Jumbled Up # Practice Writing

Given below are words that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange them to make meaningful sentences. Make sure, you don’t miss out any of the words given in the question (including the punctuations).

  1. PM/harping/Narendra/the/on/energy/Modi/country.the/in/has/importance/clean/been/of/
    ANSWER PM Narendra Modi has been harping on the importance of clean energy in the country.
  2. We/in/at/are/class/connected/Micromax/ecosystem/services/in/have/to/been/trying/consistently/our/integrating/connected/to/smart/build/devices/the/best/phones/and/an/of/a/world.
    ANSWER We at Micromax have been consistently integrating the best in class services to our smart phones and are trying to build an ecosystem of connected devices in a connected world.
  3. Doon/festive/is/clearly/mood/in
    ANSWERDoon is clearly in festive mood.
  4. I/city’s/as/across/well/connect/the/as/have/no/to/gets/the/them/done/but/country/with/audience/Doonites/artistes/shows/do.
    ANSWER I have done shows across the country but no city’s audience gets the artistes to connect with them as well as Doonites do.
  5. We/the/that/a/in/welcome/it/it/will/long/addressing/concerns/and/hope/go/the/way/customers.
    ANSWER We welcome it and hope that it will go a long way in addressing the concerns of the customers.
  6. For/,/would/the/post-paid/in/next/credit/need/provided/details/the/the/customers/of/to/be/bill.
    ANSWER For post-paid customers, the details of the credit would need to be provided in the next bill.
  7. The/very/modern/a/value/make/production/sophisticated/to/system/India/integrated/is/a/very/to/machine.
    ANSWER The value to India is a very modern production system integrated to make a very sophisticated machine.
  8. Contracting/in/India’s/$21.8 billion/goods/for/fall/due/,/shipments/products/merchandise/the/petroleum/exports/global/10th/,/mainly/dipped/of/amid/month/25%/in/engineering/in/September/a/to/,/iron ore/row/,/to/steep/tepid/demands.
    ANSWER Contracting for the 10th month in a row, India’s merchandise exports dipped 24% in September to $21.8 billion, mainly due to steep fall in shipments of petroleum products, iron ore, and engineering goods amid tepid global demands.
  9. It/but/just/to/is/mentor/writing/companies/not/a/a/and/cheque/create/question/an/,/of/ecosystem.
    ANSWER It is not a question of just writing a cheque, but to mentor companies and create an ecosystem.
  10. Sany/plant/in/including/concrete/entered/Chakan/,/India/,/in/2002/and/Pune/equipment/that/currently/employs/manufactures/around/cranes/269/people/construction/in/its/and/machinery.
    ANSWER Sany entered India in 2002 and currently employs around 269 people in in its plant in Chakan, Pune that manufactures construction, equipment including cranes and concrete machinery.