Delaying Child Birth # Essay For IELTS

You must spend 40 minutes on this task.

Nowadays, more and more decide to have children later. What are the reasons for it and what are the effects on society and people’s lives?

You should write at least 250 words.

In today’s world, many people have changed their minds and now prefer giving birth later in their life. This tendency can be seen frequently especially in many developed countries. Most of the people believe that it helps them to understand their partner better, before taking responsibility while for some it the time they can completely concentrate on their career.

The main reason is the living cost is very expensive these days and couples who have just lived for few years together are not financially very strong to support the offspring financially. Consequently, many people would rather wait until they get older and earn higher income and then they could be able to raise their kids easily. Secondly, there has been a considerable shift among people from raising a family  to making a career.

However, this tendency has brought about some negative impacts on the society and domestic life. Firstly, having children later can create a significant age gap between two generations. Parents, then have hard time communicating with their children, often creating family stress. Secondly, being elder mothers will have to face a high risk of physical issues in both the mother and the baby.

Overall, having a baby  later on, helps parents to contribute to the financial issue and create better careers for themselves, on negative side, it results in the wider generation gap and health concerns.


Shortage Of Skilled People # Essay For IELTS

You must spend 40 minutes on this task.

In many countries there is a shortage of suitable people for essential jobs. What do you think are the reasons for this problem and what steps could be taken to solve the problem?


In today’s world, it is certainly true that many countries are facing with the shortage of labors to run businesses and services. This is primarily because of shift among people to rather go for better options abroad or move towards unconventional jobs. However, if the companies give lucrative offers, possibility is that the skilled workers will stay.

The main reason is time and the budget. Often doing a professional course requires lot of money as well as time, this in many cases is a issue. For instance, to be a doctor in India, you not only are required to clear a tough exam, but also, seven years of study and three years of practice, after which you are termed as a professional doctor. This requires, besides time, lot of money. As a result, only a handful of people are able to become efficient doctors.

Secondly, most of the countries are developing and are not very strong economically. As a result, the skilled labors are not getting paid, as though they can in a developed country. This is causing a shift of people from their country to the one paying high wages.

I suppose the best way to deal with this problem is subsidize more budgets to education systems and open more positions in each professional line. For example, Increasing the number of medical colleges, would ease out some competition, allowing people to follow their dreams. Moreover, enhancing the minimum wage in technical jobs also attracts many people to pursue in this line and decrease unpleasantness of work from wage conditions.

Overall, shortage of employees in some jobs in inevitable, one cannot deny that if pragmatic steps are taken, the issue can be solved.

Abandoned Walking # Essay For IELTS

You must spend 40 minutes on this task.

In present times, fewer and fewer people walk on daily basis.

What are the reasons for it and how can one encourage them to spend their time walking?


In today’s world, people seem to be reluctant to have a walking exercise regularly. Some people blame it to the hectic lifestyle that they have while others believe it is because of the technological advancement. However, no one can deny the importance of regular exercise.

The lack of people’s interest in walking could be accredited to lots of reasons. Firstly, the technological advancements such as escalators or electric lifts, which can make travelling lot more easier are seen almost everywhere in public. The convenience from using escalators makes people become lazy and avoid walking in normal life. Secondly, walking is a monotonous activity and it becomes quite boring, leading people to just leave it all together. Most people now prefer other amusing activities such as playing sports or playing games, which participates have to compete to other players and learn to follow rules.

However, certain pragmatic steps can be taken to ensure people prioritize walking in their daily lives. The first step can be taken by the organisations, as most people spend their maximum time in the company. For instance, having walking missions in a company, which employees compete to get the highest steps and the winner will receive the prize, can definitely boost employees’ interests. Walking in dull mundane roads, with lots of pollution does not makes sense to people. The government must initiate to make city look more beautiful by adding graffiti, helping people feel more pleasant while walking.

Overall,  the causes of abandon walking in daily life contribute to the convenience of transport applications and the lack of people’s interest. If, however, the government and the individuals join hands,  citizens will adopt to walk more in daily life.


Water And Air Pollution # Essay For IELTS

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

In many developing countries, there is a problem with declining quality of air and water from both industry and construction, causing high levels of water and air pollution. What measures could be taken to prevent this?

Write at least 250 words.

With the industrialization and rapid growth in construction business, water and air problem have become the main problem being faced by the developing countries. The environmental issue has become a sever problem with all natural resources getting polluted. However, with adept and practical steps, one can surely overcome the problem.

Firstly, the government or the city authority must release some environmental policies to ensure good quality of water. Water being the requirement to live, is utmost important and its pollution our primary concern. Limiting polluted water from factories and enforcing industries eliminate toxic before release to natural resources should be taken by the state. Even more, strict actions to those who  don’t adhere to this, must be taken.

Besides, water, air has also shown some grave issues. In developing countries, the quality of air has decreased dramatically  with industrialization. This has not only affected the flora and fauna, but also humans. In order to alleviate the air pollution, some necessary policies from the government and international organizations should be released and used effectively. For instance, carbon emissions must be strictly restricted by the government. Even more, steps to reduce the traffic must be taken.

Overall, preserving air and water are our primary responsibility and we need to join hands with the government to make sure that the quality of living improves in developing countries.


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