice Writing

Given below are sentences that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange the given words and make meaningful sentences. I hope rearranging words will give you a better idea of how effective sentences are made.

  1. Usha/profile/connect/started/consumer/with/youth/its/making/the/products/became/to/as/younger.  ANSWER Usha started making products to connect with the youth as its consumer profile became younger.
  2. The/under/RBI/the/by/minimum/last/has/scheme/gold/notified/fixed/30/deposit/grams/the/as/the/size/government/monetization/week.
    ANSWER The RBI has fixed 30 grams as the minimum deposit size under the gold monetization scheme notified by the government last week.
  3. Asian/who/of/consumers/choice/was/market/woman/of/paints/the/research/home/making/the/recently/that/is/realised/its/from/house/the/décor.
    ANSWER Asian paints recently realized from market research that its consumers is the woman of the house who was making the choice of home décor.
  4. The/services/way/and/common/,/man/humane/communicating/capacities/more/craves/better/increased/a/of/
    ANSWERThe common man craves better services, increased capacities and a more humane way of communicating.
  5. Government/of/speed/metros/and/bullet/quadrilateral/has/trains/major/freight/diamond/articulated/its/the/vision/of/developing/,/network/,/of/high/railways/connecting/dedicated/corridors.
    ANSWER Government has articulated its vision of developing bullet trains, the diamond quadrilateral of network of high speed railways connecting major metros, and dedicated freight corridors.
  6. He/their/exploiting/for/commission’s/peons/in/also/like/alleged/its/involved/that/are/workers/the/officers/domestic/work.
    ANSWER He also alleged that the commission’s officers are involved in exploiting its workers like peons for their domestic work.
  7. Some/,/good/people/and/think/that/that/football/everyone/is/to/like/play/has/the/theatre/guy.
    ANSWER Some people think that football is like theatre, and that everyone has to play the good guy.
  8. The/in/20/the/turnover/have/wealthiest/a/world/cumulative/of/clubs/$6.2 billion.
    ANSWER The 20 wealthiest clubs in the world have a cumulative turnover of $ 6.2 billion.
  9. It/two/honestly/is/,/always/there/are/hard/top/because/players.
    ANSWER It is always hard, honestly, because there are two top players.
  10. Some/that/fewer/who/a/eat/people/based/meat/that/to/have/red/plant/eat/shown/of/studies/lot/tend/foods/protect/cancer.
    ANSWER Studies have shown people who eat a lot of red meat tend to eat fewer plant based foods that protect against cancer.


Part Time Jobs # Essay For IELTS

Some people think that young people should be allowed to do unpaid work helping people in the community. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Education is undeniably the most important thing for an individual. However, in today’s world, mere education is not enough, gaining valuable experience is very necessary to get a good job in future. Most people assert that youths must attend unpaid work in a community to get more advanced experience, while others are of the opinion that it can disturb their education.

Volunteering for a community work brings with it great advantages. Firstly, unpaid work in a curriculum offer better chance for kids to improve themselves in their field. As young, one is energetic, passionate and motivated to learn new experiences and the job can act as an opportunity to involve in a real work force that they are interested in.

Secondly, it provides students a sense of being pivotal in society, which makes them proud and helps them learning the importance of contribution.

Turning to the other side of the argument, studying in advanced level requires abundant of time to concentrate on assignments or exams. Enrolling in unpaid job could seem quite unpractical as even if the student has time, he or she will more likely participate in sports clubs or enroll in additional class. Even more, if students are hell bound to take an unpaid job it could be a hassle and distract them from their responsibility.

Overall, in my opinion, even though attending unpaid jobs could be a hassle in the beginning, but by learning time management, a student can easily take on both and add wings to their career.


Restriction On Noise # Essay For IELTS

Some people believe that individuals must be allowed to make as much noise as they want to, while others are of the opinion that the amount of noise that people make should be strictly restricted. Discuss both views and give your opinion with examples.

With the change in the way people did their jobs, there has been a considerable shift in how people live. With more and more people taking up tiring day jobs, they are left with only night and tend to party. This has caused a debate on whether there must be a regulation on noise or not. Some people believe that the city should regulate the level of noise in residential area while others say that this measure is too strict for some citizens.

With increasing stress in their work places, some people assert that they have their basic rights to generate noise freely in their places. They argue that after a long tiring day, they only get the night to relax and spend time with their family. If in this time, they do recreational activities like karaoke, or may be party, it only helps them relax. Secondly, everyone does not have the same way of living and trying to fit in a certain norm of lifestyle is too much of a burden.

On the other hand, it is certainly true that people also have the right to deserve peace and quiet when they stay in their houses. For instance, children who have their schools in the morning tend to get disturbed by the noise causing poor performance in the school. Even more, exposure to excessive levels of noise for a long time can cause detrimental effects such as sleep deprivation, depression or healing impairment.

Overall, in my opinion, every one surely has their own rights to generate noise, but we live in a society and therefore city must issue some regulations to limit noise pollution.


Problems Of Working Parents # Essay

Nowadays, many families have both parents working. Some working parents believe that other family members, like grandparents can take care of the children, while others are of the opinion that child care centres provide the best care. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The world has changed dramatically with a complete scenario change in how the people used to live and work. In today’s era, most of the families have both working parents, leaving them little or no time to raise their offspring’s. As a result, some of them have turned to other family members and believe that grandparents can take care of their child in a great way, while others are of the opinion that it is better idea to bring kids to child care organisation.
A child brought up in care of his or her grandparents always grows up with assets that prove to helpful in longer run. Firstly, grandparents have already their own kids and have live experience of raising children, and hence will have a better idea about child care skills and will be able to look after little kids. Secondly, it creates a sense of a happy family and family oriented youths tend to grow up to have better relationships with their elders and other people in general.
Turning to the other side of argument, child care organisations have employees that are trained in babysitting skills and know how to cope with kids in various situations such as unsafe circumstances or accidents. For instance, if a child falls down and injures himself/herself they know what to do as they have learned first aid skills.
Overall, in my opinion, although child care organisation know their job, the love and compassion that a child can get from his/her grand parents can nowhere be found.


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