Write A Sentence # Practice Writing

Given below are words that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange them to make meaningful sentences. Make sure, you don’t miss out any of the words given in the question (including the punctuations), and write a sentence properly.

  1. I/vastly/am/be/superior/to/cannot/akin/for/to/it/electricity/,/,/yet/I/I/am/switched/off.
    ANSWER I am akin to electricity, yet I am vastly superior to it, for I cannot be switched off.
  2. I’ve/door/in/got/the/be/can/the/the/key/to/to/but/I/my/air/castle/,/whether/unlock/remains/seen.
    ANSWER I’ve got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.
  3. This/of/is/problem/crux/the/the/
    ANSWER This is the crux of the problem.
  4. Mumbai/is/offshore/business/rife/thousands/to/with/whispers/that/India/nearly/a/moved/hundred/have/locations.
    ANSWER Mumbai is rife with whispers that nearly a hundred thousand India business have moved to offshore locations.
  5. What/government/can/do?
    ANSWER What can government do?
  6. This/term/will/,/yield/huge/before/next/gains/well/in/the/medium/the/parliamentary/elections.
    ANSWERThis will yield huge gains in the medium term, well before the next parliamentary elections.
  7. One/is/of/the/the/hiatus/corporate/reason/in/continued/private/investment.
    ANSWER One of the reasons is the continued hiatus in private corporate investment.
  8. Continuing/which/the/cricket/discuss/ago/its/Shiv/Indian/heads/to/recent/bilateral/boards/Sena/the/vandalising/of/between/renewal/disrupted/a/were/spree/,/two/meeting/Pakistani/,/cricket/of/days/and/going/ties.
    ANSWER Continuing its recent vandalising spree, two days ago Shiv Sena disrupted a meeting between the heads of Indian and Pakistani cricket boards, which were going to discuss the renewal of bilateral cricket ties.
  9. It/a/will/takes/be/some/non-cash/time/new/before/trajectory/hold.
    ANSWER It will be some time before a new non-cash growth trajectory takes hold.
  10. But/and/how/award/can/you/you/protest/never/return/all/got?/these/prizes/
    ANSWER But how can you in protest return all these prizes and awards you never got?


Words And Sentences # Practice Writing

Given below are given in a jumbled manner. You need to rearrange them to make a sentence. So, go on and practicce some words and sentences. Learn more about sentences here.

  1. Not/will/just/Nasscom/include/this/from/Saha Fund/we/everyone/in/initiative.
    ANSWER Not just Saha Fund, we will include everyone from Nasscom in this initiative.
  2. The/engineering/by/Shorts/by/BPO/in/its/attracted/mobile/$20 million/largest/and/a/services/led/investment/round/Allygrow/in/similar/deals/in/were/mobile/recorded/based/by/news/tiger/service/Zodius/Global/News/with/a/Capital.
    ANSWER The largest deals were recorded by tiger Global with its $20 million investment in mobile based news service News in Shorts and a similar amount attracted by engineering services BPO Allygrow in a round led by Zodius Capital.
  3. Sync/flies/lets/safely/you/the/and/store/easily/your/in/cloud.
    ANSWER Sync lets you store your flies safely and easily in the cloud.
  4. Pai/the/and/the/edition/golden/Gulati/are/launch/Indian/the/seeds/in/discussion/team/with/to/of/programme.
    ANSWER Pai and Gulati are in discussion with the golden seeds team to launch the Indian edition of the programme.
  5. Three/investment/years/in/ago/,/,/when/women/Golden Seeds/led/came/to/India/two/businesses/to/there/explore/were/challenges.
    ANSWER Three years ago, when Golden Seeds came to India to explore investment in women led businesses, there were two challenges.
  6. Out/Sillicon/of/from/the/our/Valley/first/majority/funding/class/of/10/got/founders/investors.
    ANSWER Out of our first class of 10 founders, the majority got funding from Silicon Valley investors.
  7. Sync/safely/easily/lets/in/you/and/the/store/your/flies/cloud.
    ANSWER Sync lets you store your flies safely and easily in the cloud.
  8. Journey/for/that/is/journal/extremely/your/makes/a/a/it/simple/to/diary/app/and/thoughts/maintain/ideas.
    ANSWER Journey is a diary app that makes it extremely simple to maintain a journal for your thought and ideas.
  9. When/of/interact/great/can/looking/you/people/you/you/are/a/network/starting/up/,/for/who/with.
    ANSWER When you are starting up, you are looking for a great network of people who you can interact with.
  10. this/from/provide/potential/and/experience/with/and/program/,/in/the/US/is/a/an/founders/immersive/to/residential/one/to/learn/each/other/connect/investors/partners/
    ANSWER This program in the US is a residential one to provide an immersive experience to founders, learn from each other and connect with potential partners and investors.


Make A Sentence – 1 # Practice Writing

Given below are sentences that have been jumbled up. You need to arrange them in an order to make a sentence.
To learn about sentences, click here.

  1. with/bind/hospital/teenager/Four/to/to/paramedics/a/a/wrestle/,/trying/him/bed.
    ANSWERFour paramedics wrestle with a teenager, trying to bind him to a hospital bed.
  2. Poland/first/addressing/start/Europe/countries/was/one/of/the/the/in/to/systematically/problem.
    ANSWERPoland was one of the first countries in Europe to start systematically addressing the problem.
  3. Employees/does/do/not/ability/during/their/breaks/cannot/be/lunch/it/sacked/on/for/their/impact/if/watching/porn/to/work.
    ANSWERSEmployees cannot be sacked for watching porn during their lunch breaks if it does not impact on their ability to do their work.
  4. Cocaine/each/sized/regularly /of/in/jungle/disappears/region/Cessna/upward/aloft/planeloads/ from/206/ the Ireland/,/worth/$7.2 million/overseas.
    ANSWERCocaine regularly disappears aloft from the Ireland sized jungle region in Cessna 206 planeloads, each worth upward of $7.2 million overseas.
  5. I/than/found/bears/have/fruits/mercy/always/that/richer/strict/justice.
    ANSWERI have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.
  6. Fiscal/that/be/numbers/probably/a/cautioned/the/ hawks/positive/ called/sign/improvement/ the/but/ deficit/they/would/fleeting.
    ANSWERFiscal hawks called the deficit numbers a positive sign, but they cautioned that the improvement would probably be fleeting.
  7. In/sack/the/a/a/man/court/caught/the/smoking/found/cannabis/was/during/ separate/carmaker/ ruling/its/rights/ on/to/his/lunch/ Wednesday/within/break.
    ANSWERIn a separate ruling on Wednesday the court found the carmaker was within its rights to sack a man caught smoking cannabis during his lunch break.
  8. In/any/in/an/ fact/,/for/ we/which/ do/last/reasonable/would/period/ not/scenario/ foresee/it/extended/of/time.
    ANSWER In fact, we do not foresee any reasonable scenario in which it would last for an extended period of time.
  9. The/to/details/further/for/the/were/operation/group/unit/then/of/the/transferred/IS/action.
    ANSWER The details were then transferred to the operation unit of the IS group for further action.
  10. Meanwhile/less/financial/year/president/the/,/deficit/in/is/latest/than/the/which/fallen/,/figures/has/showed/to/that/2015/$439 billion/$44 billion/Obama’s/forecast/budget/2016.
    ANSWER Meanwhile, latest figures showed that the deficit in 2015 has fallen to $439 billion, which is $ 44 billion less than the forecast president Obama’s budget for financial year 2016.


Prevalent Stressful Jobs # Essay For IELTS

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

In today’s world more and more people are working longer and taking up more stressful jobs. What causes this? How can employer’s make the workers life easier?

Write at least 250 words.


In today’s world, life has changed significantly. With the market becoming more competitive, people are forced to work more and take up stressful life in order to cope up. Some people assert that this issue has become the serious topic in the modern world, leaving people emaciated and more materialistic.

The main reason behind it is that the number of younger graduates have increased dramatically these days, but unfortunately the employment rate is still almost the same as the last ten years. As a result, if workers want to keep up with their jobs, they need to work more and keep up with their knowledge and skills to be more professional, otherwise they will be fired or would be forced to quit.

Secondly, the dependence on technology has made people live more stressful lives. Having the technological devices, it means that people can work remotely and have to hold their work responsibilities all the time. This means they need to answer phone calls or emails without any excuse, even during holidays.

However, there are certain steps that can help to tackle the issue.  Firstly, organizations must provide training to the employees about some useful strategies for their work and educate them about how to manage work effectively will definitely help workers to be more productive in their performances and also save their time. Secondly, offering stress management sessions should be provided.

Overall, the phenomenon of working more is prevalent and cannot be avoided but it must be made sure that one maintains a balance between their work and life.



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